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Baloch Foundation of Hind: Mumbai meeting

Ramada Athawale and Mansoor Baloch with Naela Quadri Speech

Free Balochistan Movement sit in protest before Chinese Embassy

DON:  The pro-freedom Baloch political party Free Balochistan Movement has announced another week-long sit-in protest outside Chinese Embassy in London starting from Sunday 30 October. The FBM in a statement said that the 24-hour sit-in will continue till 6th of November and on final day there will be a protest demonstration from 1 pm to 3 pm outside Chinese Embassy and after that the protesters will march from Chinses Embassy to Marble Arch via Oxford Street. The FBM has invited all pro-freedom Baloch and other Human Rights Organizations to take part in the sit-in protest, the final demonstration and march on 6 November. The protest is against China’s financial and military support to Pakistan, building CPEC against the popular will of Baloch nation and China’s presence in Gawadar where local Baloch population is being expelled from their native villages. “Pakistan is becoming isolated in world because America and other nations who supported Pakistan are now realizing that Pakist

Baloch Foundation of Hind

Meeting organised by Mansoor Baloch

Baloch of Mumbai and women of Karachi

Pirzada Salman KARACHI: From the first resistance against British occupation in Karachi to the eminent, unsung women who contributed substantially to the city’s cultural landscape, the inaugural day of the 2nd International Conference on Karachi covered quite a few bases on Friday at the Arts Council. But perhaps the most interesting paper of the day came from a young final-year undergraduate student at a research-based humanities programme at Delhi University’s Cluster Innovation Centre, Vikalp Kumar , who talked about the Karachi connection of Bombay’s Baloch population. He said currently between 3,000 and 4,000 Baloch resided in Mumbai. There was a time when they were known as ‘sangtaraash’ because they were in the profession of stone quarrying, but at present they mostly worked as drivers and stuntmen, he said. In fact, he added, one of the stuntmen in Salman Khan’s film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ was Baloch. Mr Kumar then skimmed through the relay of migration of the Baloch people from dif

Impact of China-Pakistan economic corridor

I  Brussels International Press Club Mehrab.D. Sarjov 24/10/2016 Ladies and gentlemen and organiser, Pakistan has become Beijing‘s newest colony. Pakistani politicians and heads of institutions are turning to the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad to resolve the State's internal political dispute between parties and asking the Chinese Ambassador to mediate between central government and the provinces over the allocation of the state budget and development projects. China has settled its land border disputes with all her neighbours except India for a good reason. Many pundits and economists believe that India’s economic growth will overtake China before 2035. India needs internal and external peace for its economy to reach the Chinese level before overtaking them. China will deny Peace to India through managed, low level war. For this reason China would like to see the India-Pakistan low level state of managed war continue for decades to come, in order to keep India in permanent tur

Quetta Police Training College attack

Cadets passed out and returned homes but they were called back. Then the attack took place. What this signals for? Let's not buy the lies and propaganda of Pakistan's controlled media. There was no ISIS or LeJ involved. Their names and the picture were used to divert the attention from the real culprits, which is the FC, an anti-Baloch force mostly consists of Pashtun soldiers and Punjabi officers. Now, if you ask me or anybody why FC did it? The answer is very simple and clear, even a kid of politics can see it. Pashtun FC doesn't want the 500 Baloch police officers to take over the charge and control of the security apparatus in Balochistan into their hands and leave FC out of business with their running of an illegal and unconstitutional parallel government in Balochistan. It was a clear conflict of interest and the decision was made with the full knowledge and approval of GHQ. The Lawyers incident in August and the suicide attack on police fu

For Heaven's Sake, Don't Kill Innocent Baloch to attract World's Attention

World Baloch Women's Forum Naela Quadri Baloch Twitter : @NaelaQuadri E-mail : For Heaven’s Sake, Don’t Kill Baloch People to Show You are Victims of Terror We the “Baloch” people of Balochistan strongly condemn the suicide attack on the police training academy in Quetta yesterday in the night. Most of those killed in the attack are Baloch and we extend our heartfelt condolences to the families and relatives of them. In all such attacks carried out by outfits like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and splinter groups of Pakistani Taliban we see a distinct pattern. While the GHQ habitually blames anti-Pakistan elements and external agencies for orchestrating such attacks on “Pakistan”, it is an incontrovertible fact that the primary targets in these cases have been the innocent Baloch people. In the barbaric attack yesterday night most of those killed were Baloch. In a similar attack on August 09, 2016, a whole generation of young and promising Baloch lawyers wer

43 BLA rebel militants that included 7 commanders   Last Updated On  23 October,2016  09:45 am The rebels were formerly linked to banned group BLA SIBI (Dunya News) – At least 43 rebel militants that included 7 commanders from banned outfit surrender in Sibi, reported Dunya News. The militants handed their weapons to security officials in an organised function arranged for the purpose. The rebels were formerly linked to banned group BLA and were wanted in terrorism, attacks on security officials, bomb blasts and various other criminal cases. FC officials revealed at the moment that the law and order situation inside Balochistan has greatly improved. They also said that all those rebels who come into the national circle would be warmly greeted and development projects would be set up in their areas. 

