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BNP reduced Baluch to a mere puppets of history

M Sarjov Baluchistan national, national party, ppp reduce the Baluch to a mere puppet of history, and portray the Baluch as a masses which has become integrated into Punjabi dominated society through the influence of Pakistani television. The Baluch culture is depicted as a force binding the Baluch to the Pakistan order and incapable of sustaining any real opposition to the existing system except on the individual and small groups level. Self contained culture built around the tribal culture has a limited potential, for it is a culture in which the Baluch remains a subordinated seemingly unable to develop beyond the autonomy. The progressive Baluch are saying, the Baluch are not the abject, defeated, but a nation in full hope and energy relatively educated and defended by a strong Baluch unity for independent Baluchistan. The young educated progressive are preparing to challenge the Sardars and Punjabi domination on Baluch culture only accepts the legitimacy of reform within the Ba

“Mango diplomacy” will further divide the Balochs

“Mango diplomacy” will further divide the Balochs By Malik Siraj Akbar“mango-diplomacy”-will-further-divide-the-balochs/ This scribe was a part of a so-called peace delegation from Balochistan in August 2008 that visited Islamabad to meet people from different walks of life in order to inform them about the actual situation in Balochistan. Organized by a western non-governmental organization, the delegation comprised of representatives of political parties, civil society and the media from Balochistan to hold multiple sessions of debate with different organizations and their representatives to let them know what the Balochs actually wanted and how the government was responding to their demands. Among others, our delegation comprised of former leader of the opposition in Balochistan Assembly, Kachkol Ali Baloch, secretary general of the Balochistan National Party, Habib Jalib Baloch, secretary general of Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) Abdul