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CPEC questions unanswered

Excerpts from Dr.Kaiser Bengali presentation MorePanama & Egypt earn millions of dollars from the Panama & Suez Canals  Pakistan can also earn millions from Gwadar transit traffic  Is Chinese investment in building G wadar Port FDI or loan?  If FDI, what are the Port revenue sharing arrangements?  Who will retain Port income? Pakistan’s share? Balochistan’s share?  If loan, what are the terms? Gwadar-Kashgar highway is lucrative enough to be built on BOOT/BOT basis by any international company, including Chinese  If the Highway is a loan, there is no need to incur the burden of a Forex loan  Will there be a Toll? Who will retain the revenue? Pakistan’s share? Provincial share?  If Toll Road, how will local traffic use the Road?  Will the highway be of a quality (compaction, etc.) to carry 24-wheeler truck loads? China-project or Pakistan-project? C PEC, (as seems to be) currently designed is likely to impose huge loan repayment and profit remittan

Senior economist raises several questions regarding CPEC By  Shahbaz Rana Published: January 13, 2017 PHOTO: AFP ISLAMABAD :  As both countries make steady progress on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Dr Kaiser Bengali, former advisor to Balochistan chief minister, has raised the issue of socio-economic implications of the mega investment project. Dr Bengali, who till recently was heading Balochistan chief minister’s Policy Reform Unit, raised 12 questions that, according to him, require satisfactory answers in order to protect Pakistan’s economic interests. The questions encompass socially and politically sensitive topics like protection of jobs, industries, implications of CPEC on Pakistan’s balance of payments, budgetary positions and benefits Balochistan, Pakistan’s most underdeveloped province, would get out of the $55 billion umbrella deal. CPEC: Business forum says private sector must be taken onboard In 2013, th

JI sees ‘another Bangladesh’ in Balochistan 12-Jan-17 LAHORE:  Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Deputy Chief Rashid Naseem said that all those wary of the articles 62 and 63 of the constitution wanted dictatorship instead of the rule of law and constitution. While addressing a group of students from Balochistan on Thursday, Rashid Naseem said that it was due to the unconstitutional behaviour of the rulers that East Pakistan turned into Bangladesh and unfortunately, Balochistan is facing the same scenario now. He said that Balochistan was being ignored in the distribution of the national resources and negative feelings were developing against the federal government among the public. The JI chief said that the party that had been voted by the people of Karachi had turned the mega city into ruins, making it a heaven for criminals and a dump for garbage. Rashid lauded the remarks of the Supreme Court about the Jamaat leadership being honest and clean, an

Balochistan covered in snow: Pictures

Quote of the day: On Tarekh Fatha by Malik Siraj

Baloch leaders and activists are already divided and disunited. The last thing they need is another messenger of division, confusion and misinformation. Not only are the Balochs capable of speaking on their behalf and, with a little effort, I am sure they can also talk among themselves. The Baloch must not require an interlocutor (Tarek Fatah) to further misrepresent and divide them. The Baloch deserve better. Mere emotions and rhetoric will not take the Baloch wherever they see their destination. In this journey, the Baloch will need allies and supporters from all over the world. They have to be open to divergent opinions, different perspectives and sometimes sit down and talk to people they abhor the most. It is easy and fun talking to people who think like us and agree with our point of view. The real challenge is to talk to people who don’t agree with us

Dangerous Interlocutors: Tarek Fatah By  Malik Siraj Akbar  Published on May 11, 2016 The Balochs are capable of speaking on their behalf. They don't need interlocutors . The Balochs are capable of speaking on their behalf. They don’t need interlocutors. The Unrepresented Nations and People’s Organization ( UNPO ) organized  an excellent conference  on Balochistan on Tuesday in Washington D.C. I describe it as a successful conference because the organizers managed to bring some notable speakers, including Senator Paul Strauss of the District of Columbia and representatives from globally respectable organizations such as the Amnesty International and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). The conference discussed various aspects of the conflict in Balochistan but, unfortunately, it turned ugly at the end when panelist Tarek Fatah used extremely filthy language against a Pakistani reporter whom he accused of being “an ISI agent” even before the poo

My unpleasant encounter with self-proclaimed intellectual Tarek Fatah My unpleasant encounter with self-proclaimed intellectual Tarek Fatah on ABP News By  JKR Staff  - April 1, 2016 10 On Friday, I was invited to be a part of the ABP News’ flagship programme, Press Conference with Pakistan born Tarek Fatah. For those who don’t know about the RSS’ new poster boy, he was allegedly kicked out of Pakistan for his vitriol and attempts to poison the society there. Since then, he’s made hating Muslims around the world his life’s sole objective. It’s almost like avenging an insult meted by Islamic Republic of Pakistan by hurling constant abuses against the whole of Muslim community. He doesn’t like a liberal Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, because one of his close aides is allegedly a Saudi agent. He detects another Saudi conspiracy behind democratic Hillary Clinton’s nomination for US President’s job. But he loves Donald Trump because he represents t

Developments in Pakistan

In Dawn News' programme "News-wise" Amber Rahim Shamsi discussed the recent disappearance of Prof. Salman Haider. She started with the lines of a poem written by Prof. Salman Haider. It goes like "Right now, friends of our friends are missing, then it would be the turn of my friends! And then, I'll become the file which my father would take to the court! Or that picture which my son would kiss prompted by a journalist! Or the silence which my wife would wear on!  Prof. Haider is missing from Islamabad since January 4, 2017. The anchor discussed the issue with noted Human Rights Activist and Lawyer Asma Jehangir. Asma argued that there is an appearing pattern of silence and closing minds (Juban-bandi aur Dimag-bandi) in Pakistan. Chinese have become Pakistanis and Saudis are getting the kind of rights that even Pakistanis do not enjoy. And Pakistanis are getting the rights,  the Chinese and Saudis enjoy in their countries. CPEC has become our national anthem (Qua

LeT establishes Despensry in Balochistan

Worlds recognised terrorist organisation LeT established first dispensary in Balochistan.