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China, not America, likely behind Hafiz Saeed's house arrest MICHAEL KUGELMAN  — UPDATED about 20 hours ago The biggest question about Hafiz Saeed’s house arrest isn’t why, but why now? After all, we’ve been here before. He was  placed  under house arrest in December 2008, just days after the Mumbai terror attacks that New Delhi and Washington believe he helped orchestrate. He was  detained  again in September 2009. In both cases, he was released in relatively short order. In more recent years, he has essentially lived free in Lahore, holding rallies and hosting journalists,  including  those from the West. ADVERTISEMENT So why did Pakistani authorities decide to once again place him under house arrest on Monday? One Pakistani media report  points  to US pressure, contending that in the last days of the Obama administration, American officials warned Pakistan to rein in Saeed or risk sanctions. Saeed himself, in a video  released  shortly after h

Khattak orders departments to prepare workable CPEC projects   By:    Staff Report 02-Feb-17 PESHAWAR :  Chief Minister KP Pervez Khattak on Wednesday reviewed the progress on projects of different departments for showcasing in the upcoming Beijing Road-show likely to be held by the end of March this year. Presiding over a meeting on Wednesday, the Chief Minister directed the concerned circles to make the achievements of the provincial government fruitful relating to the CPEC and therefore it was necessary that the departments work beyond their targets and plan their projects effectively. Khattak said that the people of this province had a history of sufferings and the province was denied of its constitutional rights that he attributed to the criminal negligence of the previous rulers. The present government had stopped repeating the history. Whatever achievements the government made were for the public and reach to them, he

CPEC: A corridor of certainty BalochHouse : Another propaganda article, it seems Pakistan is hell bent to counter any article which questions CPEC. By  Webmaster  - February 2, 2017      Dr Muhammad Khan EVER since Pakistan and China signed this gigantic project in 2014, there has been unprecedented developments and impetus towards completion of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The first and foremost aspect, which has been raised by various quarters, is the security of the CPEC. For this purpose, a special force of a division plus size was raised under a Major General. This security division is fully functional now with a force of 13000 men and officers. They are the best trained troops having been trained on the lines of SSG and counter terrorism. These men have already assumed their duties in those areas, where developmental work is going on the CPEC. Furthermore, with respect to security, there has been no incident of the breach of security, in

Balochistan: Baloch Poet along with four killed in Dera Bugti army aggression

*QUETTA:* Spokesman for Baloch Republican Party Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti in a press release has said that Pakistani Army continue operations in different parts of Dera Bugti for past two consecutive day. Mr Bugti said hundreds of Pakistani troops backed by gunship helicopters have extended military operation in Sori, Pasheni and some parts of Kohistan Marri region. At least four people were killed while ten have been injured during intensive army offensive, two of the deceased have been identified as Momil Bugti and Sanaho Bugti, who were local villagers, while six motorbikes and a huge number of cattle of locals were also taken away by pakistani forces from Pasheni during operation, he added. In Makran division, Pakistani security forces have carried out search operations in Rodbun and other parts of Tump in Kech district. Meanwhile, 80 years old revolutionary poet, Misk Ali son of Sabzali Bugti has been killed by Pakistani forces in Suhridarbar area in Dera Bugti on wednesday even

Kurds Baluch and ahwazis deserve self determination January 30, 2017   Joseph Puder   The Islamic Republic of Iran appears in its aggressive arrogance as a solid and intimidating force. There are however, chinks in the Iranian regime’s armor – it is beset by rebellious minorities who seek self-determination from the Tehran regime.  On December 3, 2016, an international conference on Ahwaz was held in Tunisia by the Euro-Arab Center for Studies, in conjunction with the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz.  The conference was titled “ Ending the Occupation and Restoring the Country – An Historic Duty ” The Ahwazis are an Arab minority in a predominantly Persian state.  In 1925, Shah Reza Pahlavi annexed the area known historically as Arabistan to Iran, and gave it the name Khuzestan.  Ahwaz is the capital of the province, which is bordering Iraq to the West, the Persian (Arabian) Gulf to the Southwest, and the Zagros Mountains t

Water problem in Gwadar February 01, 2017 It is sorrow full to say that, the public of Gwadar are facing a water problem, because it’s our basic need. Without water how can a person survive, and say that Gwadar is developed, even though in reality, it’s not because the people’s basic need has not been accounted for. And day by day, this problem is increasing. I would request the government that give the people their basic need, and solve this problem. SHAIREEN YOUNIS, Turbat, January 3.

