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Baloch kid watches when Pak Army's Armour vehicle comes

M&As by China in countries part of BRI soar, despite capital crack down M&As by China in countries part of BRI soar, despite capital crack down he number of deals by Chinese companies targeting the Belt and Road countries are 109 this year. The Dollar Business Bureau Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) by Chinese firms in nations which are part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are rising, even as the Government cracks down on acquisitive conglomerates of China to limit capital outflows. The acquisitions by Chinese firms in 68 countries that are officially linked to the foreign policy of President Xi Jinping totaled around $33 billion till August 14, exceeding the $31 billion total count for the entire 2016, as per the data by Reuters. The BRI project, unveiled in 2013, is aimed at creating a modern-day ‘Silk Road’, which connect China by sea and land to Pakistan, Southeast Asia and Central Asia, and further to the Europe, Afric

Xi loyalists grab the reins of pivotal projects August 16, 2017 9:42 am JST China up close Belt and Road, Beijing redevelopment spark dangerous turf wars KATSUJI NAKAZAWA, Nikkei senior staff writer TOKYO -- Chinese President Xi Jinping is giving close allies full control over two signature projects that promise to help him achieve total political supremacy: the Belt and Road Initiative and the remodeling of Beijing. The former -- also known as One Belt, One Road -- is an effort to create a vast economic zone linking China to Europe and Africa by land and sea. This drive to build a new Silk Road and expand Beijing's sphere of influence will entail astronomical investments over many years. Key positions related to the initiative have been changing hands one after another.  "It's astonishing how quickly big national projects, including the core One Belt, One Road program, have been taken over by close aides to Preside

Balochistan: Pakistan forces abducted 21 people including 7 women from Harnai and Tump about 14 hours ago QUETTA: Pakistani FC and military forces have abducted at least 18 people including seven women from Harnai and three people from Tump region of Balochistan on Monday evening. According to details Pakistani forces conducted offensives in Shahrag area of Harnai and abducted 11 persons including seven women of Yar Jan Marri’s family. Earlier, in the same area, Pakistani forces attacked the house of Mouzo Marri and abducted wife and three children. All the abducted persons have been shifted to an undisclosed location and their whereabouts remained unknown until the filing of this report. It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan forces have previously abducted tens of people including women and children from Bolan, Margat, Peer Ismael, Harnai and Sibbi. Pakistan forces also killed several dozen abducted innocent Baloch in staged encounters. The

Doklam face-off a turning point in Sino-Indian relationship By Xie Chao Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/15 20:08:39 Illustration: Liu Rui/GT India has been intensifying its military presence in the Doklam area since it trespassed into Chinese territory on June 18. The aggressiveness demonstrated in the move shows that the Modi government is strengthening its intention for a comprehensive strategic confrontation with China. By challenging China's sovereignty in the Doklam region, India aims to maintain and showcase its hegemonic status in South Asia. Before Modi took office, India's economy and thus its national strength had maintained years of relatively high growth. However, during the same period, China's national strength was growing even faster, and therefore the gap between the two countries was getting bigger. Beijing's influence has been expanding quickly in South Asia in recent years as it is dedicated to developing friendly cooperation with all countries in the

DIFFUSING CRISIS AT DOKLAM Thursday, 17 August 2017 |  Pravin Sawhney  | in  Oped Present stand-off is the result of India's tenuous hold on LAC. Unlike most times, when New Delhi downplayed Chinese transgressions, this time, with Bhutan involved, it is not doing so As the Doklam crisis between India and  China  enters its third month, two questions worth deliberation are: What is the future of this crisis/how will it end? How to diffuse future crises? The good thing about this crisis is that neither side wants war. Both nations want peace to fulfil the grand agenda that each has clearly spelt out: China’s Belt and Road initiative, and India’s Act East policy and Think West policy. Notwithstanding the congruous peaceful upwards trajectory of both nations, if cooperation with strategic mutual trust is still not there, the reasons are not difficult to find. China does not assess India to be its rival in Asia. Instead it sees itse

All about Belt and Road: Indian, Chinese media continue blame game EAL-TIME INTEL ON WHAT MOVES MARKETS Accusations from both sides about Doklam standoff center around China's Belt and Road Inititiative By  ASIA UNHEDGED AUGUST 17, 2017 5:32 AM (UTC+8) 0 0 China’s state-controlled Global Times and Indian news outlet The Economic Times published editorials this week throwing more blame for the protracted border standoff in Doklam. Both commentaries accused the other side of orchestrating the conflict, and both said that it was in the interest of either supporting or derailing the China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Liu Zongyi  wrote  in the Global Times Tuesday on how India is trying to sabotage BRI: India orchestrated the standoff to not just guarantee the security of the Siliguri Corridor – India’s sensitive “chicken’s neck” connecting its central and northeast regions, but more importantly to jeopardize China’s Belt and Road initiative. In this way it can rever

