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Allah Nazar: Quote of the day

Is this reference to leaders abroad? Does this social media spat helps Baloch cause? Everyone should better focus on their work and show a united posture. These social media potshots will.mke enemy happy. Let there be multiple Political thoughts bloom ,but work on a collective cause. Baloch cause need lot of patience and energy to Define the problem, issues and propose solution to the international stakeholders. Baloch leadership must focus their energy on this front, they.must take notes from Indian Freedom movement where despite multiple differences among various groups, India led by Gandhi held collective negotiations with British.  Remember this statement from Rakesh,“Baloch leaders should learn from the history of the Indian freedom struggle, where leaders came together despite differences. Baloch leaders are expected to put up a united front and avoid diluting the normative position of their national struggle. While we hope to extend moral and political support to them, it is for

Naela Quadri meets Dr.Subramanyan Swamy