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Taliban's latest device: Watermelon bomb

Photos of the Taliban's latest device: the watermelon bomb   @SherwoodPeaks

Modern Silk Road project to set ground for stronger Turkey, China political ties MEHMET ÇELIK @ celik ISTANBUL Published12 hours ago President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Chinese President Xi Jinping attend a signing ceremony ahead of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, China May 13. The One Belt, One Road project which will significantly contribute to Sino-Turkish economic and trade ties, is also expected to set foundations for enhancing diplomatic ties between Beijing and Ankara, analysts suggest As part of Turkey's new approach to foreign policy after the April 16 referendum and a series of official visits abroad, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited the Chinese capital of Beijing to attend the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) forum, an initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013. Turkey's active support for the project, which aims to increase the connectivity of trade routes between Asia and the European contine

The Hidden Motives Of The Chinese Silk Road By  Yale Global  - Jun 24, 2017, 3:00 PM CDT China’s Belt and Road Forum, hosted with great fanfare, signals the priority of this flagship connectivity initiative while also underlining its credentials as the new “shaper” of global trends and norms. Exhorting all countries to participate, Chinese President Xi Jinping suggested that “what we hope to create is a big family of harmonious co-existence.” But India, an emerging economy that shares a contested border with China, worries about containment and new pathways for aggression from Pakistan. Other nations wonder if hegemonistic designs are hidden behind the rationality of connectivity and trade. The policy initiative aims to enhance China’s centrality in the global economic unilateral approach in how the project is conceived and implemented so far belies the rhetoric of multilateralism emanating from Beijing. Taking inspiration from the anc

Political failure in Balochistan and FATA 25-Jun-17by  DailyTimes It was perhaps to be expected that the terrorists would strike in the run-up to Eid. They didn’t disappoint, hitting both Quetta and Parachinar at the weekend. It was also perhaps to be expected that the increasingly infamous Jamat-al-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the attacks. The militant outfit has in the past expressed spiritual support for the Islamic State and its former spokesperson, now a reformed asset, has told tales of Indian funding aimed at destabilising Balochistan. All of which works in favour of the Pakistani state apparatus. From the security establishment’s rehearsed perspective — it explains somewhat the lack of substantial gains on the counter-terrorism front, while carefully circumventing that most awkward of questions on our own state’s record on sponsoring home grown militants. It is time for Pakistan’s military establishment to stop hiding behind

Exclusive: Iran Operating Drones in Balochistan Since March   Iranian UAV, A1. (Photo: Press TV Iran) Iran has been flying secret drones in Balochistan since March 2017; failed to disclose this through diplomatic and security channels. Analysis Published on June 25, 2017  🔗 by    Ahmed Quraishi A JF-17 fighter jet of Pakistan Air Force, reportedly equipped with a third-generation, short-range air-to-air  PL-5EII  missile, shot down an Iranian spy drone this week. The drone was operating illegally inside Pakistani airspace. This was not the first Iranian drone secretly flying missions inside Pakistan. In a revelation that would surprise Pakistan’s political and strategic communities, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp, or IRGC, which likely owns  this drone , has been flying missions over Balochistan since March this year. Iranian drones have been secretly operating in Balochistan for three months now. And despite repeated Pakistani reque

Protest march for release of Dr.Din Mohammad Baloch

ISI propaganda​ against Hind-Baloch Forum

Below picture is very distressing to the well-wishers of Baloch around the world. This is another propaganda by intolerant Baloch groups who hate fellow foot soldier fighting for the cause, this is nothing but playing in the hands of ISI. Raising questions about Hind Baloch forum and saying it' is a tactics to silence Pakistan on Kashmir issue .They are asking what is constitution and why they made .So now intolerant baloch groups, who are loosers have started complete propaganda against ii. This is absolutely ISI. Baloch people should make a note of this and shun such groups, Hind-Baloch Forum officials must report to concerned Individuals, whoever are sponsoring Baloch group and Question their motives. If these things are ignored, they get emboldened and start questioning all well wishers, which is detrimental to the whole cause. If things go like this, it only shows that few very Insignificant Intolerant groups are working against the cause. Freedom struggle is mutli class Str

Quote of the day: Claudia

HEC to set up two varsity colleges in Balochistan By  Our Correspondent Published: June 24, 2017 The education budget has witnessed a 13 per cent increase on last year’s Rs86 billion. ISLAMABAD :  Following the approval of the Planning Commission, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is all set to establish two university colleges in Zhob and Dera Murad Jamali areas of Balochistan province. According to an HEC notification, the University College Zhob will be a constituent college of the Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences, Quetta and would offer four-year degree programmes in business administration, economics, computer sciences and information technology. The Balochistan government has allotted a piece of land measuring 100 acres for the college and the federal government would construct infrastructure at a cost of Rs1.26 billion. ADVERTISEMENT Ad A hefty amount: Rs3.81 billion approved as UVAS

US will need India to counter China, says think tank Describing India as a “key piece in the jigsaw” for the US, the Atlantic Council urged the Trump administration to prioritise its ties with New Delhi.         Describing India as a “key piece in the jigsaw” for the US, the Atlantic Council urged the Trump administration to prioritise its ties with New Delhi. Updated: Jun 23, 2017 22:37 IST By Press Trust of India, Press Trust of India, Washington Even as the Trump administration is cosying up to the Chinese, the US will need India to counter Beijing’s growing influence in the world, a top American think-tank has said. Describing India as a “key piece in the jigsaw” for the US, the Atlantic Council urged the Trump administration to prioritise its ties with New Delhi. “Given the advancements that China has made both economically and militarily, the US will need to channel considerable resources to assert

Picture of CPEC: No drinking water in Gwadar