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Here’s How China Is Changing Africa’s Future Moving away from Western influence, Africa is already getting a glimpse of a different future. 08/30/2017 11:51 am ET THOMAS MUKOYA / REUTERS China’s Belt and Road Initiative could alter the meaning of globalization itself. JOHANNESBURG ― The contrast couldn’t be starker. As U.S. President Donald Trump ’s government continues to champion isolationism and undermine decades-old international relationships, China is rolling out its Belt and Road Initiative , or BRI, a project to build a new “Silk Road” that could change the meaning of globalization itself. Africa is at the margins of both of these developments, but its future will be determined by them. As someone who grew up in Africa, the project stirs a tangle of emotions. While it will directly affect East and North Africa, there is the chance that it could spur desperately needed development all along Africa’s eastern seaboard, where countries are still trying to rec

At least 10 including five women and children killed

At least 10 including five women and children killed Three brothers also among the dead Detailed report The military operation started yesterday in Shahrag is still underway. Gunship helicopters have heavily bombarded houses belonging to Yar Mohammad Chalgari’s family and relatives. At least 10 including five women and children have been killed in the offensive so far. Many others have also been injured. Reports suggest that the injured have been taken away by the Pakistani security forces. According to details, the military operation is still underway in different areas of Harnai and Bolan. Many houses have been burnt to ashes in Shahrag and adjoining areas. We have reports that confirm at least 10 people have died and many others have been injured in the offensive. Scores have also been abducted by security forces. The women killed in the operation have been identified as Bibi Makhmal, Khatt Khatton and Bibi Bano. A teenage girl Mino Bibi and a minor named Jaffar have also lost

12 members of BRA surrendered to security forces in Balochistan 31 August, 2017    Related News   QUETTA: Twelve members of the Baloch Republican Army (BRA) surrendered to security forces in Balochistan on Wednesday, a statement issued by military's media wing, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), said. "The militants relinquished their weapons and ammunition to security forces in Balochistan's Noshki area, the statement said. "Those surrendered included two mid-tier militants identified as Wali Khan and Karghani." Separately, security forces apprehended 39 suspects, including eight Afghans, during intelligence-based operations (IBOs) conducted jointly by the Pakistan Rangers, Punjab Police and intelligence agencies in Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad on Wednesday. Security forces also recovered weapons and ammunition from those arrested. The developments were attributed to the ongoing Opearation Radd-ul-Fasaad. T

Terrorists surrender in Balochistan, operations conducted in Punjab: ISPR By GEO NEWS   Wednesday Aug 30, 2017 RAWALPINDI: In a major intelligence effort, 12 Baloch Republican Army (BRA) militants including two important terrorists, Wali Khan and Karghani, have surrendered to security forces in Balochistan’s Noshki area, said a statement from the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). In Punjab, Rangers along with police and intelligence agencies conducted intelligence-based operations (IBOs) in Faisalabad, Lahore and Islamabad. During the operations, 39 suspects including eight illegal Afghans were arrested in the last two days, added ISPR. Illegal weapons and ammunition of different calibers were recovered from the suburbs of Faisalabad.  Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad entails conduct of broad spectrum security and counter-terrorism operations by Rangers in Punjab, a continuation of ongoing operations across the country and focuses on more effecti

Balochistan, not Balochis By  Northlines  - August 30, 2017      Pakistan for Balochistan, not Balochis RSN Singh Balochistan province of Pakistan constitutes nearly half of country’s landmass, i.e. 347,190 sq km. This province has never accepted the Pakistani framework of nation-state. Most Balochis maintain that they have been Balochis for three thousand years, Muslim for may be thousand years and Pakistani for 70 years, therefore, the Pakistani identity means nothing to them. The Balochis straddle the Iran and Afghanistan border, at least 30 percent are in these countries. Just as Pakistan is not interested in Kashmiris but the territory of J&K because of its innate desire to control the complete Indus River system, it is also not interested in Balochis but the land of state for its mineral resources and strategic location. The contrast between Balochistan and Kashmir Valley in geopolitical terms is telling. While Balochistan which i

COPHC, UBL to promote economic development of Gwadar, free zone      Amanullah Khan Karachi United Bank (UBL), Pakistan’s Best Bank 2016, and China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC), recently entered into an MoU for “Framework of Cooperation” to promote economic development of Gwadar and its Free Economic Zones. The two institutions have mutually agreed to cooperate for banking services in response to strategic national priorities of China and Pakistan with respect to the “One Belt – One Road” initiative in general and the “China – Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)” initiative in particular. The signing of the MoU was held at the UBL Head Office in Karachi. Zhang Baozhong, Chairman COPHC, Sima Kamil, President & CEO, UBL, along with senior executives from both organizations attended the event. Mr. Baozhong, Chairman COPHC, informed the attendees that four new projects have been announced for Gwadar. He further informed that COPHC has invested around USD 

