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Navy chief breaks ground for construction of headquarters at Gwadar September 27, 2017   By: Samaa Web Desk Published in  Pakistan   KARACHI : Ground Breaking Ceremony of the new building for 3rd Force Protection Battalion of Pakistan Navy was held at Gwadar . Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah was the Chief Guest of the ceremony. Upon his arrival he was received by Commander Coast, Rear Admiral Abdul Aleem. The 3rd Force Protection Battalion is an operational segment of Pakistan Marines and was raised in March 2013 for protection of Gwadar Port as well as offshore infrastructure including sensitive installations in the city and at coastal belt . The Battalion is capable of conducting Anti Amphibious Operations, Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief Operations in its Area of Responsibility. In addition to 3rd FP Battalion, Pakistan Navy has also raised the Task Force 88 in December 2016 for seaward security of Gwadar P

Loginex to start Gwadar Port operations KARACHI: Loginex Shipping in collaboration with the Gwadar Port Authority and China Overseas Ports Holding Company Pakistan (COPHC Pakistan), the Concession-Holder of the Gwadar Port and Free Zone, will start continuous commercial trading and port business activity at Gwadar in October, a statement said on Wednesday. COPHC Pakistan is a branch of COPHC Hong Kong. The objective of the company is to develop the region’s most strategically located sea port into a hub of maritime trading in the region, it added. COPHC consists of the Gwadar International Terminal, Gwadar Maritime Services Ltd., and Gwadar Free Zone Company, all created separately to cater to the needs of the business at Gwadar Port, which is fast emerging as the future of commercial activity attracting investors and business houses from across the world, it said.

Editorial: The path to peace in Balochistan Editorial September 28, 2017 NATIONAL Party President Hasil Bizenjo has reiterated his party’s sensible belief that the only path to resolving Balochistan’s issues is political dialogue. A central committee meeting of the NP in Quetta has also called for the return to Pakistan of tribal leaders in exile and suggested that their path back to the country is being blocked by elements hostile to peace here. Taken together, the NP’s statements suggest that a long-standing militarised approach to Balochistan’s political problems continues to dominate. If peace in the province is to be achieved, that approach must change. The unhappy reality of Balochistan is that a long-running low-level Baloch insurgency has been treated by the security establishment as merely a byproduct of other regional security challenges. At various times, an insurgency rooted in political grievances of some Baloch has been cast as externally sponsored to destabilise Pakistan or reta

CPEC opens agri sector to foreign investors KARACHI: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has opened agriculture sector to Chinese businessmen and other foreign investors with promising higher returns on investment, an industry official said on Wednesday.  “Agricultural trade has gained importance in the recent times, offering new opportunities and challenges,” Zubair Tufail, president of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) said in a statement from Geneva.  Tufail, addressing a session titled “Agricultural Trade in New Era”, said Pakistan is doing a lot to improve agriculture sector. He said the expansion of agricultural trade on a global level helped in providing greater quantity, wider variety and better quality food to increasing numbers of people at lower prices. “It is generating income for billions of people globally who are directly or indirectly linked to it while Pakistan’s 60 percent exports are l

CPEC to act as catalyst for uplift September 28, 2017 MIRPUR (AJK)-The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project will open new avenues of speedy socio economic progress and prosperity bringing the economic boom in Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir, said AJK Minister for Sports Ch Saeed. “Azad Jammu & Kashmir State would also be the beneficiary of the gigantic project since four projects have been approved under CPEC – including Kohala and Karot Hydropower projects respectively in Muzaffarabad and Kotli districts, the Quadruple Expressway from Mansehra to Muzaffarabad-to Mirpur to Mangla and the already-approved 9th Special Economic Industrial Zone to be set up in Mirpur,” the minister said while speaking as chief guest at the Annual General meeting of Mirpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He highlighted the issues and bottlenecks in the way of industrial development in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Highlighting the broad-based healt

Some powers want to denuclearise Pakistan, undermine CPEC: NSA N K Janjua ✔ BalochHouse Note Pa kistan is an irresponsible artificial geographic construct , not even  state. Which thrives on global Alma, rents land for money, promotes religious hate and global exporter of terror endangering international peace and stability. Having nuclear weapons in the hands of Mullah millitary is threat to world, therefore global powers should denuclearise and Dismember in parallel. Resulting Dismembered states will be secular and liberal states. By PTI | Updated: Sep 27, 2017, 04.43 PM IST Janjua also said the current situation required of Pakistan to maintain unity not only to thwart such challenges but also to set its priorities straight. ISLAMABAD:  Pakistan 's National Security Adviser has said that "some world powers" want to denuclearise the country by taking advantage of its internal problems, according to a media rep

Balochistan Facing Severe Food Insecurity Old news Balochistan Facing Severe Food Insecurity: Participants Adnan Aamir Quetta –  Balochistan is facing severe food insecurity, said participants of one day consultative dialogue, on Wednesday. 30 out of 32 districts of Balochistan are food insecure and only Quetta and Jaffarabad are food secure as per the report of Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). These issues were revealed during a one-day consultative dialogue held to celebrate world food day in Quetta Press Club by  Azat foundation  in collaboration with HARD, ActionAid, Pakistan Kissan Ittehad and Agriculture research department of Balochistan. 30 out of 32 districts of Balochistan are food insecure – SDPI World food day is celebrated every year on 16th October and theme for this year is  Social protection and agriculture: Breaking the cycle of rural poverty Speaking on the occasion, Marcel Stallen, Internationa

Badar s/o Salah abducted from.Mand, Balochistan

Badar s/o Salah abducted last night from Mand area of balochistan by ISI

Enforced Disappearance in South Asia Claudia Waedlich 28 September 2017   Seeking UN Bodies Intervention for the safe recovery of missing persons in Pakistan   My last speech was about different UN Bodies and Conventions petitioning for their intervention to aid the safe recovery of missing persons in Pakistan; today I am here to update and clarify what concrete results we have achieved towards our goals along with issues that have yet to be resolved.   The Pakistan Government should affirm its commitment to end enforced disappearances by ratifying the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances; referring specifically to the Baloch, Pashtun, Sindhi and Kashmiri of Occupied Kashmir.   Their unwillingness to ratify the convention and the increasing number of years they stall compliance, facilitate the Pakistan government in presenting erroneous and underestimated figures of enforced, disappeared Balochs to different

UKPNP event Pictures: Nàela Quadri Baloch, Khan Kalat, Shoukat Kashmiri

Baloch Art at French Museum, by Prof Akram Dost Baloch

Art of Professor Akram Dost Baloch his few art work are also present in French museum he is currently Professor at Balochistan University .