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Quote of the day

“ Baloch leaders should learn from the history of the Indian freedom struggle, where leaders came together despite differences. Baloch leaders are expected to put up a united front and avoid diluting the normative position of their national struggle. While we hope to extend moral and political support to them, it is for them to resolve internal differences,” Rakesh Sinha, of India Policy Foundation,

What’s causing friction?

Baloch Republican Party sources did not clarify the exact cause of friction between Dr. Quadri and Mr. Bugti, but it is understood that the reason is the first-mover advantage Dr. Quadri and her son has as they have started campaign in India while other groups are yet to get their visas. The Hindu  had reported that Mr. Baloch and his supporters would begin a campaign across India, especially in the western Indian Baloch neighbourhoods, seeking support for a government-in-exile. While other exiled Baloch figures had privately criticised the growing influence of Dr. Quadri in Delhi, Mr. Bugti’s social media posts revealed for the first time the fissures within the movement. Mr. Bugti held talks with India for political asylum, but his request has not yet received the government’s permission.

We wish to set up India-Baloch forum in Varanasi' VARANASI: Baloch nationalist leader Naela Quadri Baloch on Sunday lauded India's support for the case ofher people and said they are willing to establish an India-Baloch forum in Varanasi. Once Balochistan is independent, Indians would require no visa to visit that country. "To all those who need reasons to support us in our struggle for freedom, I wish to ask how do you plan to fulfill your energy requirements which would double by 2030 or which routes would you take to sell your products as all the routes including Karachi, Gwadar, Chabahar are Baloch ports. With India's role in our freedom, no cost for security would be taken from Indians as we intend to strengthen the bond. No visa would be required by Indians to enter free Balochistan," Baloch said while addressing a function organized by Ganga Mahasabha here on Sunday. She said "Basic objecti