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As America Withdraws From Latin America, China Steps in With so little opposition from the United States, China’s Belt and Road Initiative will easily extend to Latin America. By Antonio C. Hsiang January 04, 2018 In May 2017, Chinese president Xi Jinping welcomed Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri in Beijing by proclaiming that “Latin America is the natural extension of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road” while applauding Argentina’s support and participation in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The Sino-Argentine meeting underscored the fact that, four years after it was revealed, the BRI is rapidly being expanded to Latin America and paying dividends for China and its partners. It is also evident that the United States appears content to withdraw from the region and cede leadership to China, a startling state of affairs considering that Latin America had long been considered to be part of the U.S. geostrategic backyard. While Latin America u

India Unperturbed by China's New Underwater Surveillance Network – Expert ASIA & PACIFIC 14:55 03.01.2018(updated 15:04 03.01.2018)Get short URL Experts opine that China's underwater surveillance network would definitely boost its overall maritime strength but not much in the Indian Ocean. This is because India has already adopted mission-based deployments at key points in the Indian Ocean and also has a center dedicated to analysis of oceanographic data. New Delhi (Sputnik) — China has developed a new underwater surveillance network which helps in tracking enemy vessels more accurately as well as improves navigation and positioning along the maritime Silk Road, from the Korean peninsula to the east coast of Africa. The project "is part of an unprecedented military expansion fueled by Beijing's desire to challenge the United States in the world's oceans," the South China Morning Post reported. © AP PHOTO/ RAFIQ MAQBOOL India Outpaced Chi

China plans $1bn investment in Sri Lankan financial city 3 January 2018 | By GCR Staff 0 Comments facebook twitter gplus linkedin A consortium led by China Harbour Engineering Company ( CHEC ) is to invest $1bn in three 60-storey office towers on reclaimed land in Sri Lanka’s new Port City, a government minister said yesterday. Champika Ranawaka, the minister for regional development,  said  the towers would be part of a “new financial city”. Mr Ranawaka, who was touring the Port City with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe at the time, added that the government expected to sign the agreements for the towers in Beijing before the end of the month. Mr Wickremesinghe  told reporters  “In the future, this Port City will have at least 75,000 people residing here and 200,000 people moving in and out of the city on a daily basis.” Architect Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s rendering of the completed project The $1.4bn port is being constructe

2017: A Tough Year for China-India Relations The China-India relationship stands at a crossroads. Can both sides overcome last year’s frictions in 2018? By Ivan Lidarev January 04, 2018 2017 was an extremely difficult year for China-India relations. With military tensions close to their disputed border, increasing competition in their neighborhood, and growing strategic mistrust, Beijing and New Delhi’s relations reached a nadir in 2017. Happily, the damage 2017 has inflicted on the relationship between the two Asian giants is not irreparable. Nevertheless, it reflects larger trends and indicates that Sino-Indian relations increasingly stand at a crossroads, with growing likelihood that they could go in the wrong direction. Hence, New Delhi and Beijing need to start rethinking their relations in 2018. The past year witnessed several episodes that seriously damaged China-India relations and put them on a downward trajectory. Several of these were ser

All people of Balochistan have equal rights: Mengal The Newspaper's Staff Correspondent January 04, 2018 QUETTA: Balochistan National Party-M chief Akhtar Jan Mengal addressing the ceremony at which former provincial minister Ismail Gujjar announced his decision to join the party.—Online QUETTA: Balochistan National Party-M President Sardar Akhtar Mengal has said that all people of Balochistan, regardless of their ethnicity and language, have equal rights on the resources of the province, including its coast. Welcoming a former provincial minister Haji Ismail Gujjar into the BNP-N fold, Mr Mengal said that there was no discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, nationality or language among the people of Balochistan and they were united in their struggle to win back their political and national rights. He dispelled the impression there was any division among the people of Balochistan on the ground of language or ethnicity and said that all peop

The sudden political drama in Balochistan, and why it matters for the upcoming Senate elections Syed Ali Shah Updated January 03, 2018 For months, Balochistan's political scene had been uncharacteristically placid. Then, all hell broke loose on Tuesday. Here is what has been happening, and why the nation should take note. Fourteen MPAs from the Balochistan Assembly recently filed  a no-confidence motion  against the province's Chief Minister, Sanaullah Zehri — a move some political pundits consider not simple happenstance, but a well-thought-out power maneuver undertaken with one eye on the upcoming Senate elections. "These political developments in Balochistan will have a far-reaching impact on national-level politics," Ayub Tareen, a seasoned journalist working with  Radio Free Europe , told  DawnNews . "The timing of these resignations is important." With 11 Senators from Balochistan set to retire in March, there is an opportunity for the ruling PML-N to increase its Senate membership, where it currently only

