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Education crisis in Balochistan

Despite the improvement in other sectors, the Balochistan government has failed to enrol all the children of Balochistan into school. Around 1.8 million children are still out of school which is increasing the illiteracy rate, estimated to be 39 percent. In Pakistan a total number of 24. 02 million children are out of school, and Balochistan has the highest percent of out-of-school children at 70 perc ent. The provincial government has always ignored Balochistan and never been serious enough to bring the out-of-school children back.

Story about my detention and deportation from Thailand to Hong Kong

Basheer Naveed I left Hong Kong for Thailand on 26 November 2016 to attend a conference on Balochistan and problems faced by minorities Pakistan. I traveled by flight number TG 601 that arrived in Bangkok after 3 pm. I checked in at Hotel Miracle and in the evening there was a marriage party at the hotel. Some friends, and others and I settled down in a smoking room because no other place was available for us to sit. In the smoking room it was dark. There were around six to eight of us. We noticed how two local persons came closer to us and started taking photographs of us. We thought they had assumed we were from the marriage party. When they were taking photos, the lights were switched on. We did not give importance to any of this. Next morning, November 28, Sunday, as we were taking breakfast in the hotel restaurant, two different persons were taking photos of us. This time there were four of us, including myself. Then we realized that something is wrong. Some participants also