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Seeds and soil

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur The history and dynamics of Baloch armed resistance and various groups including BLA and the state’s response As trees have seeds and mushrooms spores to grow from, similarly movements whether political or armed have historical seeds; movements do not happen without a reason. The Irish Republic is said to be the result of British callousness during the Irish Famine of 1845-1852; Bangladesh the result of Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s March 21, 1948 Dhaka speech about Urdu and then the continued injustices. Balochistan issue arose when Khan of Kalat was forced to sign the instrument of accession on March 27, 1948. The soil for these seeds are people who are historically conscious of their political and social rights. The Baloch struggle for their rights has simmered since, and has now and then boiled over into open armed insurgencies. These didn’t succeed in their aims but at the same time Pakistan, despite the use of military might was unable to crush the Baloch re

AFB condemn death sentence to Three Bugti tribesmen

Press Release WASHINGTON DC -- The premier Baloch human rights body in the capital of the United States Sunday called upon the U.N., U.S. State Department, World Bank and the IMF to censor Pakistan’s for the military mandated court sentencing of three Baloch Internally Displaced Persons to death. The death sentence was handed to the three members of the Bugti tribe under Sections 302/34 of the Pakistan Penal Code, 3/4 of the Explosives Act and 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act allegation of blowing up gas pipelines and for belonging to a banned Baloch militant outfit. Those sentenced to death are Pahrdin s/o Azim Bugti, Ramzan s/o Juma Bugti and Mewa s/o Thagya Bugti. The allegation against them is that they bombed the main gas pipeline coming from Sui Balochistan and running along the railway track in Abadpur in Rahim Yar Khan Punjab, killing four people. “The death penalty has no place in the 21st century, is the categorical stance of the United Nations,” said the AFB. The AFB asked t