The Baloch were not represented in the famous “Lahore Resolution”

Dr .Inayatullah Baloch In 1971, when the Punjabi ruling classes of Pakistan invaded East Pakistan and refused to recognized its democratic rights, the issue of East Pakistan and its demand of the right to self-determination was discussed in the U.N. The majority of the member countries of the U.N favoured a peaceful settlement of the crisis of East Pakistan with the aim of supporting the territorial integrity of Pakistan, a member country of the U.N.It is hard to predict the attitude of the member states of the U.N. in the case of the demand of Baloch for the right of self-determination. The case of Balochistan has very little similarity with the case of former East Pakistan. The historical background for such a case for Baloch self-determination would include the following points: 1. Balochistan had never been a part of the Indian sub-continent. On the contrary, she had her own independent, sovereign state recognized by Ottoman Turkey, Persia, the Sultanate of Muskat -Oman, and D

The Baloch People of India: Expressing Solidarity with their Brethren across the Border

Baloch Foundation of Hind 21/A, Daulat House, V.P. Road, Near Khoja Jamat Khana, Gaondevi Temple, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 058. EVENT : Conference TITLE : The Baloch People of India: Expressing Solidarity with their Brethren across the Border The leading participants in the conference are: ♦ Shri.Ramdas Athawale Union Minister for Social Justice ♦ Prof Naela Qadri , President , World Baloch Women's Forum ♦ Mazdak Baloch , Baloch Activist VENUE : All India Institute of Local Self Government , Sthanikraj Bhavan, C.D. Barfiwala Road, Juhu Gali, Cordinator Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 058. DATE : 29th October, 2016 TIME : 6.00 p.m. CONTACT Mansoor Baluch – 9833776744 Afsar Ali Baloch – 9820786124 Soon after Prime Minister Modi’s historic decision to raise the issue of the sufferings of the Baloch people at the hands of one of the most notorious modern armies of the world in Pakistan, there has been a fresh wave of energy sweeping the Baloch diaspora all over t

China and Pakistan Are Exploiting Balochistan: Mazdak Dilshad Baloch

SHITANSHU SHEKHAR SHUKLA Friday, October 07,2016 Baloch NEW DELHI:  25-year-old Majzak Dilshad Baloch appears much more assured and confident than his age. Living in Canada since 2014, Mazdak and his wife arrived in India a few months ago to mould public opinion favourable to freedom for Balochistan as part of the government policy. He spoke to Shitanshu Shekhar Shukla in an exclusive interview. Excerpts: Q. Are you in favour of talking to Pakistan ?  A. No. We are opposed to talking to Pakistan as long as Balochistan is occupied by its army. Until we are treated as an equal party, we will not talk. If the Pakistan army withdraws for a neutral force/power to monitor and oversee, we can talk to Pakistan and hold them accountable for their misdeeds. Q. China is investing huge in CPEC (China–Pakistan Economic Corridor). How do you look at it?  A. China is explo

Naela Quadri Baloch seeks India's help for forming 'Balochistan govt in exile'

ANI | New Delhi, [India] Oct 11, 2016 04:24 PM IST President World Baloch Women's Forum and prominent Baloch nationalist leader Naela Quadri Baloch on Monday said the Balochistan Freedom Movement (BFM) activists want to form an "Azad Balochistan government in exile" and they want India, Afghanistan and other SAARC nations to support their government. "We want to form an Azad Balochistan government in exile and we want India, Afghanistan and other SAARC nations to support the Bloach Government in Exile," she told ANI. When asked about her (and BFM activists') expectations from India, Quadri, who landed in New Delhi after holding a conference with Afghanistan leaders in Kabul, said, "India should give us space and office to establish the government in exile. Besides, we express our deep gratitude to Modiji (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) and (external Affairs Minister) Shushma Swaraj for raising their voices on the Baloch issue. We are also thankful to

Naela Quadri Baloch arrived in Delhi after Modi's speech

Baloch leader Prof.Naela Quadri Baloch arrived in Delhi, she is the first Baloch leader to visit India after PM Modi announced support for Baloch cause. Soon after her arrival she said “I believe that at every point, India will stand along with Balochistan. Things are changing rapidly”