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Target Killing issue to be taken with Balochistan CM: Malik

ISLAMABAD, Mar 25 (APP): Minister for Interior Senator Rehman Malik Thursday said that despite a provincial matter, target killing issue in Balochistan would be taken with the Chief Minister of the province.Giving assurance to the PPP MNA from Balochistan Naseer Ali Shah here at the Parliament House, he said that foreign hands could not be ruled out in target killing. The whole nation was suffering due to the menace of terrorism and army; police and other law enforcing agencies rendered supreme sacrifice to curb it from country’s soil. The minister said anti state element were creating commotion in the country under a conspiracy, however they would not succeed in their nefarious designs. He said he would himself bring a motion against the target killing in the House. MNA Naseer Ali Shah was staging protest against the target killing in Balochistan out side the Parliament. He said that he raised the issue at flour of the House several times but no effective measures were taken in this

Balochistan complexities

Balochistan complexities News & Views Mohammad Jamil Balochistan is mineral rich and strategically located province, and it needs peace for creating climate conducive to investment and development, which would help improve the living conditions of the people of Balochistan. However, militants are actively involved in worsening the security situation in Balochistan, and insurgency has hampered the growth and development of the province. Owing to public sentiments involved in the missing persons issue, it is being rightly highlighted in both print and electronic media but various militant groups under this garb are hell-bent in advancing their agenda. According to credible reports, telephonic conversation of some obstreperous sardars including Brahamdagh Bugti group and other groups, who are maintaining private jails and torture camps for their defectees and rivals. It is obvious from half a dozen calls intercepted by intelligence agencies that they are also involved in abduction,

Balochistan: Pakistan's broken mirror

Baloch children hold up nationalist posters. Photographs by Asim Hafeez for The National Islamabad's brutal attempts to crush ethnic Baloch nationalism have met with fierce, escalating resistance - and have laid bare the strains that threaten the founding idea of Pakistan. Madiha R Tahir reports from the rallies, homes and hospital rooms of the fifth Baloch rebellion. A child is fiddling with a poster of a mustachioed man, a missing political worker who may be his father or his uncle, and who is in all likelihood, dead. He draws my immediate attention, this child, because out of the thousands seated around him in row upon neat row inside the open-air tent, he is the only one not focused on the stage, the blazing lights, the young man holding forth in angry punctuated bellows. “I am not a friend of Pakistan!” Zahid Baloch bangs the podium to emphasise his point, his countenance flushed, severe. “I a

Protest Rally Against Forcible Annexation of Balochistan

Protest Rally Against Forcible Annexation of Balochistan Press Release : Baloch Human Rights Council UK and World Sindhi Congress are holding a protest rally against the forcible annexation of Balochistan by Pakistan on 27 th March 1948 . Please join in to show your solidarity with Baloch people in their struggle to end illegal occupation and military operation in Balochistan. Event Information: In front of BBC - Bush House Strand , London WC2B 4PH Date: Sunday 28 th March 2010 Time: 2:00 to 4:00 PM (Nearest Tube Stations: Holborn, Charing Cross ) For More details please read the attached flyer I ssued by: Samad Baloch Secretary General Baloch Human Rights Council UK info_bhrc@yahoo. London 24 March 2010 · World Sindhi Congress Lakhu Luhana 07533666013

Khan of Kalat calls for silent protest on 28th

By: Bari Baloch | Published: March 25, 2010 QUETTA-Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Khan Dawood has appealed to Baloch for holding a silent protest on March 28th, against what he said forced annexation of Balochistan with Pakistan and ,added,the present government was toeing the anti-Baloch policies of former rulers. In a statement issued here on Wednesday, he said that Baloch should hoist black flags on the rooftops of their houses and shops and express their solidarity to convey a massage to the world community that Balochs were politically enlightened and united and struggling against forced annexation, military operations, torture cells and killings. He said that due to struggle and sacrifices, Balochs had succeeded to divert the attention of world community towards Balochistan and the eyes of people of world were focused on them. ‘This is responsibility of Baloch youth to make efforts for highlighting the importance of August 11th and March 28th’, he said and ,added, ‘August 11th is t

Extra-legal killings

Extra-legal killings By I.A. Rehman Thursday, 25 Mar, 2010 A new report released by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has recorded 226 encounter killings in 2009, with Punjab as usual leading the other areas with 181 killings (Sindh 31 killings, Frontier 13 and Balochistan one). The frequently voiced official complaint that civil society organisations exaggerate crime figures has proved to be baseless because the Punjab police chief has conceded that 253 ‘gangsters’ were killed during 2009 in his province alone. - Photo by AP. Extra-Legal killings in so-called police encounters was again a major cause of concern of human rights activists in 2009, and in future the government’s efficiency as well as its respect for human rights will be judged by its ability to rein in trigger-happy police officials. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has recorded 226 encounter killings in 2009, with Punjab as usual leading the other areas with 181 killings (Sindh 31 killings, Fron

Blasts in Balochistan kill 3 By: Bari Baloch | Published: March 22, 2010 QUETTA – Three people including two police personnel were killed while 18 others sustained multiple injuries in two separate bomb blasts in Quetta and Hub on Sunday. Target of both blasts was police in both towns of Balochistan. According to police sources, unknown persons had planted explosive device in a bicycle and it was left at Kuwari Road of city. “The bicycle was completely destroyed with a huge blast as vehicle of District Police Officer Khuzdar Nazir Kurd was passing by the area,” an eyewitness Shaukat Hussain told TheNation who also sustained injuries in the blast. He said he was busy in work in his shop where he sustained injuries due to a splinter. Two police personnel identified as driver Ali Hassan and Deedar Ali died on the spot in the vehicle due to blast while 12 others including shopkeepers sustained injur

Energy crisis

EDITORIAL Energy crisis Dawn Editorial Tuesday, 23 Mar, 2010 | 01:20 PM PST | With the summer fast approaching in many parts of the country, attention is once again turning to the country’s energy deficit and the need for more power in the years ahead. But the Iranian ambassador to Pakistan has expressed surprise that an offer to supply over 1,000 megawatts of electricity from Iran has not been fast-tracked. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in December 2008 between the two countries, however Ambassador Mash’allah Shakeri has complained that no one in Pakistan has tried to move the issue forward. The same is also largely true of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline. There are undoubtedly technical problems involved and pricing issues have yet to be fully settled, but at the core there is a different problem: such projects need external financing but money for Iran-Pakistan deals is hard to come by unless the Americans give the nod. So Pakistan is instead pushing for stepped-up hel