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Punjab: Geo-strategic reality

N S Rajaram The first point to note is that Pakistan will not crumble quietly. It is too steeped in hate and violence to disappear like the Soviet Empire. More likely, it will be like former Yugoslavia. Eventually the land beyond the Indus will return to being the frontier that it has always been, and the Punjabi-Mohajir colony calling itself Pakistan will be struggling for survival. Its enemy will not be India but the Talibanized network of �schools� and its hate-filled �students� trying to undermine and even destroy the Punjabi elite. To see what will be like, one has only to look at what happened to the Afghan elite after the Taliban took over. And in Punjab the hostilities are infinitely greater. They are rooted in the historic hostility of the frontier nomads towards the settled people of the plains. Appeal to Islam will not save them, for what the Punjabis are up against is the geo-strategic reality of the region. And this is what has shaped their history. And they have made t

700 security personnel killed in Balochistan, says commander Southern Command SYED ALI SHAH   Commander Southern Command Lieutenant General Amir Riaz on Tuesday said that 700 personnel of the security forces have been killed while fighting for the “stability of the country”. Riaz added that around 2,000 personnel were also wounded in the province. The commander was speaking at a function organized at the Frontier Corps Headquarters in Quetta. “For the last 10 to 12 years, FC personnel have been fighting against the enemies of Pakistan,” said the senior officer. “You stood firm and defeated the enemy.” Riaz added that some elements in Geneva, Dubai and London were behind acts of terrorism and were involved in the killing of innocent civilians in Balochistan. “Balochistan is part of Pakistan, and will always remain so,” reiterated the commander of southern command. He stated that despite the enemy’s propaganda, the FC, Levies and police person