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India may attack CPEC installations, fears Pakistan government By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: Feb 05, 2018, 10:50 AM IST A letter by Pakistan Interior Ministry says that India has sent a group of 400 Muslim youth to Afghanistan to get training. The Pakistan establishment is fearing an attack by India on installations of  China-Pakistan Economic Corridor  (CPEC), and is already making security arrangements to avoid any such incident. According to Pakistan-based media agency Dawn, the Pakistan government has written to Gilgil-Baltistan home department in this regard. Dawn quoted an official of the home department as saying that a recent directive by the country’s Interior Ministry warned of a possible attack on the CPEC route. According to the report, the letter sent by Pakistan Interior Ministry says that India has sent a group of 400 Muslim youth to Afghanistan to get training, following which they would be used to attack CPEC installati

PWYP Data Extractors Programme The PWYP Data Extractors Programme is a global initiative which trains participants to uncover and make sense of extractives data. It creates a network of activists who can in turn share their knowledge with local communities. Our goal is to enable citizens all over the world to help ensure natural resources are managed for the benefit of society as a whole. The PWYP Data Extractors programme does this by: Training – Data Extractors learn how to find data, analyse it and use it to ask questions of both governments and companies. The programme merges technical skills with activism through hands-on workshops, skills sharing and online learning opportunities.Connecting – The programme connects PWYP members from all over the world, facilitating collaboration, mentoring, peer learning and offers an exciting opportunity to create unique projects which are relevant to local concerns.Uncovering – Data Extrac

India ready to help boost Asean maritime security ASIA & PACIFIC A peaceful, very prosperous maritime neighborhood is very important to India By:  Jeannette I. Andrade - Reporter / @ jiandradeINQ Philippine Daily Inquirer  / 07:44 PM February 04, 2018 A peaceful, very prosperous maritime neighborhood is very important to India, 40 percent of whose commerce relies on unimpeded passage through international waters in the Indo-Pacific region including the South China Sea, according to East External Affairs Minister Preeti Saran. (Image from Google Maps) DELHI, India — The Indian government has expressed readiness to help strengthen maritime security in Southeast Asia, particularly in ensuring that peace will prevail in disputed areas of the South China Sea. But Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), a think tank based in New Delhi, said that any assistance that the Indian government would extend to members of the Association of Sou

CPEC is harbinger of shared economic prosperity and peace: Marriyum Listen ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that CPEC was a harbinger of shared economic prosperity and peace in the region. She said this in her meeting with Jiang Jianguo, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of CPC, and Minister of State Council Information Office (SCIO) in Beijing here today. She is on a four day visit to China on the invitation of the Chinese government. Welcoming the Minister of State, Jiang Jianguo said that it was a pleasure to receive her on her first official visit to China. He said that their two people and countries shared a high level of mutual trust, respect and friendship. He further said that CPEC, being flagship project of Belt and Road Initiative, was an initiative for their shared future. Minister also shared pleasant m

Cleaning Up CPEC February 05, 2018 An evaluation report of the power sector of Pakistan released by Asian Development Bank (ADB) has foretold that  CPEC  will increase greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change and environmental degradation. According to Pakistan’s ministry of planning, development and reform, coal-fired plants with a combined capacity of 7,560 mw will be established as CPEC-energy priority projects. Asking developing countries to sacrifice their economic growth on the altar of mitigating climate change, whilst countenancing many developed countries – specifically the US itself - in high carbon emissions is a dissemblance that has given rise to much debate in international forums. Yet, while we recognize that the ADB is a subsidiary of the World Bank and the IMF financial regime – and is thus aligned with the US interests - an objective appraisal of the report is necessary. It cannot be argued that where Pakistan is r

With Sri Lankan port acquisition, China adds another 'pearl' to its 'string' By  Jamie Tarabay , CNN Updated 0117 GMT (0917 HKT) February 4, 2018 (CNN) When Sri Lanka's government first looked to develop a port on its southern coast that faced the Indian Ocean, it went not to China, but to its neighbor, India. Then-Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said he urgently needed funding to transform the harbor of his home town and asked Indian officials for help with the project. New Delhi showed little interest in funding a costly and massive port construction project in the  underdeveloped fishing village of Hambantota , a district that had been crushed by the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 . "It was offered to India first. I was desperate for development work, but ultimately the Chinese agreed to build it,"  Rajapaksa said in an interview with Singapore's Straits Times in 2010 . Beijing  invested $1.5 billion  in 2010 to build the port. The ventur

