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Pakistan can make most of 85m jobs on offer under CPEC: Ahsan Islamabad - Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reform Ahsan Iqbal on Sunday said that 85 million jobs were up for grabs in China due to the relocation of those industries there that had lost their competitive advantage, and CPEC provided Pakistan with an opportunity to have a major share in these jobs. He was speaking to party workers and youth delegations from Balochistan. “Our enemies in 2013 were branding Pakistan as the most dangerous country. Now they are hatching conspiracies by creating doubts about CPEC’s success,” he said, and added, “But all their efforts are destined to fail.” Ahsan was of the view that the world’s narrative about Pakistan had completely changed after CPEC dream turning into a reality and transformation of Gwadar into a new centre of development in the region. The minister further said that the whole nation had resolved to protect CPEC. “

China or Russia? U.S. May Have to Choose an Ally Jeremy Friedman Newsweek April 9, 2017 This article originally appeared on  The Conversation. Forty-five years ago last February, U.S. President Richard Nixon returned from a visit to China that shocked the world and unsettled leaders in Moscow, who were awaiting a visit from Nixon a few months later. Soviet leaders wondered if they were finally witnessing the birth of a U.S.-China alliance that they had feared ever since the breakdown of the Sino-Soviet alliance in the early 1960s. Trending:  Norway Raises Threat Level After Discovery of Explosive Device As Washington and the media convulse over every new outrage emanating from Moscow, while President Trump  repeatedly asks , “Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got along with Russia?,” U.S. policymakers are faced with the same choice between Russia and China, though this time the stakes might be even higher. The history of persistent tensions between  Russia

Eurasia is on the rise. Will the US be left on the sidelines? DANIEL HERTZBERG FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE By Jeffrey D. Sachs   April 09, 2017 The world’s biggest geopolitical trend today is not America First, or the global war on terror, or Brexit, or the renewed Cold War with Russia. It is the economic integration of Europe with Asia, especially the European Union with China. Europe and Asia co-inhabit the world’s largest landmass, Eurasia. They are increasingly connected economically as well. Trump’s protectionism and bellicosity will speed up the integration of Europe and Asia, and threaten to leave the United States on the sidelines. Geologists tell us that as a landmass Eurasia has existed for around 70 million years. And demographers tell us that Eurasia has been home to roughly two-thirds of humanity during the past 2,000 years. Trade, migration, wars, and ideas have linked Europe and Asia throughout histor

Towards a new world order in Eurasia Toward a New World Order in Eurasia BY     JAMES DORSEY  •   APRIL 8, 2017 Amid US airstrikes on Syria, the future of Eurasia is up for grabs. One thing this week’s US airstrikes in Syria highlight is the fact that the sands are continuously shifting as regional and world powers jockey for position in a future Eurasian world order. The strikes raise questions that go far beyond potential greater US involvement in the Syrian conflict. The answer to those questions will likely impact the role America may play in Eurasia and the Asia Pacific. What is surprising is not the fact that  US President Donald Trump  ordered the launching of missiles. He has signaled with his appointment of generals in key national security positions as well as his budget proposals a more muscular, military-oriented approach to foreign policy. What that meant has been evident since he came to

International North South Transportation Corridor for better Indo-Russian connectivity inches towards reality By  Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury , ET Bureau | Updated: Apr 10, 2017, 12.02 AM IST INSTC is one of corridors that Delhi is working on as part of connectivity initiatives parallel to China's One Belt One Road strategy. NEW DELHI: Inching closer to making the International North South Transportation Corridor  (INSTC) a reality -- connecting  India  with  Russia  and Europe via Iran -- a dry run of container movement via the green corridor (smooth customs facilitation) may be conducted soon, marking the 70th anniversary of Indo-Russian diplomatic ties this month.  INSTC will substantially reduce time taken and cost for transport of goods between India and Eurasia once fully functional and increase economic activities between India and the resource-rich Russia as well as markets of Europe.  The INSTC has moved clo

