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India raises Balochistan at UN, gave tight slap to Pakistan

Right of Reply by India in response to the Statement by Pakistan under the Agenda Item 4   Right of Reply by India  in response to the Statement by Pakistan under the Agenda Item 4 Mr President,           My delegation wishes to exercise its right of reply in response to a statement made by Pakistan under this Agenda Item.           Pakistan continues to test the patience of this Council with its false narrative over the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir.  Pakistan has had territorial ambitions over Kashmir since 1947 that has found concrete expression in the aggression it embarked on in 1947, 1965 and 1999. As on date, Pakistan is in illegal and forcible occupation of approximately 78,000 sq kms of Indian Territory in Jammu and Kashmir.           The fundamental reason for disturbances in Kashmir is cross-border terrorism promoted by Pakistan. Active support since 1989 to separatist groups in Kashmir and terrorist elements from different parts of the world including from ter

Why is this relationship so special? By  Swaran Singh   |   Published: 13th September 2017 04:00 AM  |   Last Updated: 13th September 2017 03:43 A Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe arrives in Ahmedabad today for the 12th India-Japan annual summit. The most important issue on his mind will be North Korea’s incessant missile tests and its hydrogen bomb test earlier this month. This has to be read in the backdrop of Pyongyang’s closest ally Beijing’s aggressive posturing in the South China Sea. China has not only been building artificial islands in the sea but also deployed forces. It has defied all laws and norms including the Hague court of arbitration’s ruling that had last year adjudged China’s claims to be invalid. With regard to India, this will be Modi’s fourth summit with Abe. But it is the first time a Japanese leader who is visiting India will not be travelling to New Delhi. Also, unlike Chinese president Xi Jinping, the

Workshop on the South Asian Silk Roads Serial Transnational World Heritage Nomination Process Tuesday, 12 September 2017 Workshop participants ©  IICC Xi’an About 60 participants from China, Nepal, ICOMOS and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre participated in a Workshop on the South Asian Silk Roads Serial Transnational World Heritage Nomination Process, Xi’an, China, 5-7 September 2017 organised by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) of China, Xi’an Municipal People’s Government and the ICOMOS International Conservation Center-Xi’an (IICC Xi’an). This was a follow-up activity to the Kathmandu Action Plan, adopted in September 2014 during the first South Asian sub-regional Silk Roads meeting in Kathmandu (Nepal), and was in line with the Almaty Agreement adopted at the 4th Coordinating Committee Meeting of the Silk Roads World Heritage Serial Transnational Nomination , held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in November 2015. The participants agreed on the following as the main outcomes of the meeting: T

Gwadar vs Chahbahar      Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister asked India on Monday to expedite development of Chabahar port in Iran to bolster a trade route for land-locked Central Asian countries that would bypass Pakistan. The port would allow India to transport goods to Afghanistan by sea. Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani also asked India to expand an airfreight corridor introduced between the two countries in June to provide greater access for Afghan goods to the Indian market. India, Afghanistan and Iran are free to enter into any understanding as per their national interests but Pakistan too should take necessary measures to safeguard its interests in the face of growing geo-strategic and economic moves in the region. It is unfortunate that despite blanket permission given to Afghanistan for transit trade through Pakistan, Kabul is tilting more towards Delhi than Islamabad. It is an open secret that Afghan Transit Trade has been one of the main cau

Balochistan: Census Data Cites Decrease of Indigenous Population in Ancestral Lands Photo Courtesy of  umairadeed Census data has shown a decrease of autochthonous Baloch people living in Balochistan, as many have been forced to migrate to other districts or neighboring countries such as Afghanistan. This could be attributed to the conflicts ravaging certain regions of Balochistan, as can also be seen in  recent reports  of escalating human rights violations committed against the Baloch people at the hands of the Pakistani authorities. While the Baloch population generally grew, especially in the capital district of Quetta, a decrease of the Baloch population in Balochistan from 61% to 55.6% was recorded over the past 19 years.   The article below was published in  DAWN : The Balochi-spea­king population appears to have shrunk marginally in 21 districts of Balochistan over a period of 19 years, whereas no growth in population has been recorded in the nine Pashtun-majority districts. According to the census data, the ov

