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The Baloch were not represented in the famous “Lahore Resolution”

Dr .Inayatullah Baloch In 1971, when the Punjabi ruling classes of Pakistan invaded East Pakistan and refused to recognized its democratic rights, the issue of East Pakistan and its demand of the right to self-determination was discussed in the U.N. The majority of the member countries of the U.N favoured a peaceful settlement of the crisis of East Pakistan with the aim of supporting the territorial integrity of Pakistan, a member country of the U.N.It is hard to predict the attitude of the member states of the U.N. in the case of the demand of Baloch for the right of self-determination. The case of Balochistan has very little similarity with the case of former East Pakistan. The historical background for such a case for Baloch self-determination would include the following points: 1. Balochistan had never been a part of the Indian sub-continent. On the contrary, she had her own independent, sovereign state recognized by Ottoman Turkey, Persia, the Sultanate of Muskat -Oman, and D