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BSO Azad to hold protest demonstration at 10 Downing Street

What’s at stake in Chinese Communist Party convention

hhttps// SEP 24, 2017 When the Chinese Communist Party holds its convention next month, President Xi Jinping, who has already been given the designation of “core” leader, is expected to make every effort to concentrate power with himself. Japan needs to work out its strategy toward China by carefully watching the developments in Beijing and the setup of a new Chinese leadership. The CCP convention, held every five years, will open on Oct. 18. During the last party convention in 2012, Xi was elected to his first term as party general secretary. Following this year’s convention, the party’s Central Committee will hold a plenary meeting and launch a new leadership under Xi’s second term. Xi’s domestic policy has been made up of two pillars — political regimentation characterized by crackdowns on pro-democracy movements and a vigorous campaign to eradicate corruption among par

Cina to expand maritime cooperation with Turkey ALI ÜNAL @ali_unal TAIZHOU Published14 hours ago The Chinese coastal city Taizhou near the East China Sea is looking forward to expanded maritime cooperation with Turkey. "We are on the route of the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road; therefore, we are looking forward to expanding our cooperation with countries and cities that are part of the same project," Ms. Lihui Wu, the vice mayor of Taizhou city in China's Zhejiang province, told a group of Turkish journalist who visited the city as part of China Radio International's (CRI) visit on Sept. 22-23. "Thus, we look forward to expanding our maritime cooperation with Turkey," Vice Mayor Wu added. China's southeast Taizhou city has historically been on important trade routes. Italian voyager Marco Polo came to Taizhou more than 700 years ago along the Maritime Silk Road and described it as a city of creature c

Gold companies take a shine to China's Silk Road Tom Daly TIANJIN, China Sept 24 (Reuters) - As far as China’s miners are concerned, the modern-day Silk Road is paved with gold. Buoyed by a 15 percent rise in the gold price this year, Chinese mining executives in Tianjin this weekend were talking up their ambitions for overseas expansion. ADVERTISEMENT In doing so they embraced Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, now being promulgated around the world as the Belt and Road Initiative, the geographical scope of which has not been precisely defined. Song Xin, CEO of China National Gold Group Corp, told a session of the China Mining conference on Saturday that his company would “intensify exploration and capital allocation in Belt and Road countries”, which he said account for 80 percent of global gold consumption. China National Gold has mandated its Canada-based s

London can play key role in Beijing’s new ‘silk road’, says Bank of China executive Sun Yu, general manager of the bank’s London branch, said the capital’s powerhouse financial sector could be a “solution provider” for the 900 billion US dollar (£666 billion) project designed to bolster economic growth across Asia and the wider world. Aerial views of London By  Ben Woods ,  Press Association Chief City Correspondent September 24 2017 8:45 AM A Bank of China executive has backed the City of London to help manage the risk posed by Beijing’s mammoth infrastructure programme, the belt and road initiative. Sun Yu, general manager of the bank’s London branch, said the capital’s powerhouse financial sector could be a “solution provider” for the 900 billion US dollar (£666 billion) project designed to bolster economic growth across Asia and the wider world. The programme has been branded the modern day silk road and will include a string of d

FOUR NEW HIGHWAYS WILL BE CONSTRUCTED IN BALOCHISTAN TO LINK REMOTE AREAS WITH REST OF COUNTRY UNDER CPEC CPEC Joint Working Group on Transport Infrastructure approved financial assistance for highways 07:26 AM, 25 Sep, 2017   0 Four new highways will be constructed in Balochistan under CPEC to  link far-flung areas of the province with rest of the country.  CPEC Joint Working Group on Transport Infrastructure has approved financial assistance for these highways. Two of these projects will be initiated this year. The work on 210 kilometer Dera Ismail Khan Zhob Road will be started this year with the financial assistance of China.  Similarly, work on 110 kilometer Khuzdar-Baseema Road would also be initiated this year at a cost of twenty billion rupees. This highway will provide modern transport facilities to the people. In addition, Zhob Kuchlagh Road is also an import component of the Western Route which would be the sh

Injustices in Balochistan Need the World’s Attention BY  HUSAIN HAQQANI  ON  24/09/2017 •  LEAVE A COMMEN Balochistan is the cauldron of the worst human rights violations in Pakistan, which does not have a good track record of upholding human rights in general. Instead of using force against the Baloch, it would be best to recognise the sentiments and aspirations of the Baloch people. Credit: Reuters On September 22, 2017, Husain Haqqani, former Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, addressed the Human Rights Commission Session at Geneva with the following words on Balochistan. § I come to this event as a Pakistani friend of Balochistan, in the belief that human rights are universal and their violation should not be ignored out of misplaced patriotism. Europeans, Americans and Israelis who criticise the violation of human rights by their own governments show moral courage. The world would be a better place if Indians spoke out when  human rights ar

Knowledge-based approach to CPEC The economic corridor between China and Pakistan will have a great impact on the culture of both countries, and academia should play a positive role by preparing citizens for these changes   25-Sep-17by  Abid Hussian The role of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has great significance for the region in terms of transportation infrastructure, energy, trade, commerce, industrial cooperation, agricultural cooperation, tourism, healthcare, personal contact, education, and much more. The value of CPEC projects is now worth 62 billion US dollars. Although various scholars have presented a lot of literature, the negative and positive aspects already elaborated upon; very few presented the alternative benefits of CPEC on Pakistani academia. There are many ongoing projects that are relevant to the educational uplifting of Pakistan. The economic corridor between China and Pakistan will have a great impact