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One year after the South China Sea ruling, a deceiving calm Beijing is now, by and large, calling the shots in the area under dispute BY  BENOIT HARDY- CHARTRAND JUL 16, 2017 WATERLOO, ONTARIO – Much has changed and much remains the same since Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague ruled last year on rival claims to the South China Sea. Dampening China’s ambitions in the highly contested area, the court ruled that China had no historical right over the South China Sea, recognizing instead that Beijing violated the Philippines’ sovereign rights in its exclusive economic zone. Hailed by some as a potential turning point after years of tensions, the ruling remains at the center of public and political debate in the Asia-Pacific region and the West alike. While some maintain that the ruling has led to decreased tensions, there is far from enough evidence to say this with absolute certainty. Whether

Chinese purchases of overseas ports top $20bn in past year Beijing pushes ahead with spending and new shipping routes through Arctic circle © 15 Save 8 HOURS AGO by: James Kynge in London China is ramping up acquisitions of overseas ports as it expands its reach as a maritime power, doubling its investments in port projects over the past year to $20bn and pushing ahead with plans to open new shipping routes through the Arctic circle. The locations of the ports set for Chinese investments cluster around three “blue economic passages” that Beijing named in June as crucial to the success of “One Belt One Road”, a grand scheme to win diplomatic allies and open markets in around 65 countries between Asia and Europe. A study by Grisons Peak, a London-based investment bank, found that Chinese companies have announced plans to buy or invest in nine overseas ports in the year to end-June in projects valued at a total of $20.1bn. In addition, discussions are underway for investments

Brahumdagh Bugti Champagne party and Baloch reaction

A well know Baloch leader who wish to be anonymous said " Personally I don't mind anyone drinking or not it's a personal matter and everybody is free to do what they want. But when something is official then it becomes serious and means something different than personal affair. " 🔴 Below are reactions collected from social media ✔ It says Brhamdog Bugti leaving his tribal people behind and his nation to suffer while he himself is enjoying life in Geneva with alcohol and Kabobs. You can see him in this picture enjoying the luxury life without even caring how his people in Balochistan live in desperate situations with difficulties but he doesn't care. ✔ And if India continue to support these thugs for her proxy war against Pokistan to settle her score and get our poor Baloch people killed then we consider India fully complicit in Baloch killings. India must STOP supporting these irrelevant and useless Nawabs and Sardars and their stupid sons. They are no bod