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Souring US-Iran ties may spell trouble for Chabahar port Deterioration in US-Iran ties could spell trouble for India’s plans to develop the Chabahar port, which New Delhi sees as key to gaining access to landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asia       Subscribe to our newsletter. Elizabeth Roche The Chabahar port is less than 100km from Pakistan’s Chinese-constructed port of Gwadar, part of a project to open up an energy and trade corridor from the Gulf to western China. Photo: AFP New Delhi:  India is keeping a wary eye on the strains developing in US-Iran relations after the Trump administration slapped sanctions on the West Asian country over its missile programme. Deterioration in US-Iran ties could spell trouble for India’s plans to develop the Chabahar port, which New Delhi sees as key to gaining access to landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asia. The project first found mention in an India-Iran joint statement is

Real estate sector set to go north on back of CPEC, Trump By  Farhan Zaheer Published: February 5, 2017 KARACHI :  Pakistan’s property market has attracted billions of rupees over the last three years because of extraordinary returns. These returns come on the back of differences in demand-supply, speculative trading in the real estate sector and its ability to be a safe-haven for tax evaders. Trump’s executive order adding to interest in Pakistan’s property market The growth story was broadly intact until the middle of 2016 when the government brought in new regulations. However, despite a major turmoil, the sector succeeded in getting concessions from the government and the market rebounded at the end of the year.  Improving security situation and macroeconomic indicators have played a key role in fuelling the property boom. Despite the mouth-watering growth in the property market since 2013 (which was more than 100% in many cas

Egypt’s inclusion to boost CPEC, says NA speaker By  Our Correspondent Published: February 6, 2017 5SHARES   SHARE   TWEET ISLAMABAD :  Egypt’s participation in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will assign substantive meaning to the ‘transcontinental game-changer’ project by connecting this region with Africa, Europe and the Middle East, National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq told Egyptian Ambassador to Pakistan Sherif Shaheen. Talking to media persons after his meeting with the Egyptian envoy, who called on him the other day at the Parliament House, the speaker remarked that Egypt’s proposal to join CPEC vindicated Allama Iqbal’s allusion to integration: ‘from the shores of Nile to the soil of Kashghar’, albeit in a different context. Pakistan to pursue diplomacy on CPEC Welcoming Egypt’s proposal to join CPEC, the speaker said that Egypt’s participation in CPEC would open up a new channel of unhindered flow of trad

Pakistan ready to connect various regions through CPEC, Sartaj tells Bahrain’s FM National 12 HOURS AGO BY APP   Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Mohammed Al Khalifa arrived here on Sunday along with a high-level delegation, to co-chair the inaugural session of Pakistan-Bahrain Joint Ministerial Commission with Sartaj Aziz, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs. Soon after his arrival, both sides held a meeting to review the dynamism and scope of existing relations between the two countries. The meeting was also attended by Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Syed Tariq Fatemi as well as secretaries of the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Overseas Pakistani besides other senior officials from both sides. Appreciating the consistent development of bilateral relations in all areas of mutual cooperation, both sides welcomed the up-gradation of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) to the level

Baloch almost got ‘free’ in 1947! Abhijit Bhattacharyya The writer is an advocate practising in the Supreme Court. The views expressed here are personal. Published :  Feb 6, 2017, 5:49 am IST Updated :  Feb 6, 2017, 5:51 am IST In 1947, Balochistan consisted of four princely states of Las Bela, Kharan, Makran and Kalat.  Pakistan flag Three days before Pakistan’s independence, Balochistan became an independent sovereign state on August 11, 1947, recognised by Jinnah himself. Before that too, Balochistan had an identifiable, independent history, geography and culture; positioned at the confluence of the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman, and connected to India’s heartland since ages. Understandably, as it happened in the past, geographical region in flanks (owing to distance, ignorance, unfamiliarity and negligence) tend to be susceptible to liberation movements, thereby giving rise to secessionist forces, resulting in creation of n

State of Baloch Nationalists

🔷There is *no over-arching vision* of what sort of a state they want, *no road map on how they propose to achieve nationhood*, 🔷*no thinking of how the state will be run?* *🔷What sort of government it will have*? *🔷How they will utilise the natural resources of the province for the welfare of the people*, 🔷*What sort of developmental model the new state will adopt, will the new state be a tribal confederacy in which the tribal order and customs will rule supreme or will it be based on rule of law and progressive ideals*, *🔷What will be the status is women in the new state (will honor killing be acceptable or will it be treated as murder, will women be allowed to study and work, or will they be cloistered behind the walls of their houses and bought and sold like chattel?*

