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First discretionary political asylum to Bugti by India?

Bhairav Acharya Baloch leader  Brahamdagh Bugti’s request for asylum in India  has prompted calls for a uniform and apolitical  asylum law . That would be a mistake. Asylum has always been a diverse institution, resistant to homogeneity and friendly to political dissidents. Last winter, three asylum bills were introduced in Parliament, including one by Shashi Tharoor, but they miss the mark because they perpetuate a rigid European view of asylum. None of the three bills would protect Mr. Bugti because he does not fulfil the conventional idea of a refugee.  G If Mr. Bugti is accepted, it would not be the first time that Indian asylum has been politicised . The political repercussions of welcoming the Dalai Lama in 1959 continue to be felt. The Dalai Lama has never been officially recognised as a refugee; he remains an “honoured guest” — diplomatese for political asylee. On the other hand, India hosts refugees from Tibet and elsewhere who fled persecution and conflict. For refugees

Free Balochistan Movement held a demonstration outside Chinese Embassy

LONDON: The Free Balochistan Movement held a demonstration outside Chinese Embassy and a protest rally in London’s busiest road – Oxford Street – on Sunday.  The demonstration was held at the end of the second week-long round the clock vigil outside Chinese Embassy from 30 October to 6th of November.  Pro-freedom Baloch leader and head of Free Balochistan Movement Hyrbyair Marri led the rally via busy Oxford Street to Marble Arch London.  The protesters carried placards and banner inscribed with different slogans against China and Pakistan. They also chanted full throat slogans urging China to get out of Balochistan and against Pakistani state atrocities in Balochistan.  Protesters also chanted slogans against "China - Pakistan Economic Corridor" which is widely known as CPEC and said that it was a corridor of death and destruction for people of Balochistan.  They said Pakistan intensified its attacks against Baloch people residing on CPEC route and Pakistani forces kil

Tarek Fatah says Baloch leaders are playing Chess

Tarek Fatah in his latest tweet says Balochistan leaders are playing chess by  showing a picture of Dr.Allah Nazar and Dr. Manan. And he further adds that Mañan was killed by Pakistan Army. Whether his intention is good or bad is debatable. These leaders are fighting on the ground unlike others who are enjoying a five star life in secure Western capitals. Baloch are wise enough to understand who is ultimate beneficiary of this clever sarcastic potshot by Tarek Fatah. Dr.Allah Nazar is target of internal and external forces, who. are hell bent to discredit his reputation. Instead of showing appreciation for his work and encouraging, he is been viewed as a hurdle for probable reasons. Baloch people must watch out and take note of these things. God save Balochistan.