Beijing is gearing up for $1 trillion in investments to bring China closer to the world   Filippo Costa Buranelli,  The Conversation Apr. 5, 2017, 9:17 PM 2,517 A Chinese soccer fan cheers for his team before their AFC Asian Cup group A soccer match against Qatar in Doha, Qatar.AP / Hassan Ammar Beijing is gearing up for a major diplomatic offensive in May as it welcomes Vladimir Putin among 20 international leaders for  a summit  on building a "new Silk Road" to bring China closer to the world. This is the One Belt, One Road project - the centerpiece of Chinese international engagement. It involves a $1 trillion (£804 billion)  mega-investment  to transform China's transport and trade links through Eurasia and South-East Asia.  The aim  is for China to become a global pillar of trade and free markets and secure its place as a 21st-century superpower. So far, however, no Western leaders have confirmed their attendance at the summit. What should we read into this, and what

No demographic change in Balochistan: minister

https :// National 9 HOURS AGO BY  MIAN ABRAR   Ahsan says govt to protect social, economic and legal rights of people Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reform Ahsan Iqbal on Sunday rejected the notion being projected by vicious elements suggesting a demographic change in Gwadar and other areas due to the influx of people in the coastal areas, saying the government will protect the social, economic and legal rights of the people of Balochistan province. “The people of Balochistan have the right on their resources and the government will protect all rights of the people of the province. The notion being projected by vicious elements suggesting a demographic change in Gwadar and other coastal areas is a part of blatant lies,” he said while talking to the workers and youth activists of the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) from Balochistan. The minister hoped that Gwadar would soon be

Balochistan Advocacy : Japan-Baloch alliance

Muneer Mengal in Japan.

There is no element of ethnicity, race in Baloch national freedom movement:

There is no element of ethnicity, race in Baloch national freedom movement: BLF (Quetta Sangar News)   Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesman Gohram Baloch said that a few days ago its sarmachaars attacked an under construction link road connected to China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and killed four personnel of the army run construction company Frontier Works Organization (FWO). This is a clear policy under which our organization does not allow anyone to work on such projects without the consent of Baloch people. As far as CPEC related projects are concerned, they come under FWO. But a Sindhi leader who called the FWO workers innocent and labeled an organization like BLF as terrorist, he created the perception that the four FWO personnel equate with the Sindhi nation which is not a reverence to Sindhu Desh. He should reconsider his statements because BLF has its roots in Baloch people. And if they want to keep the Sindhi-Baloch relationship intact then they should observ

China-led infrastructure bank loans reach £2bn By: Emma Rumney 29 Mar 17 Approved loans from the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank have hit $2bn since the bank opened for business last year. web_asian_infrastructure_investment_bank_shutterstock_569848309.jpg   The milestone came with the approval of another $285m worth of lending announced yesterday, with both Bangladesh and Indonesia set to benefit. China opened the bank with hopes of wresting some soft power away from the west, and namely the US. The news highlights how, as America retreats from its role in financial and development assistance under the Trump administration, China is increasingly able to step into this space. Yesterday’s loans are “different in their focus, but united in their efforts to leverage infrastructure spending to stimulate growth and improve the quality of life for local communities”, explained Gujarat D.J. Pandian, vice presiden

Businessmen seek equal incentives for Gwadar THE NEWSPAPER'S STAFF KARACHI: The Pakistan Association of Auto Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (Paapam) has urged the government to shun bias and treat local industrialists at par with foreign investors in Gwadar region. Paapam Chairman Mashood Ali Khan said only Chinese companies, active in aluminium, steel, edible oil, electric car and motorcycle etc, were given out land on lease in the phase 1 of industrial development zone of Gwadar. “It is unfair to promote international manufacturers at the cost of local producers. Local businessmen should also be allowed to set up industries with the same incentives,” he observed in a statement issued on Saturday. The Paapam chief along with other leading businessmen visited the region on the invitation of Gwadar Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Faisal Jamal Dashti to witness development activities there. The phase 1 of Gwadar development indus

FCCI launches CPEC study report   PARVEZ JABRI     APR 8TH, 2017    FAISALABAD: A paradigm shift in Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry from a traditional advocacy forum to an aggressive and proactive knowledge based entity will make FCCI a leading and most productive chamber of the country and the publication of a comprehensive study report on CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) is a first step towards this direction.  This was said by Mian Muhammad Idrees Chairman Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development and Management Company (FIDMEC)/former president Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) while addressing a launching ceremony of a study report on CPEC, here on Friday.  He said, "55 billion dollar investment on CPEC has unlimited opportunities for our business communities specially the young entrepreneurs."  He appreciated the attempt of FCCI to conduct the study.  He said the FCCI h