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Conceptual confusion in dealing with Pakistan

— By  Sushant Sareen  | Sep 27, 2016 06:15 am One of the fundamental problems in India’s inability to deal effectively with a rogue state like Pakistan is the appalling failure to understand the character, psyche, and mentality of the adversary. Take for instance the constant attempt in India to make a distinction between the civilian and military establishments in Pakistan. This is nothing but an alibi that India gives to the Pakistanis. The fact is that both the civilians and the military share their antipathy for Hindus, and by extension, India. While some in India may think that at the very least making a distinction between civil and military in Pakistan will drive a wedge between them, what they are really doing is nothing more than beguiling themselves. The civil-military discord in Pakistan is at best a domestic issue and has little or no bearing on the Pakistani policy on India. Qu

'Pakistan is nest of religious extremism, there will be no peace as long as it is there' Dr Allah Nazar ,  who has a degree in medicine, is the leading face of the insurgency in Balochistan, a province of Pakistan. The doctor turned militant heads Balochistan Liberation Front ( BLF ), the largest among the five militant groups active in the conflict-torn region. Nazar , who is underground, survived an attempt on his life by Pakistani forces last year. Excerpts from an email interview he gave to TOI's Aarti Tikoo Singh   from an undisclosed location in Balochistan: Balochistan has an elected provincial government but Baloch militant groups refuse to be part of the democratic system within Pakistan. Why? Balochistan was an independent state before the creation of Pakistan, which occupied the Baloch land around a year after its inception. The Balochistan we talk about today is the State of Kalat and the Marri and Bugti terr

Pay for CPEC security

Pay for #CPEC security. What? We all will pay equally, major share will be eaten by Punjab.

Balochcide : Crime Without Name

Islamabad and its powerful establishment are committing Balochcide, a systematic act committed with institutional intent to destroy Baloch society. I slamabad’s brutalities and Hitler-like policies against the Baloch people will not deter us from continuing our struggle nor will these terror tactics result in suppressing our feelings On August 24, 1941, two months after Germany invaded the Soviet Union, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill delivered a radio broadcast. Describing the barbarity of German police troops, as he called the SS, he said, “We are in the presence of a crime without a name.” And today Pakistan, a country that came into being in the name of Islam, is using the worst inhuman methods and committing unprecedented “crimes without a name”. The crimes committed against a particular ethnic group by the dominant ethnic community and its institutions need a new name — not ethnocide or genocide. Simply, Islamabad and its powerful establishment are committing Baloch

Baloch protest against CPEC before Chinese embassy

Free Balochistan Movement is starting a week long sit-in protest campaign against Chinese and Pakistani expansionist designs in Balochistan. The protesters will sit in front of Chinese embassy for 24 hours everyday from 25th September till 1st October.  On 1st October there will also be a demonstration in front of Chinese Embassy in London from 2PM to 5PM. We invite all pro-freedom Baloch and freedom loving activists to join our campaign and demonstration.