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Share CPEC Information to public

Dawn, February 26th , 2016 Dr.Kaiser Bengali “ The currently designed CPEC (as it seems to be) is likely to impose huge loan repayment and profit remittance to China for decades and may worsen future balance of payments,” he said. “ There are also fears that Gwadar will suffer from a demographic change like Karachi. This can be addressed if effective laws are made to ensure enrolment for local residents.” One way to address these fears and problems, according to Dr Bengali, is to share information with the public or place all CPEC-related agreements before the parliament to ensure transparency. CPEC's economic feasibility report hasn't been drafted yet which is an irony . CPEC could be the game changer for the deprived regions of Balochistan and KPK only if there is genuine development and empowerment of the locals in those regions especially establishing road connectivity, modern industrialised infrastructure and providing adequate education of port management to the loc

TTP inviting Baloch to join: Dangerous trend ncoJ - ftGDeo BalochHouse Note Dangerous trend,  in the YouTube video, TTP is inviting Baloch Sardars and elite to join fight against Pakistan. If Baloch join ranks of TTP , Pakistan will get another pretext to use excessive force against  Baloch. Baloch must be cautious and dissociate with TTP, though they are against Pakistan. Enemy's enemy is friend adage do not work in some things. BALOCH should not fall in this trap of shallow simplistic  binary logic extended TTP. BALOCH struggle must perpetuate based on BALOCH cause and must remember that they are first and last Baloch. Peripheral splinter groups will emerge and disappear to suite tactical needs. Their  transient nature do not give enough milage to overall cause. But the core groups, leaders, ideology, will remain for good and are persistent. Therefore BALOCH should not go overboard and overwhelmed by this senseless appeal Again reiterating to emphasize the core point that Baloch never used religion

India expresses concern over UK`s support to CPEC WDWeb Desk January 14, 2017 WORLD       NEW DELHI : India has decided to convey its reservations to the United Kingdom on its support to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Indian press reported on Saturday. According to the report, the British government's move to encourage its companies to invest in projects along the CPEC irked the Pakistan`s neighbouring state.The UK formally expressed interest in the CPEC during the recent visit to Pakistan of Alok Sharma, Parliamentary The UK formally expressed interest in the CPEC during the recent visit to Pakistan of Alok Sharma, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Minister for Asia and the Pacific) of the British government. According to the Pakistan`s Annual Development Plan 2015-16, GDP growth is expected to increase to 5.7 in light of investment in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project as well

Pakistan: Unidentified gunmen kill journalist in Balochistan Pakistan: Unidentified gunmen kill journalist in Balochistan Home World The cause of the killing has not yet been ascertained, but a probe is under way. BY:  PTI  | PESHAWAR | Published On:January 13, 2017 9:28 Pm A Pakistani journalist has been gunned down by motorcycle-borne unidentified gunmen in a hit-and-run incident in Pakistan’s restive Balochistan province, officials said today. Mohammad Jan Shahbaz Samalani, 37, who worked for a Quetta-based local Urdu language daily newspaper, was targeted yesterday by armed motorcyclists while he on his way to a market from his house in Kalat, about 160 kilometres from the provincial capital Quetta. Watch What Else Is Making News Defying SC ban, Jallikattu held in Madurai village   “The attackers opened fired on Samalani, leaving him seriously wounded,” Kalat District Police Officer Lal Jan Baloch told ‘Dawn’, adding that the attacker