Landmine blast kills one in Balochistan ANI | Quetta [Pakistan] Sep 13, 2017 09:22 AM IST At least one person has died and another sustained injuries after a landmine explosion in the Kholu district of Balochistan on Tuesday. Sources said the two brothers were riding on their motorbike and ran over a planted landmine in the Nasau area, The Express Tribune reported. The injured was taken to the hospital for medical assistance and the body of the deceased was transported by the rescue team. Earlier also, several deaths have been reported due to accidental landmine blasts in the district. The police had to file a case against unidentified persons and an investigation is underway after a protest by the residents of the area. Earlier, six security personnel were killed and three others injured in a blast in Balochistan's Harnai district. The Frontier Corps (FC) personnel were patrolling the area when their veh

Let’s not politicise population census: Ahsan KARACHI: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has said if there were any anomalies in the population census, these should be pointed out but politics on the issue should be avoided in the larger national interest. Talking to reporters during his visit to the Pakistan Coast Guards Headquarters here on Tuesday, he said the government was determined to turn Pakistan into an Asian Tiger. Ahsan said he wanted to convey a message to the world that CPEC was a national project of Pakistan based on the Pakistan-China friendship and no one could roll it back. “This project is bound to succeed,” he said.  Ahsan Iqbal said a handful of ‘Buqrats and Suqrats’ should stop creating misunderstandings about the CPEC among the public, adding that these people could not harm the Pak-China friendship by making negative comments and writing essays. The minister said CPEC will prove to be a game changer and all its economic obje

What Happens If Iran And Saudi Arabia Join CPEC By  Polina Tikhonova  on September 12, 2017 3:24 pm in  Politics     Saudi Arabia says it’s keen to cooperate with Pakistan on CPEC, but what does this mean for Iran? Can Saudi Arabia join CPEC, and if so, would it bring Tehran and Riyadh together? If you need to know everything about new iPhone X – then check our coverage –  HERE. In a meeting with Pakistani Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Monday, Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Pakistan Retired Admiral Nawaf Ahmad Al-Maliki said Riyadh is interested in cooperating with Islamabad on the $54 billion  China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project . While the magnitude of Saudi Arabia’s potential cooperation with Pakistan remains under wraps, Al-Maliki said his nation is eager to play its role in the game-changing project that connects China’s Xinjiang province to Pakistan’s Gwadar Port through a network of rail and road projects. “We think that Pakistan will make progress through this project,” Al-Maliki sa

From the Great Game to the game-changer Gilgit-Baltistan has historically remained at the peripheries of the power centres of Central Asia and South Asia. This relative isolation enabled local communities to develop indigenous social, state and economic structures that allowed small principalities to remain autonomous in decision-making. Despite its political marginality and geographic inaccessibility, GB managed to develop trade routes with Central Asia and South Asia. This helped the region to develop trans-mountainous trade links with the famed Silk Route that stretched through various roads crisscrossing Central Asia, Asia Minor, South Asia and Europe. Although the trade volumes on the route of GB were minuscule as compared to other major trade centres, the region was part of an extensive network of roads that formed the Silk Route. The trans-mountain trade routes in “the Hindukush, Karakoram-Himalayan arc” were disrupted in the second ha

‘China investing $46 billion in major sectors’ National September 13, 2017 LAHORE: Pakistan and China will develop each other through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and we must appreciate China’s development plan for Pakistan, said Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zafar Moeen Nasir. According to a press release, the VC said this while addressing the concluding ceremony of a two-day international conference on “CPEC: Political, Economic and Social Perspectives” organised by the PU Department of History & Pakistan Studies at the department on Tuesday. Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities Prof Dr Iqbal Chawla, Prof Saifullah Janjua, Dr Zhu Qinbao, Prof Dr Agnieszka Kuszewska, Dr Mahboob Hussain, researchers, faculty members and a large number of students were present. Dr Zafar Moeen Nasir said no country was willing to invest in Pakistan but China was investing an unprecedented 46 billion dollars for the country’s develo

Chinese firms have already invested $30b in CPEC projects By  APP Published: September 13, 2017 CPEC: A convoy of vehicles in Balochistan. Photo: AFP ISLAMABAD :  Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Sartaj Aziz said on Tuesday that the government’s decisive shift from costly thermal power generation to energy mix will lead to high sustainable economic growth in the country. “The government is focusing on producing energy from various sources including solar, hydro and wind resources as well as LNG and coal-based power projects to overcome the ongoing energy crisis in the country,” Aziz said while speaking at the International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies. Investing In CPEC: ICCI wants incentives for start-ups ADVERTISEMENT Ad He said Pakistan had been suffering a multi-dimensional energy crisis for the past one decade. “Power shortages coupled with high electricity costs have had a very negative impact on the economy and on publi

