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Pakistan a terror factory, says Baloch activist Mama Qadeer Baloch ANI | Updated: Jan 20, 2018 07:58IST New Delhi, Jan.20: (ANI): A prominent Baloch activist who runs a campaign against missing persons in  Balochistan  has accused  Pakistan  of running a  terror factory . " Pakistan  runs factories to produce terrorists. It provides them training to use against others, including the Baloch.  Pakistan  forcefully occupied  Balochistan  on March 27, 1948. Since then, the  Pakistan  Army and secret agencies are committing atrocities. They abduct, kill and throw mutilated bodies of Baloch on roads so they cannot speak for the freedom of  Balochistan ", said Mama Qadeer, the Vice Chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons. Mama Qadeer said  Pakistan 's intelligence agency has paid huge sums of money to Mullah Omar to kidnap Kulbhushan Jadhav, an Indian businessman from  Iran . He said, "It ( Pakistan ) ha

King of the road China is sinking billions into a modern Silk Route linking east with west. But is it a one-way street? By PETER FRANKOPANFrom The Weekend Australian MagazineJanuary 20th, 201812 min read Containers on Yangshan Harbour, East China Sea. Pic: Getty Images/Yifei Wang If asked to name one of the world’s fastest-growing ports, few people would come up with Khorgos. Set in the heart of Asia, on the border of Kazakhstan and China, Khorgos could not be in a less promising location for a harbour — given it is one of the furthest places on Earth from the sea. Khorgos is a different kind of port, though, built for a different age. It is “dry”, handling goods shipped not by sea but by land. Work began four years ago to build a hub that switches containers being carried by train from the narrow gauge of Chinese railways to standard gauge, which

China’s Silk Road Plan Facing Problems January 15, 2018 In this Dec. 22, 2017, photo, a Pakistani police officer stands guard at the site of Pakistan China Silk Road in Haripur, Pakistan. From Pakistan to Tanzania to Hungary, projects under Chinese President Xi Jinping's signature "Belt and Road Initiative" are being canceled, renegotiated or delayed. (AP Photo/Aqeel Ahmed) Share See comments China's Silk Road Plan Facing Problems 0:00:27/0:06:43  Direct link  China’s plan for a modern Silk Road linking Asia and Europe  hit a pothole  recently in Pakistan. Pakistan and China have good relations; some Pakistani officials even call China their “Iron Brother.” China has played an even bigger role in the country since U.S. President Donald Trump decided last week to suspend security assistance to Pakistan. Yet, plans for the countries to build a $14-billion dam on the Indus River were put in doubt, after Pakistan

A glance at Balochi films production By: Abdul Wahab Buledi Filmmaking is a visual medium to show the culture, tradition, life style, and hurdles of a society or in general of a nation. Cinema plays the role of a mirror in a society. It gives social, political and economic awareness. Cinema has always been a source of entertainment. Through films a nation or a state can promote her language, talent of youth and grow economically. But for Baloch film makers it is still a long way. Besides there are various factors such as absence of filmmaking workshops, filmmaking equipment and more importantly a film industry. Yet due to the lack of above mentioned facilities still the Baloch filmmakers are working incessantly to fill the unoccupied gap. In 1976 first ever Balochi film Hammal o Mahganj was produced by renowned Anwar Iqbal Baloch. It could not get released due to some controversies. There are many industrious filmmakers in the shape of Anwar Ghulam,

Balochistan health sector-problems and solutions By: Shabnam Rehmat As health is very important sector of any state. Health is the great blessing of Allah Almighty. It is the responsibility of government to provide health facilities to its every citizen. Good health is the priority of public. Unfortunately in Balochistan there are no good health facilities. People of Balochistan are facing numerous problems in terms of health. There is no good mechanism of hospitals, there is lack of modern machinery in hospitals and there are no capable doctors in hospitals. People of Balochistan are facing lots of difficulties specially the poor families for treatment of their patients. In civil hospitals, there is deficiency of trained doctors and paramedical staff. Lack of praising nursing services, shortage of required drugs on the time and no modern surgical equipment are the main issues. Most of the time doctors are not available at hospitals. The patients in

FC arrests eight terrorists in Balochistan RAWALPINDI: Security forces apprehended eight terrorists and seized weapons from their possession in different areas of Balochistan, Inter Services Public Relations said Thursday. According to ISPR, the military’s media wing, FC Balochistan conducted Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs) in Gulistan, Pishin, Kanack, Dera Bugti, Uch, Sambaza Dera Murad Jamali and Sibbi and arrested eight terrorists including an illegal Afghan national. The FC personnel recovered weapons and ammunition including IEDs, rockets, fuses, grenades, mortars and explosives from their possession.

CPEC Cultural Caravan to boost tourism: Ghafoor Islamabad Managing Director Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Abdul Ghafoor on Thursday said that Pakistan and China artists joint Cultural Caravan will boost cultural tourism on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route. Highlighting importance of the caravan in exploring cultural diversity of the two friendly countries, he said that the game-changer CPEC would not only unleash economic, cultural tourism dividends, but also help discover and foster cultural heritage, ancient Silk Route had been preserving for centuries. He said programmes like CPEC Cultural Caravan should be held more frequently as art has no religion or language and it has the power to bring people from diverse backgrounds together. He said that cultural tourism allows travelers to be immersed in local rituals and routines, taking away not only pretty photos but also shared memories of unique experiences. “For destinations, it