Why pakistan is important for Russia now? Why Pakistan is important for Russia now? I am creating this thread to summarize all reasons behind building up relation of Pakistan and Russia, and hope it will answer all Indian folks here who frequently ask what Pakistan offer to Russia? I will describe all the reasons and actions which forced Russia to come closer to Pakistan who was its brutal rival few decades ago. Russian KGB was involved in separation of Western Pakistan and similarly Pakistani ISI was responsible for breakdown of Soviet Union and liberation of new states in Europe and Central Asia. 1: Indian turn towards west: Russia and India are old friends and enjoyed deep relations on political, social, economic and particularly defense grounds. India was major hub of Soviet weaponry and this trend continued even after collapse of Soviet Union. Russia, unlike past in no longer economic giant and suffer from poor economy du

Egypt wishes to participate in CPEC: Ayaz Sadiq National 3 HOURS AGO BY WEB DESK Speaker of the National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq while talking to media after meeting with Egyptian Ambassador Sherif Shaheen in Islamabad on Sunday said that Egypt wishes to participate in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said Egypt’s participation in CPEC will assign substantive meanings to the ‘transcontinental game-changer’ project by connecting Sino-Pak Economic Corridor to Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He said that this is akin to Allama Iqbal’s dream to integration ‘from the shores of Nile to the Soil of Kashghar’ in a different context. Welcoming Egypt’s proposal to join CPEC, the Speaker said that Egypt’s participation in CPEC will open a new channel of unhindered flow of trade between Africa and China through a secure and cheaper trade route via Pakistan. The speaker highlighted that Pakistan is committed to foste

CPEC: A Game Changer Or Debt Enhancer For Pakistan? – Analysis Pakistan's Gwadar Port. Photo by Paranda , Wikipedia Commons. BY  SOUTH ASIA MONITOR  FEBRUARY 5, 2017 By Tilak Devasher* There are several issues with the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. For one, transparency and accountability have been sacrificed because details of the projects have not been shared, there is no public bidding or even announcement. Clearly, the intention is that the major proportion of these loans will be channelled back to China to benefit only Chinese companies. Worse, since there is no transparency, issues such as cost efficiency, economic feasibility and viability, environmental concerns are likely to be ignored that could lead to serious economic and environmental issues later on. Recently, the federal minister for planning and development, Ahsan Iqbal, has laid to rest the debate about transparency by telling the Senate that the CPEC agre

China to send top official to Pakistan for counter-terrorism talks Chinese and Pakistani border guards have been holding joint patrols to curb infiltration. BY:  PTI  | BEIJING |Published On:February 3, 2017 7:33 Pm Playing down reports that it was behind the detention of JuD chief Hafeez Saeed, China on Friday said it is sending a top official to Pakistan for talks on counter terrorism amid mounting pressure on Islamabad from India, Afghanistan and the US to rein in militant groups. Watch What Else Is Making News Assembly Elections 2017: How Has UP Voted In The Past Explained   Vice Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping will visit Pakistan for talks on counter terrorism, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang told a media briefing here while replying to a question whether the talks would include a discussion on militant groups in Pakistan and concerns of Afghanistan and India. While Lu did not provide any details, Cheng is expected

Smoker's corner: Are we ready for CPEC? NADEEM F. PARACHA  — UPDATED about 7 hours ago Donald Trump is attempting to make real the obscure nostalgia of an isolationist United States, which before the presidency of F. D. Roosevelt over 80 years ago, was a withdrawn giant, consciously cut-off from the happenings of the world at large. This insulation did not make America safe. In the late 1920s, its economy crashed; then in 1941 it was attacked by Japanese imperial forces and subsequently, Nazi Germany declared war against it. It too an unprecedented three terms of the Roosevelt presidency, some radical economic reforms and a new, more open paradigm of America’s political, economic and social engagement with the world to actually make America ‘great.’ But this piece is not about the aforementioned observation. Because any attempt to figure out the complexities of what Mr Trump is up to, is bound to start sounding like an unintentional satire on populi

Planning in Balochistan A dnan Aamir  February 5, 2017  1 Comment About 160,000 pregnancies are unwanted in Balochistan every year which can be avoided if population control methods are effectively employed inShare 1 0 In a conservative environment of Balochistan, adopting methods of population control has remained a taboo. Still, there is no reaction against those working for population control. 🔷 According to Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey ( PSLM ) of 2013-14, the literacy rate in Balochistan is 43 per cent . 🔷According to estimates, 20-25 per cent population of the province is urbanised. In such a scenario, it’s natural that population control has not been effective in Balochistan. 🔷The Population Welfare Department of Balochistan, devolved to the province in 2010, has its offices in 26 out of 32 districts of Balochistan and is responsible for providing free contraceptives and educate people about the importance of