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China-Pak relations and its impact on Indian security

Delhi University ( Moti lal Nehru College) Conducted a special program "China-Pak relations and its impact on Indian securit y Hon Chief Guest Mazdak Dilshad Baloch and Gen.G.D Bakshi addressed 📢 the gathering. Mazdak Dilshad Baloch " India and Baloch need to work collectively for prosperity, Integrity, Security and freedom of both nations. Freedom of Balochistan will provide India with more national security, better trade options, decrease in terrorism and more geo political stability in the region for India, Afghanistan and others. We are all victims of China-Pak terrorism and Baloch genocide is more fierce currently in Balochistan. Baloch are thankful to The Government of India in leadership of respected Narendra Modi and now we want the Indian masses to stand up for Balochistan and give their full support to Baloch Freedom movement.  Universities are the base of movements and DU will be pioneering in Baloch struggle support. Long Live Free Balochistan." NewsX