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First woman Additional Advocate General of Balochistan, Mrs. Sabira Islam By  Manzoor Ahmed Posted on October 20, 2017   Quetta: For the first time in the history of Balochistan, a female has been appointed as an Additional Advocate General of the province. Mrs. Sabira Islam started her law career in 2009 dealing with criminal, civil and family cases facing a lot of hurdles on her way. “Women are discriminated, you are underestimated but if you have determination and truth within you and you take your profession as a belief and if you have taken it as a challenge and want to deliver it for society, for humanity then all hurdles die down with time. So I did not make my hurdles a mountain for myself, I made a way out of them.” Persistence is the key to success, according to Sabira “I stayed a regular practicing lawyer, did not take any breaks. One of the factors of success is also persistence.” Saying the main part is fulfilling the responsibility “It is eas

Ansari new Balochistan IG The Newspaper's Staff Correspondent October 20, 2017 QUETTA: The federal government has appointed Moazzam Jah Ansari, an officer of grade 21, Inspector General of Balochistan Police with immediate effect, says a notification issued by the Establishment Division on Thursday. Mr Ansari was working as the Additional IG of Balochistan and he has replaced former IG Ahsan Mehboob, who was retired on Sept 30 after attaining the age of 60 years. Published in Dawn, October 20th, 2017

Balochistan women entrepreneurs demand proportionate share in business     Save   Amanullah Khan Karachi Ms Masooma Sibtain, Vice President, FPCCI addressing a gathering of women entrepreneurs on the occasion of Women National Business Agenda – WNBA meeting held at FPCCI Office Quetta informed them that WNBA is a joint initiative of FPCCI and Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), a U.S. Chamber affiliateorganization. Masooma further said that women represents 50% total population of country and therefore they deserve appropriate share in business field and full participation in economic policies and this should be included in the political partymanifesto of General 

Soldier martyred, 40 injured in three Balochistan attacks A CorrespondentOctober 20, 2017 GWADAR: A member of Panjgur Rifle was martyred and 40 people, four security personnel among them, were injured in three separate attacks in Panjgur, Gwadar and Mastung districts of Balochistan on Thursday. Official sources said that unidentified people opened fire on a convoy of Panjgur Rifle, a wing of Frontier Corps, when it was passing through Gichak area, leaving one soldier dead and four others injured. An FC major is among the injured. The deceased was identified as Muhammad Hanif and the injured as Major Mansoor, Lance Naik Shahzeb and soldiers Asmatullah and Hikmatullah. In Gwadar, 26 people were injured when unidentified men hurled a hand grenade at a hostel near Bilal Mosque at late night. ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER AD Meanwhile, at least 15 people were injured in a grenade attack in Mastung town. Police sources said that unidentified people on a moto

BLF 3 MONTHS REPORT AND ARMED ACTIVITIES AGAINST PAKISTANI FORCES (Daily Sangar) BLF 3 MONTHS REPORT AND ARMED ACTIVITIES AGAINST PAKISTANI FORCES . BLF Activities Published by “ Ashoob ” from the statements of BLF spokesperson Gwahram Baloch issued in Electronic and Print Media  PREFACE As an organized and timely motivated organization in Balochistan's struggle for independence, Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) is fighting on the frontline against Pakistan Army and its proxies including Jihadist groups like ISIS and other extremist elements. This front has cost many sacrifices of our fighters but we stand as strong as our will to defend motherland Balochistan. The question of indigenous Baloch people's survival and national identity is at risk and attack by enemy Pakistan's evil intentions of greater exploitation, plunder and genocide in Balochistan. At this crucial point in history, BLF fighters are committed to bravely fulfill their duties countering enemy actions with great

China's latest dynasty fights survival Editor's Note The 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress runs Oct. 18-24. The convention marks the start of a transition as delegates name new members to lead China's most powerful political institutions. But the change in personnel is only part of a larger transformation underway in the Party and in the country — a process that began long before the party congress kicked off and will continue long after it ends. This is the final installment in a four-part series examining how far China has come in its transition, and how far it has yet to go. Perhaps the most defining feature of China's political history has been the cyclical  expansion and collapse of its dynasties . The country's first unified dynasty, which emerged more than 2,000 years ago, set what would come to be a familiar pattern: A central power rises and expands its rule until a challenge — be it a  corruption scandal  or a natur

Everything Under Heaven: Xi Jinping's Belt and Road could cement China as the world's superpower   Elliott Haworth Source: Getty “Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent,” wrote Mao Zedong in his little red book. With every crisis comes opportunity, he thought. The motto is as apt today as it was half a century ago. As an increasingly isolated America crawls from the world stage, the EU grapples with internal conflicts. As western powers quibble, so Xi Jinping builds his empire. Beijing is on lockdown this week, as the nineteenth national congress of the Communist Party, held every five years since its formation in 1921, gets underway. Leaders of the party and, by extension, who runs the country, are being chosen. Analysts have speculated that Xi will announce he is to serve past the 10-year term he is presently half way through. The philosophy of “Xi Jinping Thought”, an honour previously reserved for Mao, may be enshrined in Chinese folklore. Xi’s grip over

Interview: Europe to benefit from China's "fascinating" development -- German expert Source: Xinhua |  2017-10-19 16:57:49 | Editor: An BERLIN, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) -- With China's "fascinating" development in the past five years and providing more public goods to the world, Europe will benefit from a strong Chinese economy, a German expert on China has said. Nele Noesselt, a professor and China expert with the Institute of East Asian Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen, spoke highly of China's reform measures, especially those listed in a landmark blueprint in 2013. Issued by the Communist Party of China (CPC), the document known as "The Decision on Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening Reforms", stipulated the market's leading role in the allocation of resources. "All these efforts will lead to greener and sustainable development and growth," Noesselt told Xinhua. Regarding Chinese foreign policy in the past five years, the Duisburg-based exper

BNM Demands of Urgent Release of Baloch and Sindhi missing persons.

Washington: BNM Demands of Urgent Release of Baloch and Sindhi missing persons. Washington DC  (Daily Sangar) On october 18, 2017 Wednesday at National press club washington DC BNM  North America Secretary Genral Nabi Bakhsh Baloch briefing the press about the ongoing Human rights violation in Balochistan and sindh. He Says BNM Demands Urgent Release of Punhal Sario from Unlawful Detention in Pakistan.Stop Enforced Disappearances of Baloch, Sindhi Activists by Pakistani Security Forces Punhal Sario, Convenor, Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh, was abducted on August 3, 2017 from Hyderabad, Sindh by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) personnel and disappeared without a trace. His fate and whereabouts remain unknown. He is at grave risk of torture, ill-treatment, and even death. On behalf of the people of Balochistan and my affiliated political organization, the Baloch National Movement (BNM) I would like to thank Sindhi Foundation for honouring me with this opportunity