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Punjab may lose four NA seats to K-P, Balochistan By  Irfan Ghauri Published: August 29, 2017 In this file photo, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif gestures after appearing before a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in Islamabad on June 17, 2017. PHOTO: REUTERS ISLAMABAD :  Punjab’s relative success in controlling population growth may come back to bite it by shrinking its parliamentary representation in parliament. Seats in the National Assembly are allocated to the four provinces largely on the basis of population. Punjab, being the most populous province, gets more than half the seats in the assembly. This might also result in a proportionate reduction in Punjab’s share in the federal divisible pool in the National Finance Award. About 82% of the federal divisible pool is distributed on the basis of population. While demarking constituencies, in order to reduce Punjab’s dominance in the Centre, the province was given fewer seats proportionat

Pakistan’s neighbours may also reap fruits of CPEC: experts KARACHI: Speakers at a seminar on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on Tuesday emphasised that Afghanistan and other neighbouring countries may also benefit from this multi-billion project. They hoped that Pakistan would become the 25th world economy in the next 15 to 20 years owing to CPEC. The Gwadar Port is the gateway to CPEC and it would become a global distribution centre, they added. The seminar titled the ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) - Rhythm of Progress’ was organised by the Sahafi Welfare Association, Karachi. Speaking at the seminar, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) President Zubair F. Tufail said that China has become a world economic power and Pakistan would benefit from around $60 billion CPEC projects. The FPCCI president said the first special economic zone in Sindh was being set up in Dhabeji, which would be complete

Pakistan Army becomes largest beneficiary of drug business in Balochistan August 29, 2017      Pakistan Army has become the largest party to benefit from drug trafficking business in Balochistan, Abid Zamurani The Balochistan Post’s correspondent, reports from Panjgur. Makuran region of Balochistan has recently become one of the main international drug trafficking routes in the region. Drugs are trafficked through this route to various parts of the world in large quantities. Along with smugglers the Pakistan Army has also played a major role to make this happen. Other than giving impunity to drug dealers like Imam Bheel, senior officers of Pakistan Army have also made riches out of the drug business. These officers have become millionaires by reselling the drugs caught in “anti-narcotics” raids. According to details obtained by The Balochistan Post’s Panjgur correspondent, Pakistan Army, under supervision of FC Commandant Panjgur, has formed at le

The Philippines Is Forcing China To Limit Its Aggressive Maritime Expansion AUG 29, 2017 @ 06:00 AM2,251  Ralph Jennings  ,    CONTRIBUTOR   Play Video The difference in military might between China and the Philippines is so great it’s hardly worth a breakdown. China runs the world’s third strongest military, according to the database, while the Philippines ranks  No. 50 . But the Southeast Asian archipelago is showing China, case by case, how far it can go in a decade-old effort to control a giant disputed sea where it is one of five claimants to the area. That's not easy, as China has seldom wavered since 2010 in passing ships and militarizing islets in waters the other countries call their own. The Philippines is resisting China through an oddly viable combination of friendly diplomacy, Southeast Asian leadership and passive but pervasive anti-Beijing public sentiment. Let's exami

Japan to counteract China in Khazakistan STR/AFP/Getty Images Japan continues standing in the ring with China, exchanging blow for blow as the Asian rivals both  compete  and  cooperate  with each other in the creation of the trans-Eurasian mega-project that has been dubbed the New Silk Road. Just months  after the announcement  of a deal that would see China’s COSCO shipping and Lianyungang Port take a 49% cut of Kazakhstan’s epic  Khorgos Gateway dry port  on the Kazakh/China border, Japan’s Nippon Express logistics firm  has signed an MoU  with Kazakh Railways (KTZ) to increase the overland flow of container traffic between the Japan / South Korea region and Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Europe. Nippon Express provides the cargo and KTZ handles the transshipment and processing of the containers through Kazakhstan. Advertisement The parties also  r