CPEC to benefit Afghanistan, other neighbouring countries Karachi 1 DAY AGO BY APP Share this on WhatsApp KARACHI: Speakers at a seminar on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) have emphasised that Afghanistan and other neighbouring countries can also benefit from this multi-billion project. They expressed that Pakistan would become twenty-fifth world economy in the next 15 to 20 years owing to the CPEC. Gwadar Port is a gateway to the CPEC and it would become a global distribution centre, they added. The seminar titled ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – Rhythm of Progress’ was organised by Sahafi Welfare Association Karachi the other day. Speaking at the seminar, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) President Zubair F Tufial said that China has become a world economic power and Pakistan will benefit from around $60 billion CPEC projects. The FPCCI president said that the first special econom

Business with China Editorial Updated August 29, 2017 Slowly but surely a crucial realisation is setting in amongst the business community here that dealing with their Chinese counterparts is  not going to be easy . The rhetoric coming from the Pakistani government had made the relationship sound like it was some sort of family affair. But those sections of the business community who have tried to build commercial ties with their counterparts in China are finding out that, over there, profits come first and sentiment second. One thing the business community has noticed is that their Chinese counterparts prefer dealing with the government rather than building private-sector partnerships, according to a  report  published on Monday in this paper that presented the opinions of a range of Pakistani businesses that have, or are seeking to build, ties with Chinese enterprises. They have noticed that the Chinese do not negotiate very much. They lay down their terms, and expe

US targeting Pakistan for CPEC: Fazl RAHIMYAR KHAN: JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman on Tuesday said the US had targeted Pakistan for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and started its conspiracy by creating a political crisis in the country.  Speaking at the Makki Masjid here, Fazl said Washington was religiously pursuing its policy to promote instability in the world. He said US President Donald Trump was using his new policy on Afghanistan as a weapon to target Pakistan. He said Pakistan was picked up as the first victim of this policy where a democratically elected prime minister was ousted, thus affecting the civil-military relationship and creating an air of distrust between parliament and the judiciary.   on former pilots who opted to work in the private sector after 10 years of service in the air forces to return to the military, but only 50 pilots responded to the call. As an antidote to the crisis, the government introduced an art

Problems faced by Pakistani Sindhi and Baloch Families living in Saudi Arabia

Problems faced by Pakistani Sindhi and Baloch Families living in Saudi Arabia from We know that Saudi Arabia is a home to many nationalities. Some of the expats living here have never visited their home countries. They are living here since generations and know very little about their home land.  Similar is the case of Baloch families residing here. Baluchistan is a province of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Baloch are residing here since ages and their generations have not even visited Pakistan once! Among hundreds of Pakistani families living in Saudi Arabia, Baloch families dominate in number. Most Baloch families have setup their livelihood in Wadi Mariq. Wadi Mariq lies in eastern Jeddah’s suburbs. The place looks like a shanty town and is encapsulated by Mountains and a valley. The Baloch community living here is not well-off. They are finding hard to meet their both ends. They are either illiterate or semi-literate. Thereby, most of them have undertaken the profession

” China Pakistan Economic cooridor is illegal ” UKPNP

http :// ” China Pakistan Economic cooridor is illegal ” UKPNP on August 30, 2017 Bolan Times ( Bruxelles) : United Kashmir National Party and others human Rights activists said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor is illegal . On 25The August 2017 , in Belgium capital Bruxelles , Representatives of United Kashmir National Party ( UKPNP ) Baloch and European Human Rights Activists declared China Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC ) illegal . In Friday Conference regarding CPEC , Sardar Shukat Ali Kashmiri, Chairman, United Kashmir Peoples Narional Party said that “According to United Nation Resoulation Pakistan has nothing to do with Pakistan occupied Kashmir , Pakistan violated agreement with we Kashmiri peoples and illegally occupied our land”. Chairman UKPNP added that ” No any international Human Rights organization is allowed to visit pakistani occupied Kashmir to see what Pakistan is illegally doing the

Govt Security Guards running Death Squads

Balochistan Interior Minster's personal guard, a government employee is running death squad camp and also leading rallies against USA.

