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बलूच अलगाववादियों का जापानी संसद को संबोधित दुखद है,

JUNE 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM बलूच अलगाववादियों का जापानी संसद को संबोधित दुखद है, ायाज़सादक टोक्यो (इरफान सिद्दीकी, प्रतिनिधि युद्ध) अध्यक्ष नेशनल असेंबली सरदार अयाज सादिक ने कहा है कि बलूच अलगाववादियों का जापानी संसद केअहा्े में सांसदों को संबोधित दुखद प्रक्रिया है जो जापानी सरकार आधिकारिक तौर पर व्यक्त खेद भी किया है जिस पर जापानी अधिकारियों ने क्षमा भी कर ली है यह खुलासा सरदार अयाज सादिक ने टोक्यो में पाकिस्तानी दूतावास में पाकिस्तानी समुदाय को संबोधित करते हुए, सरदार अयाज सादिक ने कहा कि बलूचिस्तान की डेढ़ करोड़ की आबादी है अगर कुछ सौ लोग दुश्मन के बहकावे में आकर जुदाई बात और उनकी बात जापान जैसे मित्र देश में भी सुनी जाए तो यह कारण ाफसो ही हो सकता है, अयाज सादिक ने कहा जापान उत्तर कोरिया के बारे में पाकिस्तान के साथ कुछ विचार हैं जिन्हें सुलझाने के लिए कूटनीतिक स्तर पर बातचीत जारी रहती है, अयाज सादिक ने अपने संबोधन में पीटीआई के हवाले से कहा कि बतौर स्पीकर वह सबको साथ लेकर चलने की कोशिश करते हैं लेकिन िमराँ खान उनके बचपन के दोस्त हैं लेकिन दो बार चुनाव में उनसे हार के बाद इमरान खान

Pakistan's regional languages face looming extinction AFP Updated Jan 06, 2017 10:16pm Around a hundred women have gathered in a community centre in Peshawar but they are conversing in a dialect incomprehensible to the Pashtun that dominate the region. They are exchanging anecdotes and ideas in their native Hindko (literally, "the language of India") at a conference organised to promote the increasingly marginalised language. Pakistan's 200 million people speak 72 provincial and regional tongues, including official languages Urdu and English, according to a 2014 parliamentary paper on the subject that classed 10 as either “in trouble” or “near extinction”. Hindko speaking schoolchildren sing the national anthem at their school in Mansehra.— AFP According to scholars, Hindko's decline as the foremost language of Peshawar began in 1947 when Hindu and Sikh traders left the city after the partition of British India. Known for its curious aphorisms such as “ Kehni aan dhiye nu, nu

CPEC and the new great game CPEC and the new great game I fear that I may not be doing justice to describing the sentiments of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral regarding CPEC. The intensity of these feelings emanate from a sense of being excluded and deprived from CPEC’s development potential – both in a political and economic sense. There is a new wave of a nationalistic upsurge, with the youth gravitating towards sceptical idealism – which ranges from issues of political representation to economic empowerment.  The exaggerated prosperity debate around CPEC is one of the key factors that have generated misgivings among the citizens about the game-changing prospects of this economic juggernaut. The euphoria surrounding CPEC’s transformative role impedes the possibility of a realistic assessment of the long-term impacts of this mega project on culture, the environment and the local economy.  The simulated hype of prosperous future se

Teenage Baloch student abducted during Pakistan Navy chief’s visit to Jiwani

Balochistan: QUETTA: Pakistani security forces have abducted a minor Baloch student from Balochistan’s coastal town of Pasni on Monday night. According to details Pakistani forces have attacked the house of Abdul Rasool Baloch in Ward No.6 in Pasni Balochistan and tortured his family members including women and children. Mr. Baloch’s house was attacked following the visit of Pakistan’s Navy Chief Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah to Pasni, Jiwani, Ormara and Gwadar, and spend a day with troops. Pakistani forces have carried out several attacks on house of Abdul Rasool Baloch in past one month but on Monday night (26/06/17) they abducted his teenage son, Azaan Baloch. Apart from abducting the teenage boy, Pakistani forces also terrorised female family members of Abdul Rasool and broke doors and windows of his houses. The Pakistani forces accelerated their offensive in Jiwani, Pasni and surrdounging areas after an attack and killing of eight Navy officials in Jiwani on 19 June 2017. The

Conference : World Baloch Organization , July 18, London

Balochistan: Eight civilians including a teenager abducted by military  by hakkpaan ,  June 29, 2017 According to reports, on 25 June 2017, around 12 AM Pakistan time, security forces stormed into Abdul Rasool’s house in Ward No 6, Pasni district Gwadar, Balochistan. Azan Abdul Rasool During the assault, in the absence of Abdul Rasool, security forces abducted his 14 years old son Azan, while the women and children were severely beaten up and injured. Separately, Pakistani security forces abducted six people from Jiwani Bazar district Gwadar, Balochistan. Four of the abductees have been identified as Halim Baloch, Rasheed resident of Siyahji, Dasht district Kech, Balochistan, Baigul resident of Shayabad and Mulla Dil Shad resident of district Khuzdar, Balochistan. On the same day, from Awaran main Bazar, security forces abducted Sattar Fatah Mohammad resident of Bazdad, Gandakor district Awaran, Balochistan The abductees have been shifted to unknown locat

Baloch Martyrs of Mehi

Mehi is a small village in district Awaran, approximately 600 Km from Quetta, the capital of Pakistani occupied Balochistan. It is the birth place of Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, the commander of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and the bastion of struggle for the independent Balochistan. Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch and all his male family members are on the list sanctioned by the Military Intelligence and handed to the death squad contract killers with orders to “search & destroy” with immediate effect. On June 30, 2015, fire rained on Mehi, and the village’s male collective social quarters were the main target of the aerial bombardment and mortar fires.  Pakistan army surrounded Mehi and flattened it with artillery, and rockets fired from the US-made helicopter gunships provided to the military to fight Al-Qaida and Haqqani Network in Northern Waziristan. Obviously, it was expected that Dr. Allah Nazar and several commanders of BLF would be present inside the targeted zone, gathered fo