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Problems faced by Pakistani Sindhi and Baloch Families living in Saudi Arabia

Problems faced by Pakistani Sindhi and Baloch Families living in Saudi Arabia from We know that Saudi Arabia is a home to many nationalities. Some of the expats living here have never visited their home countries. They are living here since generations and know very little about their home land.  Similar is the case of Baloch families residing here. Baluchistan is a province of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Baloch are residing here since ages and their generations have not even visited Pakistan once! Among hundreds of Pakistani families living in Saudi Arabia, Baloch families dominate in number. Most Baloch families have setup their livelihood in Wadi Mariq. Wadi Mariq lies in eastern Jeddah’s suburbs. The place looks like a shanty town and is encapsulated by Mountains and a valley. The Baloch community living here is not well-off. They are finding hard to meet their both ends. They are either illiterate or semi-literate. Thereby, most of them have undertaken the profession

” China Pakistan Economic cooridor is illegal ” UKPNP

http :// ” China Pakistan Economic cooridor is illegal ” UKPNP on August 30, 2017 Bolan Times ( Bruxelles) : United Kashmir National Party and others human Rights activists said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor is illegal . On 25The August 2017 , in Belgium capital Bruxelles , Representatives of United Kashmir National Party ( UKPNP ) Baloch and European Human Rights Activists declared China Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC ) illegal . In Friday Conference regarding CPEC , Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri, Chairman, United Kashmir Peoples Narional Party said that “According to United Nation Resoulation Pakistan has nothing to do with Pakistan occupied Kashmir , Pakistan violated agreement with we Kashmiri peoples and illegally occupied our land”. Chairman UKPNP added that ” No any international Human Rights organization is allowed to visit pakistani occupied Kashmir to see what Pakistan is illegally doing the

Govt Security Guards running Death Squads

Balochistan Interior Minster's personal guard, a government employee is running death squad camp and also leading rallies against USA.

Helicopter shelling continues in Bolan, many houses burnt August 30, 2017      File Photo The Balochistan Post has received fresh reports that the military operation, started near Peer Ismail in Bolan this morning, has now also been extended to different areas of Shahrag near Harnai. Locals have seen many houses in Nishpa, Perhi and Sabzagi Wadh areas of Shahrag engulfed in flames due to continuous shelling by gunship helicopters. Ground troops have also been seen moving to the affected areas. Our correspondent has obtained information that suggest these houses belong to Pandi Marri, Thango Marri, Qaisar Marri and Jhango Marri. This operation follows the military operation in Harnai only few days ago when scores, including women and children, were taken away by Pakistani Army. Many of those are still missing, whereas, few were killed and dumped in Shahrag and adjoining areas. There has been a dramatic surge in military operations in different