'India trying to sabotage CPEC through terrorism', claims Pak ahead of Kulbhushan Jadhav's ICJ hearing By Zee Media Bureau | Last Updated: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 07:46 AM IST Kulbhushan Jadhav The minister claimed that no one can reverse the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and it will succeed at any cost New Delhi: Pakistan’s interior minister Ahsan Iqbal on Tuesday said that India is trying to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Pakistan's statement comes ahead of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) hearing in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case which resumes on Wednesday. Speaking to a Pakistani Daily, the minister said that Jadhav’s case is a proof of India’s intentions to sabotage the CPEC through terrorism He further added Pakistan will continue to pursue Jadhav's case at ICJ. “Nobody can reverse it [the Economic Corridor], it will succeed at any cost,” he was quoted as saying. Jadhav, 47, arrested in

Has anybody studied the cultural aspect of CPEC? September 12, 2017 Abdullah Ans When British invaded India and soon started ruling the subcontinent completely, the cultural influence from both sides came into play right away. Obviously, Brits got the upper hand as they had power and they used it immensely. Official language was changed from Persian to English overnight and linguistic heroes of yesterday turned into nobodies as they got up next day. Cricket, a game born in England, is used as a tool by Indians to get closer to their British masters as they seek official positions. On the other hand, words like “loot” made their way to English dictionary explaining the magnitude of ransacking that previously used word “plunder” can’t highlight. These are just a few examples of what happens when people from different cultures live together, even if they are divided as masters and slaves. Fast forward to 2017 and we have CPEC on our hands. Chinese presence in

Munaf Baloch with Nepal Friends

*Shri.Santosh BK ( Vice President all Nepal Hotel Association)*  *Kiran Lama District Youth President (Morang,Nepal)* *Amish Baral( Director of Kanchan Janga Party Palace)* , *Bittu Kumar Potdar ( Ex. SSB India*, *Jugnu Ansari (M.D Indo Nepal Cricket Association)* , *Mohammad Jafar Aalam* at *Baluch Palace.* *Virar*

World Bank assigns $8bn for Silk Road projects Published time: 12 Sep, 2017 10:26 Vehicles drive on the Guomao Bridge through Beijing's central business district © Jason Lee / Reuters Billions of dollars have been allocated by the World Bank for infrastructure projects in the Chinese Silk Road Economic Belt, according to the bank’s president Jim Yong Kim at the 1+6 roundtable meeting in Beijing. Read more China & Malaysia break ground on $13bn railway under Belt and Road Initiative “Investments, particularly in infrastructure, are extremely important. The Chinese initiative of the economic belt of the Silk Road catalyzes infrastructure investments,” he told the heads of major international organizations. “The World Bank will help the countries within the initiative to take maximum advantage of the opportunities provided, in accordance with their own development strategies,”  he added. According to the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC), an e

India wants to sabotage CPEC: Pakistani Interior Minister Speaking to the media, Iqbal said the CPEC was the result of unprecedented friendship between China and Pakistan. IANS  Islamabad | Posted : Sep 12 2017 4:47PM | Updated: Sep 12 2017 4:48PM Pakistan is effectively pursuing Kulbhushan Jadhav's case in the International Court of Justice as it is proof of Indias intentions to sabotage the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) through "terrorism", Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal said on Tuesday. Speaking to the media, Iqbal said the CPEC was the result of unprecedented friendship between China and Pakistan.  The CPEC is a flagship project of China's Belt and Road initiative. The 3,000 km, over $50 billion corridor stretches from Kashgar in western China to Gwadar port in Pakistan on the Arabian sea.  India has cited its opposition to the CPEC, which passes through a part of Kashmir held by Pakistan.  Along t

Today my daughter Aarti was raped Poem by AHMAR KHAN

·TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 20173 My tears flow as if blood gushing out of heart, For today my beautiful daughter was raped. They came with guns in the dead of night, Tied me and Aarti’s mom as we begged them to let her go. They said Allah Akbar we come here to make her Muslim, Like their mom’s paramour bin Qasim did with Dahir’s daughter. At dawn break, mullah came with boy shit on his shalwar, As the rapist slapped my baby to order: say Laa Illa. I see the blood of rape on Sindh land everywhere, I hear my daughter’s sobs in winter rains. Muslim men of Sindh, so-called Hajis, Are dirty like semen on an old whore’s bed