Nawaz forcefully entered politics in Balochistan where crisis has erupted: Chandio By GEO NEWS   Wednesday Jan 03, 2018   HYDERABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Nawaz Sharif has forcefully tried to enter politics of Balochistan, where a crisis situation has emerged, said Pakistan Peoples Party’s Maula Bakhsh Chandio. While referring to the resignations in the Balochistan cabinet, the PPP leader said a crisis situation has risen ever since Nawaz started meddling in the affairs of Balochistan. A notification from the office of governor Balochistan de-notified Sarfraz Bugti as the provincial minister for home and tribal affairs, prisons and PDMA on the advice of the chief minister. Bugti had earlier tweeted rejecting media reports that he had been dismissed from the provincial cabinet, adding that he submitted his resignation on Tuesday afternoon to governor Balochistan. Bugti did not reveal any reasons behind his resignation, he did state

813 recruits added to CPEC security unit Karachi January 4, 2018 Listen The Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) AD Khowaja on Wednesday announced the appointment of 813 candidates to the Special Protection Unit (SPU) which is tasked with maximising the security of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects. The Sindh police spokesman informed that IGP Khowaja had sent recommendations to the provincial government for appointment of 813 candidates, out of a total of 1,047 candidates, who were placed on a waiting list on completion of recruitment in the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) and the Rapid Response Force (RRF). The motive behind the appointment of the 813 candidates to the SPU, said the spokesman, was to enhance manpower and ensure the best possible security measures for CPEC projects. The spokesman added that IGP Khowaja had announced the appointment of the candidates who were on the waiting list after receiving approv

CPEC: how to manage our SEZs? By  Hasaan Khawar Published: January 3, 2018 The writer is a public policy expert and an honorary Fellow of Consortium for Development Policy Research. He tweets @hasaankhawar Although the first modern Special Economic Zone (SEZ) was developed far back in 1959 in Ireland, it was the ‘Chinese miracle’ in Shenzhen that sold the concept to the world. Once a small fishing village, Shenzhen now is as populous as Lahore but with GDP as high as that of Pakistan, depicting remarkable productivity. Are we positioning our SEZs to become the next Shenzhen? In order to have that ambition, we have to get our approach right. Within CPEC, we are planning to have nine SEZs to attract new investment. Pakistan has already undertaken feasibility studies for five and pre-feasibility for two sites. However, most of these studies focus only on infrastructure. In an earlier article, I highlighted that SEZs are not a sure route to success. The wo

Pakistan's CPEC think tank struggles to provide guidance ANI | Updated: Jan 03, 2018 12:41IST Islamabad  [ Pakistan ], Jan.3 (ANI): A policy  think tank  set up for the China- Pakistan  Economic Corridor ( CPEC ) project at a cost of  Pakistan i Rupees 1.2 billion to fill policy gaps has failed in providing guidance to the  Ministry of Planning and Development  and  other relevant ministries . According to The Express Tribune, 🔴 the Centre of Excellence is struggling to perform its core tasks even two years after its establishment due to the misplaced priorities of the government. A  Pakistan  government official involved in setting up the centre said, a home-grown policy was missing to guide the USD 60 billion  CPEC  and because if that the Centre of Excellence was approved so that the country can have research-based studies in important areas of  CPEC . Pakistan  government had set up the Centre two-years ago with the ai

CPEC-Centre of Excellence is going ‘great guns’ January 04, 2018 Yasir Masood and Sophia Mansoori   -   CPEC-Center of  Excellence  is committed to democratic process and is open to accountability. Being a think tank that it is dedicated to sound research and progress, we believe no research ever runs out of a margin to improve and thus grow. However, any investigation process, be it academic or journalistic in nature demands spirit of fairness. Hereby, we would take the opportunity to highlight some of the achievements of Center in merely 10 months’ time since its inauguration in March 2017 in response to the news story published in a section of the press on January 3, 2018. In the published story, the reporter has tried to twist certain facts in a nonprofessional manner which has waned away the reality. For instance; let’s take research thematic areas of the  centre  which are well functional under the supervision of foreign qualified and experience

Trump’s tweet and CPEC Opinion MHS Mustafa H Sayed January 4, 2018 At a time when a historic foreign ministers summit amongst China-Afghanistan-Pakistan concluded successfully on December 26 of 2017 and, more importantly, decided to consider expanding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (the flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative) to Afghanistan, the timing of President Trump’s tweet is telling. The tweet, which is a culmination of earlier threats and policy statements – the latest being the National Security Strategy – is indicative of forging a more aggressive posture towards Pakistan to take forward the geo-political interests and goals of the US in South Asia. On the outset, the new foreign policy of President Trump seeks to externalise the US’s own failure in Afghanistan, and by blaming Pakistan effectively absolves all responsibility that would otherwise have fallen on itself. However, Pakistan is only a means to an end in

'Pakistan needs to improve its narrative': Politicians, analysts weigh in on Trump statement Updated January 02, 2018 Weighing in on  United States President Donald Trump's new year's  tweet stating Pakistan has given the US "nothing but lies and deceit", analysts and politicians have stressed on Pakistan responding with a much stronger narrative to counter Trump's allegations. US should hold its own people accountable: Khawaja Asif Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif responded to Trump's tweet saying: “the United States should hold its own people accountable for its failures in Afghanistan.” “We have already said 'no more' to America, so Trump's 'no more' has no importance. We are ready to give all account for every single penny to America in public,” Asif was quoted as saying by  Geo TV . “America is frustrated over its defeat in Afghanistan. America should perhaps take the path of dialogue instead