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China's maritime economy expands by 7.5 pct in recent five years China Focus: China's maritime economy expands by 7.5 pct in recent five years Source: Xinhua |  2018-01-21 22:11:27 | BEIJING, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- The gross production value of China's maritime industry grew by 7.5 percent annually on average in the past five years, accounting for nearly 10 percent of the country's  GDP , the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) announced Sunday. The maritime economy generated 7.8 trillion yuan (1.22 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2017, said SOA director Wang Hong at a national maritime meeting. China aims to increase the gross production value of its maritime industry to 10 trillion yuan by 2020 and have it account for around 15 percent of the country's GDP by 2035, according to Wang. Among major progress made last year, the SOA, for the first time, dispatched inspectors to 11 coastal provinces, municipalities and regions for reclamation projects. The SOA concluded a nationwi

Pakistan economists urge action to tackle deficit KURSHID AHMED |  Published —  Sunday 21 January 2018 Pakistan's trade deficit has risen sharply as it imports more goods for massive projects such as Gwadar Port. (Reuters) KARACHI: Top economists have called for tough policy measures to curb Pakistan’s current account deficit that include new taxes on imports. The deficit has reached $7.6 billion, or 4.4 percent of GDP, in the first half of the current financial year as imports soar. That represents a 57 percent increase on last year’s deficit of $4.8 billion, data issued by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) show.  Rising imports have also widened the trade deficit to $17.96 billion from $14.42 billion in the year-earlier period. “The major import comprises machinery, petroleum products and chemicals which is primarily due to immense economic activity under the Chinese investment,” said Miftah Ismail, former adviser to the prime minister on finance.  Muzzamil Aslam, senior

The China-Pakistan brotherhood January 21, 2018, 11:37 PM IST  Economic Times  in ET Commentary   |   World   |  ET   By Anand K Sahay There is now a formidable fresh basis for Pakistan’s renewal of belligerence towards India over a sustained period. China’s recent avowal of the deepest friendship for Islamabad goes well beyond the bland ‘all-weather friends’ rubric we were familiar with. The new metric of Beijing’s political love for Islamabad’s military-—which, indeed, has defined the State of Pakistan for decades—is again best summed up by the People’s Republic’s own official description of its proximity to Pakistan: that the friendship of the two is “higher than the mountains, deeper than the ocean, and sweeter than honey”. The Chinese are clever with this sort of propagandist wordplay. But being a creative slogan of the Xi Jinping era, these are not mere words. They are bolstered by China’s Belt and Road initiative,

Students learning Chinese language anticipate job opportunities under CPEC Islamabad The first batch of Pakistani students, who recently completed the two-year Chinese language course in a Chinese university, anticipates good employment opportunities in the ongoing development projects under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The batch, comprising 66 students selected on merit under the Punjab Government’s Scholarship Program, were graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University ( BLCU ) here last week. Malik Usama Hamid, a student from Sharaqpur who has completed the Chinese language course told APP on Sunday that he intends to become a Chinese language teacher. ‘I have a passion to learn and teach Chinese language to further promote deep-rooted friendship between our two countries.’ Chinese is an interesting and beautiful language. Although it is difficult to learn Chinese language, but it is imperative to learn more about China and it culture, h

Pakistan to build mega oil city at Gwadar on 80,000 acres ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has decided to construct a mega oil city at Gwadar on 80,000 acres under much hyped China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This mega oil city will be used for transportation of imported oil through the Gwadar Port to China. The oil will be imported from Gulf and will be stored at this proposed mega Gwadar oil city. The distance to China will be reduced, and it will take just seven days to cover the distance from Gwadar to Chinese borde r as import through western China took almost 40 days by covering double distance. “We have forwarded PC-1 to the Ministry of Petroleum for acquiring 80,000 acres for this mega oil city at Gwadar with estimated cost of Rs10 billion. There will be additional cost for construction of its storage and other aligned facilities with the help of investments,” Director General, Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), Dr Sajjad H Baloch, told Isl

