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Picture of the day

East China Sea: Japan Coast Guard Plans Miyako Island Facility Upgrades Japan continues to bolster its maritime law enforcement capabilities in the East China Sea. By  Ankit Panda September 24, 2017   Japan will strengthen training procedures for its coast guard to improve their ability to patrol its claimed waters in the East China Sea, where China claims maritime territory and islands administered by Japan. According to a report in the Yomiuri Shimbun last week citing official Japanese sources, the Japan Coast Guard will set up a shooting range on Miyako Island in Okinawa Prefecture. If completed, this would be the first such facility available to the Japan Coast Guard outside of Honshu, Japan’s largest island. The island is used by the Japan Coast Guard as a base to support operations and patrols in the East China Sea, including near the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, which are claimed by both China and Japan. Enjoying this article?  Click h

Want a job in Kazakhstan or elsewhere on new Silk Road? Citi might have a role for you Foreign banks hoping to do much more business with Chinese firms operating outside of China Alun John UPDATED : Monday, 25 Sep 2017, 10:59PM Citi, the US banking giant, is set to redeploy some of its mainland staff to countries linked with the Belt and Road Initiative, and hire at least 25 more staff in its regional operations outside of China, to cope with an expected rise in business related to the economic plan. Several foreign banks are rethinking their strategies, as contracts and agreements start being generated by the Belt and Road – President Xi Jinping’s flagship scheme to drive greater trade into emerging Asia and beyond. Analysts suggest the large universal banks are well placed to benefit from it, thanks to their role in financing global trade. Foreign banks divided on best approach to financing China’s US$5 trillion New Silk Road project “Because the very

Navy getting boost IN a striking display of firepower, Pakistan Navy undertook live weapon firing in the Arabian Sea on Saturday. The force successfully test-fired an anti-ship missile from its Sea King helicopter with pinpoint accuracy, reaffirming the weapon’s lethality and offensive punch of Pakistan Navy fleet. Responsible for securing country’s coastlines and sea lanes, Pakistan Navy has over the years attained significant growth and the principal driver of this augmentation has been the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and at its core the Gwadar deep-sea port, which is all set to make Pakistan a hub of regional trade activities. It is a matter of satisfaction that our relevant quarters are fully alive and cognizant to the threats faced by the multi billion dollars project at the hands of our enemies especially India and doing the needful to ensure its all round security including the sea traffic. This is the reason we saw Pakistan Navy inducting m

Free Palestine? Why not Balochistan?' 'Free Palestine? Why not Balochistan?' English Defense League founder Tommy Robinson calls out United Nations' hypocrisy. Tzvi Lev, 25/09/17 12:06 Tommy Robinson, a prominent British nationalist activist, wants to know why the United Nations focuses solely on the Palestinians despite their history of terrorism while ignoring other oppressed minorities in the world, such as Balochistan, which has been occupied by Pakistan since 1947. Wearing a 'Free Balochistan' T-shirt, the English Defense League founder describes the history of the beleaguered Balochistan, detailing the oppression he says the Baloch people have suffered from under Pakistan and noting the five major conflicts that were fought between Balochistan and Pakistan. According to Robinson, Pakistan benefits tremendously from Balochistan's natural resources while denying the proceeds to the native people. "The West is silent about this, t

China must learn from US: Economic corridor with Pakistan is dangerous CPEC runs through one of the most volatile stretches in the world. POLITICS  |  5-minute read |    25-09-2017 BRIG SK CHATTERJI (RETD)   @ skchatts 9 Total Shares Over $60 billion is the billing for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), as on date. The road will run from Kashgar, China through the disputed regions of Gilgit-Baltistan, across the length of Pakistan's troubled provinces to the warm water sea port of Gwadar in Baluchistan. The CPEC is the showpiece and crown jewel of the  Chinese Belt and Road Initiative . The initiative,  Chinese expect , will pirouette them into a more proximate comparison with the USA in geopolitics and economics. However, the highway could also provide access to China's soft-underbelly, the restive Xinjiang province where an insurgency with an Islamist flavour is already going on. Notwithstanding the raging debate in Pakistan about the likeliho

CPEC: Pakistan, China sign MoU for construction of Gawadar expressway Pakistan by  Muhammad Irfan  | Published on September 25, 2017  🔗 Facebook Twitter Reddit GWADAR – A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for construction of East Bay Expressway in Gwadar under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project has been signed here on Monday. Article continues after the advertisement Chairman Gwadar Port Authority Dostain Jamaldini signed the MoU on behalf of Pakistan government while Chairman Chinese Construction Company inked the memorandum on behalf of his country. Minister of State for Ports and Shipping Chaudhry Jaffar Iqbal, Chinese Deputy Minister for Communications Dai Doncang and senior Pakistani and Chinese officials attended the signing ceremony. The 19.5 kilometers Expressway would be constructed at a cost of seventeen billion rupees. Speaking on the occasion, Chaudhry Jaffar Iqbal said that project would prove a mileston

Gilgit Baltistan, POK and Balochistan: All are different cases

Letter From Abdul Hamid Khan Chairman Balawaristan National Front (BNF) ____________________________________ Balochistan is a province of Pakistan legally or illegally. The province has seats in Pakistani parliament and constitutional part of it. But Gilgit Baltistan is not part of Pakistan and it’s not part of PoK, it’s a part of J&K, which is constitutional part of India. Pakistan has deprived its from all kind of rights including fundamental rights, right to access to Justice and right of our own resources and land, because of religious differences with Pakistan and PoK has no such discriminations. PoK consists 7000 Sq Km area, while Gilgit Baltistan is 72000 Sq Km area. PoK has no importance, it was either part of Jammu or Kashmir in the past, while Gilgit was full province of J&K state. PoK has no importance while Gilgit Baltistan is the most important part of J&K for all aspects including resources and strategically. Gilgit Baltistan issue should not be dilute

CPEC and military design eliminations for development

by  Claudia Waedlich on 25 Sep 2017 3 Comments The implementation of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) raises many questions. Is it only an economic corridor as promised by China and Pakistan? Or has it another purpose? Will it bring the promised free trade, prosperity and development to Balochistan and the other nations in the artificially constructed State of Pakistan? The answer is a clear no.   Regarding strategic designs - first Gwadar port, the end point of the CPEC, which stretches from Kashgar in Xinjiang to Gwadar, close to the Straits of Hormuz, will be in danger of being completely blocked with a high impact on international trade from around the world.   Under the cover of economic activity towards “mutual” benefit for the region, China will never admit that the CPEC is China`s Strategic Highway to the Indian Ocean connecting it to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. China would become a global player ruling the seaways and having a big impact on states lik