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PM Modi put focus on our struggle, says Baloch leader

Pankaj Kapoor, TNN http :// Varanasi: Baloch nationalist leader Naela Quadri Baloch said that after Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue of atrocities against Baloch people, the entire world has woken up to their suffering. She advocated a Baloch government in exile with its headquarters preferably in PM's constituency Varanasi. " As a mark of gratitude towards PM Modi, the Baloch people would install his life-size statue in Balochistan, and entry of all Indians would be made free after Balochistan gets freedom," Baloch told TOI on Saturday evening. Baloch is in Varanasi to take part in a two-day programme of Sanskriti Samvad held by Ganga Mahasabha to discuss issues like common civil code, Ganga, Baloch problem, challenges for national security, social harmony and role of Banaras in cultural conservation. The programme was addressed by Shankaracha

Varanasi Rajkumar Kejariwal's poem

Is it Pakistan or Punjabistan?

Is Pakistan for all or only punjabis? 1. Prime Minister punjabi. 2. Interior Minister punjabi. 3. Defense Minister punjabi. 4. Foreign Minister punjabi. 5. Law Minister punjabi. 6. Information Minister punjabi. 7. Finance Minister punjabi. 8. Railway Minister punjabi. 9. More than 90% Ambassador of   Pakistan in world are punjabies. 10. 85% of Pakistan Army, civil and military establishment belong to punjab. General headquarters (GHQ) in punjab. There are 11 CORPS of Pakistan, 7 in punjab. 11. Chief of Pakistan army: punjabi. 12. Chairman Joint Chief of staff punjabi. D.G ISI punjabi. 13. D.G 'Intelligence bureau punjabi. 14. Chief of General Staff punjabi. 15. Chief of Lo gistic Staff punjabi. 16. Inspector General arms punjabi. 17. Adjutant General punjabi. 18. Quarter Master General punjabi. 19. Inspector General training and Evaluation punjabi. 20. MILITARY Secretary punjabi. 21. Inspector General Communications and it punjabi. 22. Engineer in Chief pun