CPEC opens job opportunities for unemployed Pakistanis, bringing long-lasting tangible benefits to locals Feature: CPEC opens job opportunities for unemployed Pakistanis, bringing long-lasting tangible benefits to locals  0 BY  BRINKWIRE  ON JANUARY 21, 2018 US by Kaswar Klasra ISLAMABAD, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) — Life of Asif Raza, a Pakistani commerce graduate, was suddenly changed two years ago after he received a call for a job interview from Shandong Electric Power Construction Corporation (SEPCO), a Chinese construction and engineering company that is designing and building generation and transmission infrastructure in Pakistan. “I was not much excited after the call because I had not any reference or backing to get a job. But I went for the interview considering that Chinese company would definitely to select employees on merit,” Raza, 31 years old, told Xinhua recently. One week after the interview, Raza was employed as an assistant manage

Pakistan army abducts another Baloch boy, 9, who maybe used as sex slave   mustikhan    Uncategorized  January 22, 2018 2 Minutes As Islamabad continues with its secret dirty war in Balochistan, yet another minor Baloch boy was abducted by the Pakistan army soldiers Saturday in Kech district amid fears the child may be brutally sodomized. “Yesterday Pakistan security forces abducted Hatim Nazeer and Jameel Mehbullah from Sarí Kallag village during ongoing offensives in Gwarkop area in Kech district. Save them,” a Baloch activist based in Canada, Lateef Johar, tweeted. Pakistan security forces have abducted scores of Baloch teenagers, and there is a strong likelihood they are being sodomized by Pakistan soldiers. Pakistan has routinely used sodomy as a weapon against Baloch demanding freedom and one of the victims was Dr Allah Nazar, chief of the Balochistan Liberation Front. “Pakistan is enjoying impunity on all kinds of barbarism, including sex sla

We are thankful to Baloch nation cooperating media boycott

We are thankful to Baloch nation cooperating media boycott . Gwahram Quetta (Sangar News) Gwaharm Baloch, the spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front said “with every passing day there is an incremental rise in state terrorism, persecution and barbarity and human rights violations in occupied Balochistan. Pakistan Army with it’s foot soldiers and aerial might destroying hundreds of villages through looting, burning and by forced migration. Military forces arrest, harass and abduct children, teen, women and aged; after that throw the mutilated bodies of them. Such gruesome activities have been the order of day.” Gwaharm Baloch added, “Army established its cheek posts and camp after every two to five kilometers to strengthen its waning colonial occupation of Balochistan. There is a constant surge in the number of these check posts. In majority of the areas, the health centers, schools and colleges have been converted into military check posts and camps. Even in some cases they forcibl

Donald Trump has helped China replace US in Islamabad, offered Beijing free control of Pakistan's 'terror infrastructure' World   Kanwaljeet Singh Jan 20, 2018 14:58:10 IST     Donald Trump “the mentally stable genius” president of the United States of America has thrown Pakistan into the lap of Xi Jinping and given Beijing a golden opportunity to further increase its influence in Pakistan by "freezing" $2 Billion military aid to the Islamic republic. In Pakistan, "Beijing is fast replacing Washington DC... they (China) will move quickly to fill in this vacant space... they have done this in past”, said a high-level source in the diplomatic community in New Delhi, adding that Washington DC is rapidly losing space to Beijing at the military headquarters in Rawalpindi. Currently, China supplies 63 percent of Pakistan's all military hardware while the US share has come down to 19 percent. Five years ago, both the countries we

Window to the West Munir Akram January 21, 2018 The writer is a former Pakistan ambassador to the UN. WHEN in 1960 Mao Zedong sent off General Gengbiao, his second ambassador to Pakistan, he reportedly advised him: “Look after Pakistan; it is China’s window to the West”. Mao’s depiction may have been as much metaphorical as geographical. During the 1960s, Pakistan was China’s diplomatic window to the West, eventually brokering the normalisation of China-US relations in 1971. Today, the physical facet of Mao’s depiction is becoming a reality in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Gen Gengbiao, who went on to become China’s defence minister and deputy prime minister, played a vital role in building the China-Pakistan strategic relationship. So did Pakistan’s prime minister Bogra and foreign minister, and later prime minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Unfortunately, large swathes of the Pakistani pub­­lic, especially the youth, are not fully aware of the history, inten