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Creating A 12 To 24-Month Policy Bridge For A New Afghanistan Strategy LAWRENCE SELLIN Retired Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve Up until now his advisors have offered President Trump two choices for failure in Afghanistan, one quick, withdrawal, and one slow, a continuation of the failed strategy of the last sixteen years. By now it should be apparent to all knowledgeable people that U.S. objectives cannot be achieved in land-locked Afghanistan where Pakistan, whose Afghanistan objectives differ from ours, controls the supply of our troops and the battle tempo through its support of the Taliban and Haqqani network. An alternative is to provide the President with a 12 to 24-month plan that bridges the gap between the present untenable strategy to a longer term solution. That is, rather than tweak the current strategy, begin to address the core problem, a strategic environment that has made success of the current strategy impossible. Within the next t

Kolwah: Four members if family killed

Extreme Graphic Images:  Activists of  #BSOAzad and BNM, who were killed on July 29, 2017 in Kolwah by Pakistani forces. All 4 martyrs were from same family

China Extends Her Silk Road To Haiti 08/04/2017 01:00 pm ET |  Updated  8 hours ago GEORGIANNE NIENABER China plans to build markets in Port - au - Prince under the new initiative. Advertisement China plans to invest $30 billion in Haiti’s infrastructure according to the Haitian Press Agency ( AHP ). This week the Mayor of Port-au-Prince, Youri Chevry, hosted the signing of an agreement between the Haitian company Bati Ayiti (Build Haiti), headed by former Senator Amos André, and the Southwest Municipal Engineering and Design Research Institute of China . The agreement includes the construction of a 600 megawatt power plant to electrify Port-au-Prince, the construction of a new City Hall, markets, thousands of apartments, and eventually a railway from Port-au-Prince to the countryside. The center of the discussion was “the reconstruction of the main building of the Town Hall and the construction of several public contracts on the territory of the commune

What Nawaz Sharif did for Balochistan Nawaz Sharif chose the old fashioned way of rewarding opportunistic political leaders from Balochistan. This was at the cost of addressing the most pressing issues faced by the people there 05-Aug-17by  Adnan Aamir Nawaz Sharif, the three-time Prime Minister of Pakistan, was sent packing on 28th July after a court verdict. Since his ouster there have been lengthy and thought provoking debates on the legal standings of the verdict against him. However, there is also need to debate and analyze what four years rule of elder Sharif brought for Pakistan and its fragile province - Balochistan. After the general elections of May 2013, PML-N emerged as the largest political party in Balochistan Assembly. This is nothing to do with the popularity of the party. The political dynamics of Balochistan are such that majority of electable join the party which is expected to conquer Islamabad in general elections. An

Baloch Sisters tie Rakhi on this Rakshabandan day

Hind-Baloch Forum: Rakshabandan celebration

Subject: Invitation for Rakshabandhan Greetings from the Hind-Baloch Forum . We are going to celebrate  'Raksha Parv' on the auspicious day of Rakshabandhan to  strengthen relationship between Hindustan and Balochistan. Baloch sisters will tie Rakhi to Indian Flag and Indian brothers. Hind-Baloch Forum is established by eminent Indians who love their Motherland along with freedom fighters of Balochistan. We support our Baloch friends against the illegal occupation of an Independent State Balochistan by Pakistan. We oppose the brutal violation of Human rights in Balochistan.  Baloch people deserve a life with sovereignty, dignity and prosperity which Pakistan is hindering. We are looking forward for your gracious presence at the event. Venue : Speaker Hall, Constitutional Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi Date : 07/08/2017, Monday Timing : 11 AM to 1PM With regards Govind Sharma International Convenor