Warning from history: Could Japan-style crash hit China? AFP TOKYO,AUGUST 16, 2017 12:27 IST UPDATED: AUGUST 16, 2017 17:53 IST China is starting to look like Japan before its economic bubble burst in the early ‘90s Sizzling property prices, a groaning debt load, wealthy tourists and tycoons willing to slap down eye-popping sums for art: China is starting to look like Japan before its economic bubble burst in the early ‘90s. The similarities are not lost on Beijing: President Xi Jinping has commissioned a study to help China avoid Japan's pitfalls, according to Bloomberg, as growth slows and ratings agencies sound the alarm over its debt. Fears over China's groaning debt load were heightened after the IMF warned on Tuesday that the world's second largest economy was on a "dangerous" path, urging Beijing to take a more sustainable course and speed up structural reforms. China was also downgraded

China’s New Silk Road investment surges despite crackdown on overseas deals Huge spending in 68 countries linked to government trade initiative, amid tight scrutiny of Chinese corporate buyouts abroad to rein in outflow of capital Reuters UPDATED : Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017, 8:47PM Mergers and acquisitions by Chinese companies in countries that are part of the “Belt and Road Initiative” are soaring, even as Beijing cracks down on China’s acquisitive conglomerates to restrict capital outflows. Chinese acquisitions in the 68 countries officially linked to President Xi Jinping’s signature foreign policy totalled US$33 billion as of Monday, surpassing the US$31 billion tally for all of 2016, according to Thomson Reuters data. Unveiled in 2013, the “Belt and Road” project is aimed at building a modern-day “Silk Road”, connecting China by land and sea to Southeast Asia, Pakistan, Central Asia and beyond to the Middle East, Europe and Africa. At a summit i

CPEC – a game changer      Mohammad Jamil The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, linking Gwadar Port to the Chinese province of Xinjiang, will be a game changer not only for Balochistan and Pakistan but also for the world trade. In Balochistan, development activity has picked up with the return of peace after years of insurgency and violence. A few countries are trying to sabotage the mega project, but Provincial Minister for Home and Tribal Affairs, Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti has more than once said the provincial government would do its part in providing fool-proof security to workers during the construction period. With the development efforts of the federal and provincial governments and efforts of the Army Balochistan youth having been inducted in the army, who will frustrate the designs of enemies of Pakistan. People of Balochistan and even Jirga are likely to support efforts for peace and development in Balochistan. In the past, Baloch youth, the jewel of human

China may be fighting the Doklam war on Pakistan front View: China may be fighting the Doklam war on Pakistan front By  Dharminder Kumar , ECONOMICTIMES.COM | Aug 16, 2017, 03.41 PM IST China cannot start a war with India, even if it's a localised conflict over a small piece of high-altitude land that remains hard to access most of the time. Will India and  China  go to war over  Doklam ? India has refrained from showing any aggression so far. China has heightened the war rhetoric but without backing it with any solid action. It seems China does not want an actual war but a prolonged, war-like situation. China cannot start a war with India, even if it's a localised conflict, over a small piece of high-altitude land that remains hard to access most of the time. Such a misadventure will carry heavy diplomatic, economic and even military costs. China has begun to project itself as a

History: Khan Kalat and others

Karema Baloch: Controversial Statements about Baloch people

Karima Baloch   Chairperson of Baloch Students Organization few made controversial Statements during her address to the audience in Canada, on the occasion of Balochistan Independence day on 11th August, 2017. Link dSJpnUod38Q The sentences are cleverly crafted and sequenced, with a mix of true , false information nuggets. Here is the Excerpt 🔷 The Baloch are , in otherwise, easily ignorable people , they are very few in number inhabiting in vast land, they(Baloch) have no major contribution to the human civilization , no large army, no modern arms. They can’t boast a noble laureate,  they(Baloch) don’t have a Cusine , they aren’t mentioned in world history books. It is believed that she has BA degree from At Shad Degree College, Turbat. Though she is not eloquent in English , she did not checked the content of the speech at least once to understand how demeaning are some Statements. Either she is ignorant about history and culture  of Balochistan or her sp