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Baloch, Balochistan and their Struggle

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur  July 20, 2017 Nations cannot be manufactured on basis of common religion, ideology or geography as has been the case in Pakistan, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. Soviet Union and Yugoslavia are no more and in Pakistan fault lines appear daily; you cannot simply lump people together and tell them they are a nation now. Certainly you cannot manufacture a Nation on religious grounds by suppressing diversity in name of religion; it is this suppression of diversity here has resulted in the extreme intolerance that you witness in everyday life in Pakistan and how it is affecting the entire region nay the world. Nations evolve in a historical process they cannot be created on whims of those who would benefit from a custom made nation.  When the power assuming elite of a colonized land imposes the blatant untruth that the religion is the bedrock of nationhood, as they did in Pakistan, on the people inhabiting the land they are set to rule in having different history, c

How India border stand-off gives China a chance to burnish its global image Jerome A. Cohen and Peter A. Dutton call on Beijing and New Delhi to seek impartial arbitration to resolve their problem. After its heavy-handedness in the South China Sea, the latest row offers China a fresh chance to show respect for… Jerome A. Cohen    Peter A. Dutton UPDATED : Friday, 21 Jul 2017, 7:43PM  31 For the past month, there has been a tense stand-off between China and India in the tri-border Himalayan region that ­includes Bhutan. Troubles began when  China resumed building a road  on the Doklam Plateau, which is disputed between Bhutan and China. India, because of its own security interests and as Bhutan’s security guarantor, stepped in to defend the position of the kingdom. China now  claims India has invaded  “its” territory. Tensions are high, and more than a few commentators have suggested this may be the  most serious Sino-Indian ­border crisis

40-year lease awarded to COPHC for dev of Gwadar port, free zone under CPEC 17      Amanullah Khan Karachi China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) has been awarded a 40 year lease for the development of Gwadar Port and Gwadar Free Zone under the CPEC initiative. The objective of the company is to develop the region’s most strategically located port into a transit trade hub connecting regional countries This was stated by Sima Kamil, President & CEO UBL who visited China, where she met with Zhang Baozhong, Chairman of China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC). During the meeting, UBL, Pakistan’s Best Bank 2016, resolved to support COPHC and its Chinese investors’ banking requirements in Pakistan, that are not limited to trade and finance, but also providing RMB accounts and settlement services. UBL also offered its support in uplifting the social status of the people of Gwadar by opening a Khushhali Bank branch here(UBL has majority shares of the bank).Khushhal

TDAP to organize moot on value-addition in dates in Gwadar 20      Staff Reporter Gwadar To underscore the important features of dates from Balochistan, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan is organizing a Dates Show and Seminar on Value-addition in Dates in Gwadar on Thursday, 27th July. This will be the first time that such type of comprehensive promotional programme, is going to be organized in Gwadar for creating awareness on the Dates Sector from Balochistan. The Dates Growers of the area particularly from Turbat and Panjgoor have been facing multiple technical problems due to lack of awareness. The speakers from different quarters are invited for seminar who will highlight about these technical issues and measures for enhancement of exports of dates. The target audience of the seminar will be growers and exporters belonging to different Trade Bodies, Government Organizations and Non-Government Organizations viz., Gwadar Chamber of Commerce, Balochistan Date

Balochistan lacks cancer hospital 16      Balochistan, which is the biggest province of Pakistan regarding land, has 6 divisions, 32 districts and its total area is 347190 Sq km. It hurts me to say that many people are suffering from hazardous decease cancer. Cancer is called the most deadly disease in the world including Pakistan, where millions of people are dying. According to World Cancer Report, in a year nearly 10 million people are infected by cancer in 2020, the cancer patients will be 16 million and from them half of people will die. In Pakistan each year, more than 300,000 people are being affected by cancer and mostly the cases are occurring in Punjab. There are various types of cancer like blood cancer, lungs cancer, breast cancer etc. Furthermore, day by day cancer patients are augmenting in every year many people are dying and unfortunately there isn’t any cancer hospital in Balochistan. If we see other province of Pakistan there are cancer ho

Russia delivers Mi-171E helicopter to Balochistan: reports July 22, 2017   By: Samaa Web Desk Published in  Pakistan   MOSCOW : Russian Helicopters, a Russian helicopter manufacturing company, delivered a Mi-171E civil helicopter in a convertible version to the representatives of Pakistani southern province of Balochistan, the company said Friday. According to Russian news agency Sputnik , Mi-171E helicopters belong to the Mi-8/17 series, which was developed and introduced in the 1970s, with dozens of variant modifications created to suit various operating conditions, climates and customers developed since then. A total of over 12,000 Mi-8/17s are in service in over 100 countries. “This is the second convertible Mi-171E helicopter delivered to Pakistan this year,” the statement read. The vehicle comes in a convertible version, which can be used for transport as well as for carrying 13 passengers and a flight attendant. In transport mode

Embattled Balochistan is now up against a different foe By  Syed Muhammad Abubakar Published: July 22, 2017 The natural phenomenon has badly affected Lasbela and Gwadar with cyclones, floods amidst drought. PHOTO: SYED MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR Ayoub Baloch is a herder, living in a remote area of Hingol in Lasbela, Balochistan. The 65-year-old has been a witness to countless political, social, cultural and behavioural changes the province has gone through and feels that even the weather is not the same as it used to be. “Over the past few years, Balochistan has been hit hard by drought due to insufficient rains, making life harder for many. Here, the temperatures have gone up. I fear, if the trend continued, it will badly affect the natural resources on which most of the people, including me, solely depend upon,” said Ayoub. Climate change: Balochistan hit by abnormal weather ADVERTISEMENT Ad Pakistan continues to remain under a strong influence of climate chan

Pakistan Economy In Pieces, As IMF Unlikely to Fund A Corrupt Government Pakistan economy, which has been hailed by financial experts all over the world for its speedy accelerating performance last year and was even proclaimed the top-performing market in Asia, is on the brink of collapse, as the country’s current account deficit (CAD) is nearing decade highs. A report by  Credit Suisse  shows gloomy results of the end of Fiscal Year 2017, as the Pakistan economy showed the CAD standing at $12.09 billion, a massive 149% increase since the end of FY2016. Even the most negative estimates from the Nawaz government’s critics had expected the CAD to be at around $8 billion by the end of FY2017, but the volatile political saga surrounding Nawaz’s corruption charges as well as the government’s lack of actions to revive the Pakistan economy continue damaging the country’s economy. The somber report by  Credit Suisse  sent panic waves across south Asia’s second-largest economy, with many fearing that even 

CPEC represents colonization of Pakistan for enrichment of China, says expert A senior teaching fellow and a PhD candidate at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) has said that the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) represents the colonization of Pakistan for the enrichment of China. By:  ANI  | London | Published: July 22, 2017 10:38 AM The event which was hosted by Baroness Jenny Jones of Moulsecoomb (Green Party for England and Wales), discussed Pakistan’s suppression of human rights in Balochistan, focusing on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and on the shutdown on journalists and international organistions .(Reuters) A senior teaching fellow and a PhD candidate at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) has said that the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) represents the colonization of Pakistan for the enrichment of China. Speaking at t

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Baloch Unity: Sardars are the problem

Jumma Marri We tried our best to arrange a Baloch unity conference but mainly Brahamdagh Bugti, Khan Kalat and Hairbyer Marri using different pretexts failed our sincere attempts, blaming each other on small petty issues and disrupted the conference , they have no ideological differences, but are visionless not keeping in minds that these petty differences are destroying Baloch national interests and harming the entire national struggle. World community will ignore Baloch struggle unless Baloch form a credible united front...