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Today Sayeed s/o Ameer, killed in Trump

Sayeed s/o Ameer, killed in Trump .(pics) đź“Ś "I still remember the smile of Saeed jan and his jokes, today his dead body is like this, what would be the feeling of his kids . Imaging if your own dead body is like this in front of your kids, what will be the feelings of your kids .But still, small pity issues are big problems  .Its time to expose all corruption in name of Baloch Movement" . ➡ Dr.Ali Akbar Mengal

Profile: Sher Mohammed Marri

AHMED RASHID  Monday 17 May 1993 Sher Mohammed Marri, politician and guerrilla leader, writer, poet: born Kohlu, Balochistan 1918; married (one son); died New Delhi 11 May 1993. SHER MOHAMMED MARRI was a living legend for half a century amongst Pakistan's Baloch people. As a Marxist, nationalist politician and guerrilla leader he spent a lifetime fighting first the British and then the Pakistan army in an attempt to gain an honourable status for the Baloch tribe. When he was not in the mountains with his guerrillas he was either in jail or in exile. He was born in Kohlu, a small village in the Marri tribal area, the son of a minor clan chieftain of the Marri tribe. Sher Mohammed was completely self-educated and during the British Raj he travelled all over India meeting people while doing odd jobs to earn a living. In Bombay he came under the influence of Marxists belonging to the pro-Moscow Communist Party of India (CPI) but he remained an outsider amongst the largely westernis

Why China and Russia are unlikely to maintain a long-term strategic alliance Cary Huang says that mutual distrust of the United States can’t overcome the long history of rivalry between former empires, or meld diverging interests Cary Huang UPDATED : Tuesday, 3 Oct 2017, 7:31PM  11 The high-profile joint military exercises between China and Russia have reinforced the fear that an anti-Western, China-Russia alliance is forming. Annual exercises between the world’s second- and third-best funded armies have included  coastal drills in Vladivostok  from September 18-21 and sea exercises in the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk from September 22-26 – following an earlier Baltic Sea naval exercise in July. The joint operation from Europe to Asia not only showcased a budding military partnership, but indicated determination to challenge US domination on the high seas. The largest-ever exercises took place close to North Korea amid escalating tensio

Chinese ships spotted near Pag-asa Island sandbars, says Alejano The ships were monitored on September 18, says opposition lawmaker Gary Alejano Bea Cupin @ beacupin Published 4:12 PM, October 03, 2017 Updated 4:12 PM, October 03, 2017 CHINESE ACTIVITY. Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano, a former soldier, says Chinese vessels were spotted near Pag-asa island and its sandbars. File photo MANILA, Philippines – Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano on Tuesday, October 3, raised the alarm over the continuing “concern and tensions in Pag-asa Island and its 3 sandbars.” In a statement, Alejano said he received information that “3 vessels of Chinese maritime militia and a ship of the People’s Liberation Army Navy” were found between one to 5 nautical miles from the sandbars. He said this was monitored on September 18 but the information reached him two weeks later, on Tuesday. “Chinese forces are employing new tactics. They are harassing our patrolling vessels by cont

How China's first 'silk road' slowly came to life - on the water David Abulafia | The Conversation |  Oct 03, 2017 10:00 AM IST People take pictures of the "Golden Bridge on Silk Road" installation by artist Shu Yong, set up ahead of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing. Photo: Reuters Few images are more enduring in the historical imagination than the train of two-humped Bactrian camels plodding across desert sands from west to east, or vice-versa, across the vast open spaces of Eurasia. Now that China is edging  towards a modern incarnation of the “silk road”  it is worth remembering how this emblem of the ancient world actually came into being. There is no doubt that these overland trading routes existed in the early and late Middle Ages. There is also no doubt that these treks across deserts brought massively important cultural influences from the west to the east while carrying goods in the other d

Ashura observed in Balochistan amid tight security October 03, 2017 QUETTA - Youm-e-Ashur was observed with religious fervor and solemnity across Balochistan under extraordinary security arrangements. The cellphone and internet services remained suspended in Quetta as part of foolproof security measures. Aerial monitoring of Muharram processions was also carried out in provincial capital. The main procession of Ashura was taken out from Punjabi Imambargha at Alamdar Road in Quetta by Balochistan Shia Conference President Sayed Dawood Agha, Hashim Mosvi, Allam Juma Asadi, Sayed Raza Agha and others. The procession marched on its traditional route including Alamdar Road, Bacha Khan Chowk, Liaquat Bazaar, Junction Chowk, Prince Road, Meckangi Road and ended on reaching Alamar Road Punjabi Imambargha. The scholars delivered speeches on the unmatched sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain and his companions for the dignity of Islam. They said the s

How ghost employees plague Balochistan’s government departments People & society WHATSAPP Former chief minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch accepted that hundreds of government schools existed only on paper | AFP Muhammad Sufyan Qazi does not have a job. He has a degree in engineering from the Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences and possesses multiple other educational certificates. Unfortunately, all those have not helped him get employed. Earlier this year, he passed a test for the post of a trainee engineer at Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), a government-owned oil company, but was told that people from Balochistan were not being hired this time around. Before that, he appeared in a Balochistan Public Service Commission exam for one of about 100 vacancies for posts such as assistant commissioners and section officers. He got 53 per cent marks in total which should have made him eligible for selection — save for a single mark he lost in general knowl

Balochistan, poverty and rule of law October 03, 2017 A nation born from the womb of ethnic discord was liable to suffer from its inflictions left over in the wake of partition. A time had come in the history of Balochistan when the Punjabis were driven out of the province just as there had come a time when the Shias from Hazara community were targeted by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a radical Sunni organization. At another time a segment of native Baloch stepped up their drive to part ways with Pakistan. Five military operations had been carried out since to quell this separatism. Pakistan army is heavily deployed in the province and arguably has a say in the political decision-making process. Though things have been brought under control and with CPEC promising a better future to the region, in particular with the development of Gwadar, a general antagonism is still evident in the people of Balochistan owing to persistent poverty. Presently the malnut

THE GREAT GAME SEARS PATHAN HOMELAND COLUMNISTS Tuesday, 03 October 2017 |  Sandhya Jain  | in  Edit Rajiv Dogra's book,  Durand's Curse: A Line across the Pathan Heart , is a perceptive analysis of the adventurism that created the Afghan problem. It is a must read for scholars of South Asia Barring perhaps tiny  Sri Lanka , the British empire amputated every non-Christian land that fell under its heel, causing wounds that time could not heal. As meticulously documented by Narendra Singh Sarila, the Partition of India was conceived by  Winston Churchill , planned by Archibald Wavell, and executed by Louis Mountbatten ( The Shadow of the Great Game ). Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a crude instrument whose barbaric methods concealed London’s strategic objectives. Balochistan and Afghanistan were also hacked for imperial convenience. Former Ambassador Rajiv Dogra’s book,  Durand’s Curse: A Line across the Pathan Heart , is a per

Pictures of the day: Dr.Allah Nazar Baloch