Vibrant security measures for CPEC In order to fully utilise the maritime advantages, it is essential that an effective policy focusing on the security of the sea lanes in both the domestic and international waters is devised and streamlined on the regular basis   By:    Mehr Tarar   01-Feb-17 The strategic ties between Pakistan and China have been on an upward trajectory with moved thrust on economic interaction after the initiation of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project since 2014. CPEC is a revolution in the field of economics. Under CPEC, China would invest $55 billion in Pakistan for the development of infrastructure and energy. CPEC is a futuristic economic dimension of Pakistan in the 21st century. This multi-dimensional project has opened Pakistan’s rebalancing options from geopolitics to geoeconomics. It includes four pillars, i.e. the infrastructure, energy requirements, workforce development and economic progress

Balochistan Needs A Census January 31, 2017 Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping and President of National Party (NP), Hasil Bizenjo, has urged Supreme Court of Pakistan to reconsider its decision of holding census in Balochistan. He also announced to not accept the census in presence of Afghan refugees in Balochistan. His reasons for urging the apex court to halt an overdue constitutionally mandated action are linked to the presence of Afghan refugees in the province too; separated from their nationalistic tenor however, these objections make little sense. He claims that carrying out the census before repatriating the Afghan refugees to their home will be a “difficult task” and it should be delayed till the process is over, citing support from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak in this matter. While it is certainly true that a large refugee population will complicate proceedings of a census, in no way does it make it

Three Pakistan Army men wounded in Balochistan operation February 1, 2017   By: Samaa Web Desk Published in  Pakistan   Be the first to comment! RAWALPINDI : At least three security personnel sustained injuries during a targeted operation against the terrorists in Balochitan area of Kulachi , according to the Inter-Services Public Relations ( ISPR ). According to a press statement issued by the ISPR on Wednesday, during a routine sanitization operation in area Luni Jungle, eight Kilometer south of Kulachi, Balochistan three security forces personnel were injured in exchange of fire with terrorists. The injured personnel include Maj Abbas, Captain Omer and Naik Adnan. At least a terrorist affiliated with outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan- Naurang group (TTP) was killed in exchange of fire. At least eight suspects were apprehended during search operation in the area. –SAMAA

Iran seeks strategic depth in Pakistan ties By  M.K. BHADRAKUMAR JANUARY 27, 2017 5:00 PM (UTC+8) 208 16 Asia Times is not responsible for the opinions, facts or any media content presented by contributors. In case of abuse,  click here to report . The statement in Islamabad on Wednesday by Alaeddin Broujerdi, chairman of the Iranian parliament’s committee on foreign and security policies, while on a 3-day visit to Islamabad, to the effect that ‘no one can influence the deep-rooted cooperation’ between Iran and Pakistan, may not necessarily amount to a reference to India’s regional strategies. The probability is that Broujerdi was alluding to Pakistan’s traditionally close ties with Saudi Arabia because the Iranian news agency IRNA situated his remark in a broader reference to the ‘strong brotherly ties’ between Iran and Pakistan, which hinted at their Islamic affinities. However, Broujerdi’s next remark, namely, that Ira

Five forces behind Pakistan's pivot towards Russia TOWARDS RUSSIA 23.01.2017 Pakistan Shahid Raza _______________________ BalochHouse : Read this article also  ________________________ ‘ Nations are born in the hearts of poets but they prosper and die at the hands of politicians’  said the most influential philosopher of Pakistan Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, as if to caution the young nation about the many challenges of statesmanship in an almost prophetic manner.  A country is only as good as its statesmen, decision makers, thinkers, strategists, Generals, Spy masters and political leaders who are collectively known as the ‘intelligencia’.  The decisions made by the ‘intelligencia’ have far reaching consequences for a country’s fate, especially if the state in question is an infant country with scarce resources, limited national power and is dearly wanted by its powerful neighbors due to its valuable geography. Pakistan was an