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Sea Change Awaits Trump In Thailand – Analysis Street scene in Bangkok, Thailand. File photo. BY  YALEGLOBAL ONLINE  FEBRUARY 25, 2017 US ally Thailand, improving ties with China, may not be eager to help with regional crises like the South China Sea. By Benjamin Zawacki* A month after his inauguration, Donald Trump has not publicly mentioned Thailand. Yet in a looming foreign policy crisis over the South China Sea, the seeds of which the president partly inherited and has partly sowed, the kingdom is poised to play an outsized and oppositional role. China has territorial disputes over the South China Sea with five Southeast Asian nations and a sixth with Taiwan. In July 2016, a UN maritime tribunal ruled China’s means of demarcating territory unlawful. Beijing’s defiance notwithstanding, this ruling put most of China’s claims on shaky legal ground, to say nothing of its 3,000 acres of artificial islands constructed since 2013. As candidate

Our right to development, CPEC and Pakistan Dr Shabir Choudhry Published on February 25, 2017 Our right to development, CPEC and Pakistan Water is absolutely essential commodity for human beings; and like other countries, Pakistan also needs water. However, it doesn’t give them a right to dig a well in the front garden of a weak neighbour to meet their water requirement. In any case, why should I allow my unfriendly, uncaring and greedy neighbour to dig a well in my garden when I know for sure he will not allow my wife and children to drink water from there? He needs to learn not to usurp rights and properties of others. Our Right to development A right to development is a fundamental human right, because it is essential for the development of human societies. A right to development enables human beings to obtain other fundamental rights. My right to development is not and must not be subservient to the right of development of my stron

West not conspiring against CPEC: PM Says project to get boost if Turkey, CARs join it, Pakistan well-wisher of Afghanistan February 25, 2017 ANKARA - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said he does not see any indication that the United States and West were engaged in destabilising China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Talking informally to media persons accompanying him on his trip to Turkey shortly before his return journey home, the prime minister said he however was aware that there were some regional countries which were not happy with the rapid development and progress of CPEC. He said fast-track work on various projects was continuing including on chain of motorways linking Gwadar with various parts of the country and China as well the Central Asian Republics. In addition to this, he said the existing Coastal Highway was being upgraded, while construction of a four-lane motorway between Quetta and Gwadar was also underway. He

CPEC violates sovereignty: India tells China By PTI | Updated: 23 Feb, 2017, 06:27 hrs IST India also has reservations over the 21st Maritime Silk Road project, also part of the OBOR, over its security concerns in the Indian Ocean. BEIJING:  India  today said  China  must explain how it can take part in the Silk Road summit being held here this year when the USD 46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor passing through PoK violates its sovereignty.  "The subject came up. They have extended an invitation to the government to participate in the summit. We are examining the matter," Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar, who co-chaired an upgraded strategic dialogue between the two countries, told reporters here.  "The fact that China  Pakistan  Economic Corridor (CPEC) is part of this particular initiative.  CPEC  violates Indian sovereignty because it runs through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK)," Jaisha

British House of Lords Hosts Conference on Balochistan PR Newswire February 25, 2017 LONDON, February 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A seminar titled " History of Balochistan Revisited ", was held in the British House of Lords, London, on February 23, 2017. Hosted by The Democracy Forum, the deliberations centred around Britain's historical links with the confederacy of Balochistan in the 19 th  century, and the legality of the subsequent accession of Balochistan to Pakistan in 1948. Dr William Crawley of the Institute for Commonwealth Studies, chaired the seminar. The keynote speaker was HH Suleman Dawood Jan Ahmedzai, the Khan of Kalat. In his address, the Khan questioned the legality of Balochistan's accession to Pakistan, and in his support, quoted various treaties signed by the British government with the Baloch rulers, in which Balochistan's sovereignty and independence had been repeatedly affirmed. The Khan argued that Pakistan

Fast track development of Gwadar By  Webmaster  - February 25, 2017      BALOCHISTAN Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri has announced restoration of the status of Gwadar as winter capital of the province and directed all provincial departments to set-up their offices in the port city . Presiding over the 16th meeting of the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) governing body, he said the decision had been taken in view of the importance of Gwadar as a future economic hub of the country. This is, indeed, a welcome decision that has the potential to fast-track developmental activities in a town that is set to become hub of regional trade in the years to come. But hopefully this would not remain a verbal announcement but practical measures would be taken on urgent basis to develop the required infrastructure i.e. offices and residential complexes and there should be a target to have Gwadar as winter capital of Balochistan from next winter. Actual shifting of

Turkey and CARs welcome to join CPEC: PM Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stated that Pakistan would welcome Turkey and Central Asian Republics (CARs), who together can bring boost to CPEC. Addressing the turkish media, Nawaz Sharif said that bringing as many countries and regions into fold of CPEC is a criteria for expanding and achieving the future vision which focuses on establishing linkages in EurAsian region.  In a bid to extend the level of cooperation, coordination and collaboration, The prime minister added that during his meeting with Turkish President, multiple and wide ranging issues including Syria, Russia, Daesh, Free Trade Agreement and enhancing economic cooperation came under discussion. He said major development is happening in the Turkey-Pakistan cooperation.  Responding to a question regarding relation with immediate neigbours, Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan is a well-wisher of Afghanistan and wants stability and peace in th

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