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Baloch in Bahrain Celebrating Bahraini national day

Baloch in Bahrain Celebrating Bahraini national day Dressed up with traditional Balochi dress

Baloch Student grills Chief Minister

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif was grilled by hard-hitting questions of  a delegation of visiting students from Balochistan, reported 24 News.  WATCH video Students from Balochistan lamented that the development projects could only be seen in Lahore whereas the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is mainly located in Balochistan. A girl stood up and lamented that fundamental needs of the people in Gwadar are not being fulfilled. She wondered that when VVIPs visit the province, the electricity is provided on emergency basis without outages while during regular days, electricity is only available for two or three hours in a day. “ You come and electricity is made available during your visit and when you go away it also goes away,” s he protested. In response , Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif who was listening to the question attentively appreciated the audacity of the Baloch student and essentially laughed it away.

Balochistan!! Balochistan! Let the blood of innocent people, and there is a long list of victims in Balochistan, not go waste in revealing the truth about the whole saga of lawlessness in Baluchistan against the fact of its unregulated borders   By:  Riaz Missen What is the real source of motivation for extremists active in Baluchistan if it has been proven that they have nothing to do with the teachings of Islam? What is really behind ‘monumental failure’ of the Interior Ministry, not necessarily the one headed by Chaudhary Nisar , in tackling terror in Baluchistan? Why the religious outfits carry out acts of sabotage in Balochistan, but are allowed to roam freely in Punjab and the federal capital? The narrative that a neighbouring country wanted to destabilise Balochistan needs to be given a fresh thought. Who were enemy’s partners in rendering the southwestern provinces defenceless? Were these really Indians who prevented LEAs fro

Naela Quadri to speak in Thalassery By  N V Ravindranathan Nair   |  Express News Service  |   Published: 21st December 2016 01:54 AM  |   Last Updated: 21st December 2016 04:31 AM  |   A+A A-   |   THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Baloch International Women’s Forum leader Naela Quadri   Baloch, who is in India as part of the efforts to reach out to the masses to mobilise support for forming a ‘Baloch government in exile’ is set to address a public meeting in Thalassery on December 28. She will speak at a meeting to be organised under the aegis of ‘Brennen Vibrant’, an organisation of the old ABVP activists of Brennen College, Thalassery.   V Manivarnan, an office-bearer of Brennan Vibrant and Hindu Aikyavedi district general secretary, told ‘Express’ that Quadri would be speaking on the topic, ‘Freedom from oppressors, China and Pakistan.’ According to Manivarnan, the talk will focus on the Baloch national movement.  Quad