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An Article 370 for Balochistan

An Article 370 for Balochistan —Riaz Shahid\03\21\story_21-3-2010_pg3_5 I propose an Article 370 type provision in the constitution of Pakistan to satisfy the Baloch. There should be a bar on people from other provinces on voting or buying property in Balochistan for a period of at least 25 years There are many aspects of the Indian rule in the state of Jammu and Kashmir that are morally indefensible. India treats Kashmir as if it were an occupied territory. It frequently holds rigged elections. Disappearances of anti-Indian individuals are common as well as extra-judicial killings and detentions without trial. Thousands of people have disappeared in the last 20 years. There are frequent restrictions on movement and body checks of innocent civilians. People can be detained on mere suspicion by the Indian security forces. But, despite all this, there is one thing that goes to India’s credit. I am referring to Article 370 of the India

Pakistan Security forces harass and punish 6 Yr kid in Balochistan

Aziz Baloch is a Research Scholar in a European University, his family lives in Balochistan. For security reasons we've changes his name. Pakistani security forces love to pick quarrel with even kids of age 6 yr in the restive province of Balochistan. Here is a chat we are reproducing below to our readers. [3:43:00 PM] Aziz Baloch : u know yesterday security forces had problem with my 6 year old son [3:43:24 PM] The Baloch House: what happened? [3:43:29 PM] The Baloch House: We like to listen that [3:43:31 PM] The Baloch House: Tell me [3:43:39 PM] Aziz Baloch: how to tell u [3:44:57 PM] Aziz Baloch: he was with driver and he stopped to buy some fruits from vendor, suddenly one soldier come there and said him to move his car from there [3:45:24 PM] Aziz Baloch: but my son said who are u to say me like this [3:45:38 PM] Aziz Baloch: he abused that man [3:45:52 PM] Aziz Baloch: that u people r not good [3:46:40 PM] Aziz Baloch: then forces punished them that he wi