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Impact of China-Pakistan economic corridor

I  Brussels International Press Club Mehrab.D. Sarjov 24/10/2016 Ladies and gentlemen and organiser, Pakistan has become Beijing‘s newest colony. Pakistani politicians and heads of institutions are turning to the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad to resolve the State's internal political dispute between parties and asking the Chinese Ambassador to mediate between central government and the provinces over the allocation of the state budget and development projects. China has settled its land border disputes with all her neighbours except India for a good reason. Many pundits and economists believe that India’s economic growth will overtake China before 2035. India needs internal and external peace for its economy to reach the Chinese level before overtaking them. China will deny Peace to India through managed, low level war. For this reason China would like to see the India-Pakistan low level state of managed war continue for decades to come, in order to keep India in permanent tur