Helicopter shelling continues in Bolan, many houses burnt August 30, 2017      File Photo The Balochistan Post has received fresh reports that the military operation, started near Peer Ismail in Bolan this morning, has now also been extended to different areas of Shahrag near Harnai. Locals have seen many houses in Nishpa, Perhi and Sabzagi Wadh areas of Shahrag engulfed in flames due to continuous shelling by gunship helicopters. Ground troops have also been seen moving to the affected areas. Our correspondent has obtained information that suggest these houses belong to Pandi Marri, Thango Marri, Qaisar Marri and Jhango Marri. This operation follows the military operation in Harnai only few days ago when scores, including women and children, were taken away by Pakistani Army. Many of those are still missing, whereas, few were killed and dumped in Shahrag and adjoining areas. There has been a dramatic surge in military operations in different

Punjab may lose four NA seats to K-P, Balochistan By  Irfan Ghauri Published: August 29, 2017 In this file photo, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif gestures after appearing before a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in Islamabad on June 17, 2017. PHOTO: REUTERS ISLAMABAD :  Punjab’s relative success in controlling population growth may come back to bite it by shrinking its parliamentary representation in parliament. Seats in the National Assembly are allocated to the four provinces largely on the basis of population. Punjab, being the most populous province, gets more than half the seats in the assembly. This might also result in a proportionate reduction in Punjab’s share in the federal divisible pool in the National Finance Award. About 82% of the federal divisible pool is distributed on the basis of population. While demarking constituencies, in order to reduce Punjab’s dominance in the Centre, the province was given fewer seats proportionat

Pakistan’s neighbours may also reap fruits of CPEC: experts KARACHI: Speakers at a seminar on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on Tuesday emphasised that Afghanistan and other neighbouring countries may also benefit from this multi-billion project. They hoped that Pakistan would become the 25th world economy in the next 15 to 20 years owing to CPEC. The Gwadar Port is the gateway to CPEC and it would become a global distribution centre, they added. The seminar titled the ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) - Rhythm of Progress’ was organised by the Sahafi Welfare Association, Karachi. Speaking at the seminar, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) President Zubair F. Tufail said that China has become a world economic power and Pakistan would benefit from around $60 billion CPEC projects. The FPCCI president said the first special economic zone in Sindh was being set up in Dhabeji, which would be complete

Pakistan Army becomes largest beneficiary of drug business in Balochistan August 29, 2017      Pakistan Army has become the largest party to benefit from drug trafficking business in Balochistan, Abid Zamurani The Balochistan Post’s correspondent, reports from Panjgur. Makuran region of Balochistan has recently become one of the main international drug trafficking routes in the region. Drugs are trafficked through this route to various parts of the world in large quantities. Along with smugglers the Pakistan Army has also played a major role to make this happen. Other than giving impunity to drug dealers like Imam Bheel, senior officers of Pakistan Army have also made riches out of the drug business. These officers have become millionaires by reselling the drugs caught in “anti-narcotics” raids. According to details obtained by The Balochistan Post’s Panjgur correspondent, Pakistan Army, under supervision of FC Commandant Panjgur, has formed at le

The Philippines Is Forcing China To Limit Its Aggressive Maritime Expansion AUG 29, 2017 @ 06:00 AM2,251  Ralph Jennings  ,    CONTRIBUTOR   Play Video The difference in military might between China and the Philippines is so great it’s hardly worth a breakdown. China runs the world’s third strongest military, according to the database, while the Philippines ranks  No. 50 . But the Southeast Asian archipelago is showing China, case by case, how far it can go in a decade-old effort to control a giant disputed sea where it is one of five claimants to the area. That's not easy, as China has seldom wavered since 2010 in passing ships and militarizing islets in waters the other countries call their own. The Philippines is resisting China through an oddly viable combination of friendly diplomacy, Southeast Asian leadership and passive but pervasive anti-Beijing public sentiment. Let's exami

Japan to counteract China in Khazakistan STR/AFP/Getty Images Japan continues standing in the ring with China, exchanging blow for blow as the Asian rivals both  compete  and  cooperate  with each other in the creation of the trans-Eurasian mega-project that has been dubbed the New Silk Road. Just months  after the announcement  of a deal that would see China’s COSCO shipping and Lianyungang Port take a 49% cut of Kazakhstan’s epic  Khorgos Gateway dry port  on the Kazakh/China border, Japan’s Nippon Express logistics firm  has signed an MoU  with Kazakh Railways (KTZ) to increase the overland flow of container traffic between the Japan / South Korea region and Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Europe. Nippon Express provides the cargo and KTZ handles the transshipment and processing of the containers through Kazakhstan. Advertisement The parties also  r