Gwadar gains economic vitality after launch of free zone NNI FEBRUARY 4, 2018 BEIJING :  Despite its advantageous location on the shores of the Arabian Sea, the Gwadar has long remained underdeveloped in the past; however the launch of an economic free zone in Gwadar is bound to change the fate of the area, Chinese state media has reported. Recently, the economy of the prominent city in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) plan seems to gear up, especially with the launching of the Gwadar free trade zone on Jan 29, reviving hopes for it to become a global trade hub. Launching of the free trade zone was a historic moment. It is the beginning of a dream coming true, Ahsan Iqbal, Pakistani Minister for Interior and Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms, had said at the launching ceremony, the Chinese state media said. Less than a year ago, the Gwadar port complex was still a giant construction site. Now it has become a brand new modern harbor

Factors That Have Kept Balochistan Backward– And Their Solutions POWER CORRIDORS By  Iqra Riaz On  Feb 3, 2018    0 Balochistan was and still is facing a mammoth crisis which can be gauged through reviewing historical details of backwardness, political as well as economic. These complications have had horrific repercussions for nation building and have provoked the sense of alienation among the general masses of Balochistan. However, these problems could be resolved through some remedial measures. Historical factors of backwardness (a) Sardary system The first factor responsible for the backwardness of Balochistan is its entrenchment in Sardary system/tribal chiefdom. This was further reinforced by the British, as a part of their policy and colonial strategy to establish control in India. According to the policy, the British established alliances with tribal chiefs and landed aristocracy and trained them as agents who were supposed to contain the masses as well as to ensure their support for British rule. I

US-Pakistan relations: A troubling scenario for South Asia By  RAHIM NASAR FEBRUARY 4, 2018 9:09 AM (UTC+8) 138 2 In international politics, every state is motivated by its national interest, frequently concealed as a moral concern. In other words, there is no friend or enemy when it comes to the national interest of any state in this global world. Diplomacy, deterrence, bilateralism, multilateralism and blame-game tactics provide grounds for these interests. The ambiguous and confused history of relations between the US and Pakistan is a clear example of this political realism. The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia - directly to your inbox Since 1947, relations between the two countries have been disturbed and unclear. Both countries have sabotaged each other’s interests at regional and international levels. Since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Pakistan has paid a very high price in this relationship. President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan policy and h

China wants one-window operation for CPEC projects February 03, 2018 ISLAMABAD -   China  has asked Pakistan to undertake massive legal reforms immediately if it wants timely completion of projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The Chinese reservations were communicated to Pakistani parliamentarians during an in-camera briefing by the newly appointed Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, Yao Jing, a key official revealed. The ambassador during the 26th meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on CPEC discussed Chinese perspective and the future role, he said. He said that it was communicated that Chinese were asking for one-window  operation  for all procedures, similar to Jebel Ali free zone in Dubai, where all permissions related to starting any new project can be obtained in one-week time, he said. The official said that litigation was another reason Chinese were worried about in the port city. “Undue stays delay

Baloch militants no longer a threat to CPEC: Chinese envoy ANI | Updated: Feb 03, 2018 15:15IST Karachi  [Pakistan], Feb. 3 (ANI):  Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing  has said that militant groups operating in  Balochistan  are no longer a threat to the  China-Pakistan Economic Corridor  ( CPEC ). According to the media reports, Jing said that the members of banned outfits were "not true Pakistanis". "If they [Baloch militants] are true Pakistanis, they should work in the interest of Pakistan", Jing said. He also expressed satisfaction over the security provided to the Chinese nationals working on different  CPEC projects in Pakistan. Earlier in January, a Chinese woman was shot dead in Pakistan by three robbers who stormed a residence in Islamabad. In December 2017, the Embassy of China in Islamabad had warned Chinese citizens and organisations in Pakistan to be on alert for possible terror atta