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Naela Qadri Baloch: Those who claim to be nationalists in India should stand by Balochistan Devanath Sharma The issues plaguing Balochistan gained prominence in the public discourse following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech on Independence Day, in which he empathised with the people there and vowed to extend support to the troubled country. Modi's words have resonated as various leaders of the Balochistan independence struggle have found a prospective ally in India. One such leader, Naela Qadri Baloch, now views the struggle with renewed hope. Naela is a writer, filmmaker and president of the World Baroch Women Forum. However, she maintains that her struggle for liberation is not limited to women but extends to all quarters of Balochistan. She began her activism by leading the Baloch student organisation during Benazir Bhutto's campaign to liberalise Balochistan. However, she went on to escape the country and has been liv