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448-kilometre-long Sorab-Hoshab road inaugurated Quetta - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday said “a new Pakistan in the making” as the dream of Balochistan’s prosperity was being realised with completion of several development projects. “A new and developed Balochistan means a new Pakistan,” he said while addressing in Turbat after inaugurating 448-kilometre-long Sorab - Hoshab road , an important segment of western route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The construction of this highway and other development projects were no favour to Balochistan but the right of the people of this province, the premier said, adding that the pace of progress here was unprecedented. “Why Balochistan was kept backward in past?” asked Nawaz Sharif, who is having his third stint in power. “We can achieve a ‘Naya Pakistan’ only with the uplift of Balochistan” because there could be no national prosperity without the development of the largest

Are Baloch fighting Pakistan or one another? Sajid Hussain  March 16, 2016 Baloch are a curious people. They know they are being beaten to death and they understand that the only way to survival is to hold each other’s hand. But they are reluctant to do that because everyone thinks the other one’s hand is dirty. All Baloch political and militant groups have done some dirty work and they have lost some public support for that. At a time when the state has initiated a brutal crackdown against the whole Baloch nation to stifle the separatist movement initiated by these groups, the common Baloch shouldn’t have been bothered by the armed Baloch. But they did. There was a time when we used to frequent Pakistani courts and human rights groups with the hope to get a missing relative or friend recovered. Now missing persons are not recovered. They are found dead. These days, relatives are trying to find a guy who knows someone in the mountains to get a loved one

Is the Islamic State Now in Pakistan’s Balochistan Province? How the Middle Eastern terrorist group found a home in Pakistan’s restive province. By Shah Meer Baloch December 14, 2016   Pakistan has been a hotbed of Islamic militants for years. Over  45 known terrorist and extremist organizations  have sprung up or split off since the 1980s.  The government, however, has continued to deny that the Islamic State (ISIS) is present in the country. Speaking in London last year, then-Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif said “even a shadow of ISIS would not be allowed.” Senior officials in both Karachi and Punjab province  have admitted , however, that their forces had carried out raids against ISIS militants. Now it seems that the government is admitting to the presence of ISIS after the military says it thwarted planned ISIS attacks on foreign embassies and the Islamabad airport,  according to military spokesman Lieutenant General Asim Bajwa . The

Khan Kalat Speech at Center For Genocide Studies, Bangladesh

Ladies and gentlemen Baluchistan is an occupied land. There was not an annexation agreement between Kalat Baluchistan and Pakistan. Pakistan was allowed by the world powers in 1948 to invade Baluchistan by the barrel of the gun. Pakistan has accused India and others of supporting the Baluch struggle for an independent Baluchistan but failed to produce any evidence.  The Baluch struggle for an independent Baluchistan is a home grown struggle. The Baluch have never stopped pursuing the case of illegal occupation and human rights violations in Baluchistan. The Human rights, economic, social, conditions are very bad in Baluchistan. On human rights, “kill and dump” and forced disappearances there are no accurate reports. The Pakistani authorities have barred national and international journalists from reporting on Baluchistan. But according to Pakistani newspapers reports more than 1000 bodies have been discovered. The Baluch  believe the number of killed and dumped persons by the state