Passing out parade of 61st batch of Frontier Corps Balochistan held By  News Desk Published: August 29, 2017 Frontier Corps Balochistan. PHOTO: ONLINE/FILE Passing out parade of 61st batch of Frontier Corps Balochistan was held at School of FC Training Centre in Loralai on Tuesday, a statement issued by the military’s media wing said. According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), some 2,453 recruits, including 700 Baloch youngsters, have graduated. Inspector General of Frontier Corps (IGFC) Major General Nadeem Ahmed Anjum, who was chief guest at the occasion, distributed awarded prizes among outstanding cadets of the course. ADVERTISEMENT Ad Balochistan police cadets graduate from army training facility in Quetta Recruit Faheem Ullah  was declared Over All Best Trainee, recruit Awais Rauf was awarded Medal being outstanding in physical training whereas Asif Ali was awarded being Best Shooter of the Batch. Notables of the area, student

11 Years of Bughti’s Assasination: Understanding What Balochistan has Undergone By: Mariyam Suleman Balochistan fell into a terrifying chaos after Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was killed on 26th August 2006. Although the news about the death of Nawab Bugti was confirmed hours later, hundreds of protesters demonstrated on roads the same night. This time, the protests did not limit to the provincial capital of Quetta or to the tribal areas of Bugtis, Marris or Mengals, but the protests swept throughout Balochistan reaching as far as the southern districts of Lasbela, Turbat, Gwadar and areas bordering Iran. The tension between protesters, police and other security officials ratcheted as the days passed by. Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti,79, the tribal chief, former governor Chief Minister and Governor went underground in 2005 and was killed a year later. “When the news about Nawab Bugti’s assassination was confirmed, 400 different cities and towns closed down as the

Doka La standoff ends: Four good economic reasons China had to not mess with India India Dinesh Unnikrishnan Aug, 29 2017 12:19:35 IST   What really caused a sudden end to the Doka La standoff between India and China is as yet unclear. Until recently, the situation wasn’t getting any better with the war of words escalating on both sides, reminders of the 1962 war and highly provocative, sometimes misleading reportage in the media. But everything changed on  Monday when both sides issued statements  on an end to the impasse and withdrawal of troops. What worked between the two parties for such a quick resolution will, perhaps, remain a State secret. The decision also  served as a face-saver for political leaderships  on both sides. The important takeaway from the decision is that it saves both sides from major economic consequences. More importantly, it averted an embarrassment for China in the BRICS Summit that begins on 3 September in X

How Pakistan can win in Afghanistan

https :// When I speak to foreigners, I am pretty clear about what they need to hear. Pakistan has legitimate concerns about Afghanistan, and its choices will always be informed by those concerns. Pakistan has paid the price for Afghanistan dearly. Pre-Soviet invasion Afghanistan provided sanctuary to separatists and anti-national forces. Soviet invasion Afghanistan produced five million refugees that Pakistan took in – not to mention a heroin problem, and the normalisation of AK-47s as accessories. Post-Soviet invasion Afghanistan produced a civil war, which ended when the Taliban took over that country. Post-Taliban Afghanistan produced a war in Pakistan and the dramatic fall in Pakistan’s prestige around the world, as every stupid Nato/Isaf decision was underwritten with a swift explanation: it’s Pakistan’s fault. This is a perfectly reasonable set of facts that Pakistanis should deploy when trying to explain how

McMaster's Afghanistan Plan Offers Knowledge Without Wisdom

by  LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD  August 29, 2017 Like physical education majors, Army officers often get extra credit when they are able to muster a modicum of intellectual rigor, which could be the case for then Major H.R. McMaster, who wrote "Dereliction of Duty: Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, The Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies that Led to Vietnam, the 1997 book highly critical of the Vietnam-era military and political leadership, the academic equivalent of shooting ducks in a barrel. After stripping away the shock and awe of a "soldier-philosopher" or "warrior monk" lauded for constructing coherent sentences without a sprinkling of "f-bombs," a soberer analysis of McMaster's contribution to the literature can be framed. At the time when McMaster's book was published, Dr. Steven Metz, Henry L. Stimson Professor of Military Studies, US Army War College  concluded : "While ‘Dereliction of Duty' might set new standards for stride