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Indian moves to destabilise Balochistan LAHORE: Even after the cessation of Kulbushan Jadev’s destabilizing and sabotage activities in Pakistan, India has not put an end to its nefarious designs in Balochistan as has been evidenced recently with the establishment of a Hind – Baloch Forum in India with Pawan Sinha being the president of this forum while Swami Jitendranad Saraswati is its General Secretary. Information coming from reliable sources has revealed that on June 20 last, the forum organized its first event - seminar - on the topic “How Indians can play a role in the freedom struggle of Balochistan” at Hotel Howard Plaza Fatehabad Road, Agra, Utter Pardaesh India.  The guest speakers who spoke on the occasion included Major General (retired) G.D. Bakhshi with the Indian army background, Colonel RSN Singh, former Director of India’s prime intelligence agency RAW. The other speakers who addressed the seminar included electronic media j

The Problem In Afghanistan Is Pakistan

OPINION LAWRENCE SELLIN Retired Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve 4:06 PM 07/07/2017 Regarding a new strategy for Afghanistan, even Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States  says  that a tougher approach needs to be adopted toward his country: The Bush administration gave Pakistan $12.4 billion in aid, and the Obama administration forked over $21 billion. These incentives did not make Pakistan more amenable to cutting off support for the Afghan Taliban. The U.S. cannot win in Afghanistan as long as Pakistan controls the resupply of our troops and regulates the battle tempo through its support of the Taliban, the Haqqani network and the other Islamic terrorist groups it nurtures. And make no mistake, Pakistan does not want the U.S. to win because it views Afghanistan as a client state. In addition to reducing foreign aid to a trickle, Pakistan has other potential pain points. Recently introduced by

Doklam standoff: Why China is trying to teach India a lesson By responding to Chinese provocations, we are playing into its hands. |    07-07-2017 SANJEEV NAYYAR   @sanjeev1927 A famous line from the blockbuster  Singham  had actor Prakash Raj playing Jaykant Shikre say: " Mere saath kuch bhi karneka ... mera ego hurt nahi karneka " . By refusing to be part of China's One Belt One Road (OBOR) and not even sending a representative, like Japan and the US did, India hurt China's ego. A stand-off like the one we are seeing in Sikkim was only expected. There are multiple reasons for and messages coming through the Sikkim standoff. China was very keen that India be part of OBOR. In response to India's unhappiness over the CPEC (Chinese Pakistan Economic Corridor), its ambassador even offered to rename the CPEC, an offer that was later withdrawn. By consistently reiterating that the CPEC passes through

CPEC: Prospects For Gwadar Balochistan By  Remshay Ahmed On  Jul 7, 2017   26  0 Historically, a small fishing village, Gwadar has gone a major transformation and now sits at the heart of Balochistan. The multi-billion dollar One Belt, One Road initiative by China has caused the rapid development of Gwadar which stands at the mouth of a deep sea port. The pace of CPEC development is the fastest in Gwadar owing to the geo-strategic importance the place holds. Out of the initial $46 billion funded by the Chinese government, only $7 billion is being invested in about  twelve different projects  around Balochistan. These include: The establishment of New Gwadar International Airport and CPEC Support Unit for projects and activities in Gwadar Port.Construction of rail link from Gwadar to Karachi.Construction of Gwadar-Turbat-Hoshab section of Gwadar-Rathodero Road (892 km) and enhancing the capacity of N-85 Hoshab-Nag-Basima, Surab Road (459 km).Infrastructure dev

Battagram locals halt work on CPEC project again over non-payment of compensation Umar Bacha  |  Hamayun Babar July 07, 2017 Residents of Battagram's Gajborai area once again halted construction work on the multi-billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in protest over non-payment of compensation for their land. Nearly 1,000 locals have been affected by the construction of a tunnel falling under the CPEC scheme that runs for 60 kilometres from Kas Bridge to Thakoot Bridge. A 25 person CPEC Action Committee ─ including Anwar Baig, former superintendent of police Riaz Khan, Gul Muhammad tehsil council member, JI provincial deputy general secretary Muhammad Rafique, Taj Nazeer, Molana Attaur Rehman, Niaz Muhammad, Toti Rehman, Rustam Khan and Tehsil Naib Nazim ─ met with the deputy commissioner and visited a Chinese base camp at Kuzabanda and an Army base camp in the Chapargram area, and asked the relevant authorities to stop further construction work on the CPEC project from Kansai to Chanjal until their demands we

Pashto poet’s son killed in Quetta By Our Corresondent Published: July 7, 2017  PHOTO: FILE Two persons, including son of a well-known Pashto poet Professor Dr Syal Khan Kakar, were killed in the provincial capital of Balochistan on Thursday. According to the police, armed assailants shot and killed Aymal Khan Kakar and the watchman of the farm house in the Chashma Achuzai area of Quetta. Young poet who fell at NBF, dies The assailants managed to flee from the crime scene soon after committing the murder. The deceased were identified as Aymal Khan, son of Pashto poet Syal Khan Kakar, and watchman Mohammad Essa. So far no group has claimed responsibility for the killing. According to the police the investigations are underway. A day earlier,  leader of Balochistan National Party (BNP) was gunned down along with his guard on Quetta’s Arbab Khan Road. Malik Naveed Dehwar was traveling in his car when unidentified men opened fire at him, killin