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Balochistan’s oldest man-made lake may be lost forever By Shahab Umer Updated Saturday Oct 28 2017 Hanna Lake is a man-made wonder, or was a marvel once. Dug up by the British in 1894, the lake, when abundant, provided Quetta with a steady supply of freshwater. In its backdrop lay the Zarghun mountain range, from where gallons of snow water would make its way from the highest peaks and pour onto its confines. With time, its surroundings became a thriving hub of activity for tourists and locals, offering up a large variety of water sports such as rowing, canoeing and kayaking. In the winters, the lake would play host to migratory birds from Siberia. Annually, the lake would attract over 500,000 people, according to local authorities. Today, Balochistan’s 123 year-old lake is empty and abandoned. Poor weather conditions due to climate change and the lack of rainfall, for the past few months, has dried up the reservoir. Under the glaring sun, a patchy and

Balochistan media menaces Comment   Editorials 22 HOURS AGO BY  EDITORIAL Life threats disrupt newspaper distribution system Out of the blue, a new and unique phenomenon has emerged in Pakistan’s troubled province, adding another  dimension to the country’s dubious media record. The usual drill practiced by overzealous watchdogs is to pick up recalcitrant journalists, keep them in protective custody for a while, and rough them before releasing them, hoping they would be sadder and wiser men. Yesterday, a correspondent of an English daily was beaten by iron rods-wielding men, in public vie wright  in Islamabad.  This is too much In Balochistan, as yet unknown actors a couple of days ago warned newspaper offices of disrupting their circulation on the rather fascist reasoning that statements regarding their activities (or rather outrages) were not carried by local newspapers. In such cases, suspicion usually falls on the Baloch separatists

Balochistan can earn Pakistan up to $1 billion a year By  Our Correspondent Published: October 28, 20 PFVA says that the establishment of grading, processing and packing plants as common facilities in various parts of Balochistan is imminent. PHOTO: FILE KARACHI :  Balochistan alone has the potential to earn Pakistan up to $1 billion a year from fruit and vegetable exports, according to initial findings of All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers & Merchants Association (PFVA). But this will happen if international good practices are adopted, added the representative organisation of fresh food exporters that has recently completed a consultative process with stakeholders in Balochistan to develop a road map for the sector. “The PFVA’s vision would provide long-lasting solutions of problems like food security,” a press release quoted former PFVA chairman Waheed Ahmed as saying. ADVERTISEMENT Ad Hub Press Club bombed amid newspape

CPEC to benefit China more than Pakistan: Report ANI | Bejing [China] Oct 29, 2017 12:32 AM IST The multibillion-dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is part of Chinese President Xi Jinping's 'Belt and Road Initiative', will benefit China more than Pakistan due to lack of Pakistani input in the project. The lack of Pakistani input into the CPEC, which the government said would drive economic growth to a targeted 6 per cent this financial year, adds to concerns that its benefits might not be as widely distributed as initially thought, the South Morning China Post reported, adding that it runs the risk that Islamabad will be left paying interest on loans to Chinese banks way into the future. According to the news report, Chinese banks are keenly waiting to get their share of the pie, holding more than US$20 billion for potential financing, much of it has already been filled by the Chine

BNC strongly condemn the kidnapping of Nawaz Atta Baloch and demands his immediate release.

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 28, 2017 WASHINGTON D.C — Balochistan National Congress (BNC) strongly condemn the latest kidnapping of Nawaz Atta Baloch, Central Secretary of Baloch Human Right Organization (BHRO), and eight other members of his family, by Pakistan’s security forces. Mr. Nawaz Atta Baloch was kidnapped by Pakistan’s security forces along with his eight other family members at midnight from their house in Karachi Pakistan and no one knows where they are being kept. BNC demands immediate release of Nawaz Atta Baloch and his family members. If Nawaz Atta Baloch or any of his family members have committed any crime, they must be produced before a court of law. Kidnapping citizens without the due process of law is a violation of Pakistan’s constitution and the international laws. We ask the Human Right commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Human Right Watch (HRW), the Amnesty International (AI), the United Nation Human Right Council (UNHRC), Asian Human Righ

Media isn’t free in Balochistan; being used as a propaganda tool, BLF

Media isn’t free in Balochistan; being used as a propaganda tool, BLF (Daily Sangar) Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesman GwahramBaloch in a statement, from an undisclosed location,said that media freedom and freedom of expression is not under threat by Baloch freedom fighters but Pakistani army and its intelligence agencies. He said that, Pakistan has created an environment of fear among journalists to hide the state's barbarism and suppress the Baloch people's voice. The ultimatum to the media by BLF is to focus on the fact that Pakistan has subdued media in Balochistan by force and with violence and it is just being used for propaganda by the military. In the last ten years, many journalists have been abducted by the army and killed. According to Amnesty International, 12 journalists were killed in Balochistan from 2008 to 2016. Many journalists associated with international media, including Declan Walsh and Carlota Gil were expelled from the country for highlight

Threat to Journalists is from Pakistan not Baloch:Dr Allah Nazar

(Daily Sangar) Baloch nationalist leader Dr. Allah NazarBaloch said in a statement that we believe in freedom of press and have faith in it but it does not mean that they should present only state’s viewpoint and ignore the Baloch nation’s stance. As a result of continuous struggle and resistance since the occupation, Pakistan has manifested its brutality in a way which is none other than draconian. In this endeavor, all the pillars of state, including media, haveplayed their part justifying and sustaining Pakistani brutality against the Baloch nation. Being a colony, it is expected of Pakistani courts and parliament to justify its atrocities on Baloch people, but journalism is anhonorable profession that works as a mirror to show the real face of the facts to the world. But the customs of the people in Pakistani journalism is so peculiar that they only keep the rulers’ stance in the headlines promoting yellow journalism or acting as their courtiers. He further said that journalists

Nawaz Atta Baloch. Abduction: BHRO to observe Hunger Strike

Baloch Human Rights Organisation (BHRO) will observe for Indefinitely a sit-in token hunger strike  camp against abduction of Central Information Secretary Nawaz Atta Baloch. Nawaz Atta is Human Rights activist, he was abducted on Oct 28’2017 from Karachi. We request all human rights activists to please join the hunger strike camp and raise your voice for safe recovery of Nawaz Atta Baloch. Camp will be start tomorrow 29👈🏻 Oct at 11: AM Venue : Karachi Press Club (KPC) ~ Baloch Human Rights Organisation

Rights Defender and General Secretary of BHRO was disappeared by force. on October 28, 2017 Karachi (Bolan Times) :  Nawaz Atta with Eight including minors and family members was disappeared by force by the Pakistani security and secret forces BHRO representatives claimed at Karachi Press Club. The security forces including uniformed and non uniformed personals (plain clothed) raided the house of Nawaz Atta might night at 2:00 AM and took away the males  severely beaten,injured and threatened the females. said the family members. The details of the abductees are Nawaz Atta S/0 Atta Mohammad, Abid S/O Ashraf, Farhad S/O Anwar, Sajjad S/O Yar Jan, Ulfat S/O Altaf, Aftab S/O Mohammad Younus, Rawat S/O Taj Mohammad, Arif S/O Mohammad Younus. In the press statement BHRO representatives claimed that, Nawaz Atta is an active Human Rights Defender and is a student of International Relations in the Karachi University. He himself was very active for the safe recove