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Tales from the dungeon: Dr Yousuf Murad Baloch Tales from the dungeon: Dr Yousuf Murad Baloch (Part I) January 18, 2018 1:34 am · 0 comments  Yousuf Murad Baloch This is first part of Balochistan Time’s  Tales from the dungeon  series in which former victims of enforced disappearances tell their ordeal. Dr Yousuf Murad Baloch was among the first victims. He was taken away from Karachi in March 2005 along with other members of the Baloch Students Organization (BSO). He now lives in Germany.  If you are an educated Baloch and you do not plan to appear in the competitive exams, or you have failed to mould your voice into a specific obedient tone always beginning your sentences with “sir”, or you do not believe in the divinity of the Pakistan army, then you are most likely to end up in a secret services-operated torture cell. Also, if in any way, you happened to have read the wrong books, you can be taken to a tour to dungeons for re-education. T

Money Can’t Buy China Love – but Influence, Apparently  January 17, 2018 By: Falk Hartig China under Xi Jinping is deeply concerned with its global status and standing and aims to regain its deserved place on the global stage. This has dramatic consequences not only for China but for the rest of the world. One of the most important developments with regards to China has been the bold departure from the foreign policy dictum to keep a low profile. While the country, until recently, was mainly concerned with domestic issues and development, foreign policy under Xi Jinping has become more assertive and confident. China is reclaiming territory beyond its shore, pressures neighbors and deploys military assets to disputed regions. The forthcoming China country report of Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index ( BTI )  summarizes the territorial disputes: “China and Japan have increased their military presence in the region, heightening the risk of milit

Joining China’s new silk road will help fast-track Australia STEPHEN LOOSLEYThe Australian12:00AM January 18, 2018 At a security dialogue in Beijing a few years ago, one of our Chinese hosts asked me what I thought of the proposed One Belt, One Road initiative. I responded positively, looking at what the proposal could mean for China’s western regions in terms of economic development, and then beyond that to Central and South Asia, and ultimately to ­Europe. My interlocutor nodded in agreement. “Yes,” he said. “This is our Think West strategy. Think East is not going so well.” Then he burst into laughter. So much for ­tensions in the East and South China seas. The question that arises for Australia is what our relationship to the Belt and Road (as it now is) ought to be. Australia has excellent opportunities this year to set down three markers in our foreign and national security policies that simul

Sindh, Balochistan Industries will soon be provided with RLNG   PARVEZ JABRI   JAN 18TH, 2018   0  VIEWS: 12 KARACHI: The industries of Sindh and Balochistan would soon be provided with RNLG. This was stated by the Chairman of Sui Southern Gas Company Lt. Gen.(rtd) Javed Ashraf. while speaking at a meeting organized by the office bearers of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), says a SSGC statement on Wednesday. He said that Liquefied Natural Gas may be an expensive fuel but given the widening demand-supply gap of natural gas, it is still a better alternative for industries. ADVERTISEMENT Ad The Chairman SSGC said that the lifting of the moratorium on new industrial connections and availability of RLNG to the industries is a positive development. He said that so far SSGC has received more than 550 applications for RLNG connections and has already started providing RLNG connections. This was SSGC Chairman’s first vi

The Balochistan episode OP-ED Not learning from history and solving political issues with brute force is intrinsic to the powers to be Talimand Khan JANUARY 18, 2018 The recent blatant political machinations in an unscrupulous manner not only exposed the vulnerability of the democratic order and the heavy handed tactics of the powers to be, it also proved that Balochistan is not only a strategic but a political backyard where controlled political explosion can be carried out any time. Not learning from history and deciding political question through power and iron fist is intrinsic to the powers to be. Relentless political machinations, alienation and denying people’s right to rule once dismembered this country and the remaining is subjected to perpetual instability and uncertainty. To achieve their short term political objectives, the powers to be sow the seeds of long term political resentments that grow into a bitter poisonous crop with the

High-rated CPEC and low-rated education in Balochistan  By: Faiz Jan Baloch China Pakistan long standing friendly relation shaped a game changing program by Chinese government’s full pledged cooperation towards its neighboring state Pakistan. The project’s main focus is almost in Balochistan, district Gwadar. Additionally, the departure of first cargo under the CPEC has been established western route to Gwadar. But deliberately, everyone has calmed down to educate the youth. The fact is that criticism has  taken place in the whole controversy. Simply, the whole controversy is about CPEC and its effects on education. For robust education and other paraphernalia for the promotion of education is the need of connectivity between the students and tutors. Despite all resources available a large segment of population seems to be deprived of basic educational rights. The Province is full of resources but backward in education. Even none is perfect to build