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CJP summons AG, health secy over disease outbreak in Balochistan\03\11\story_11-3-2010_pg7_19 ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Wednesday issued notices to the Balochistan advocate general (AG) and health secretary on March 22 over the outbreak of a deadly disease in a remote area of the province. The CJP issued the direction taking suo motu notice on the telecast of a video film about the miseries of children who have been affected by the disease, and the unavailability of its treatment. The CJP also directed the officials to submit a report on the matter. According to the report, the children of Lundi Khosa area near Dadar, a remote area of Balochistan, are suffering from a disease, which first affects their skin, causes blindness and then kills them. The CJP also directed the Balochistan health secretary to take a team of medical specialists to the area to investigate the disease and submit a report within 10 days, suggesting cure and remedial measures. He


"India has strategically shrunk away from exploiting Pakistan’s vulnerabilities in Baluchistan, Pashtunistan, Balawaristan, Gilgit and even Sindh. India needs to play these cards to force Pakistan Army and the ISI to recoil on Afghanistan, Kashmir and proxy war and terrorism against India." By Dr. Subhash Kapila Introductory Observations The Indian policy establishment should really now devote more time to a strategic audit and stock taking of its policy failure on Pakistan and Afghanistan. There can be no two opinions that India’s policy formulations both on Pakistan stand effectively checkmated by Pakistan aided by those who value Pakistan’s strategic utility to their interests more than India in Afghanistan. The Indian policy establishment cannot offer the plea that it stood surprised by developments in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the last year or so. The indicators emerged with the unveiling of the Af-Pak strategy of the new President Obama in March 2009. Implicit in

VIEW: Pakistan: ‘arena’ of the next Cold War —Sajjad Shaukat

VIEW: Pakistan: ‘arena’ of the next Cold War —Sajjad Shaukat\03\10\story_10-3-2010_pg3_4 Owing to the American perennial wave of drone strikes and a blame game that al Qaeda leaders are hiding in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan, a gulf has been created between Pakistan and the US, which is likely to widen in future We should not judge the multi-faceted crises of Pakistan, including the perennial wave of suicide attacks, in isolation. The rapidly developing geo-political differences among regional and global powers in Asia show that the next Cold War, which is in its embryonic stages, is likely to be waged between the Russia-China alliance and the US-led nations, while Pakistan has already become its arena. Despite cooperation, disagreements exist between Washington and Beijing over Chinese export of missile technology, human rights and the Taiwan issue. The US strategic thinkers take China’s military modernisation as a great th

Operator hopeful of salvaging $3bn copper venture

Tethyan Copper Co. said the authorities were worried about getting a fair deal and also wanted to undertake smelting and refining to ensure the maximisation of benefits. - File phot o Wednesday, 10 Mar, 2010 ISLAMABAD: The operator of a $3 billion joint venture copper and gold project in Pakistan is hopeful the project will go ahead despite a government threat to scrap it because of misgivings about the share of benefits. The project is owned by Canada’s Barrick Gold and Chilean copper miner Antofagasta. The two firms are partners in the Tethyan Copper Co. (TCC) which has a 75 per cent interest in the Reko Diq project in Balochistan and hold the exploration licence for the site. The provincial government holds the remaining 25 per cent. Tethyan is finishing up a feasibility study into the site, which could yield 22 billion lb (10 billion kg) of copper and 13 million oz (368 million grams) of gold over the 50-60 year project, and aims to apply for a mining licence within weeks.

Pak water cry against India: Charade or Real?

Source: ANI 2010-03-10 12:30:00 Kashmir issue which has remained a main rallying point to galvanize support across the social, political and military spectrum of Pakistan for decades seems to be loosing its magical formulae of stoking anti India sentiments. After all over 5000 Pakistanis are killed in the terrorist violence, civil society of Pakistan have understood the repercussions of Pakistan state policy of espousing terrorism. Pakistan and its proxies have realized that they have exhausted the Kashmir issue and there are very few takers left therefore they have come up with latest catchphrase replacing the 'K' word with water. Recently Lashkar-e -Toiba chief Hafeez Saeed accused India of waging water wars on Pakistan, Infact, Saeed has decided to launch a nationwide movement against India on the issue. He alleged India of constructing illegal dams and diverting water from Pakistani rivers.imilar sentiments are expressed by Islamabad and the issue also came up at Indo-

Balochistan people want democracy not dictator: Jamali

Updated at: 1020 PST, Wednesday, March 10, 2010 JAFFERABAD: Deputy Chairman of Senate Jan Muhammed Jamali said only the democratically-elected people would resolve the problems of the Balochistan, Geo News reported Wednesday. Talking to Geo News after casting his vole in a polling station here, he hoped that today’s polling day will remain peaceful, adding all the differences end before polling. Jamali said people start talking about rigging even before the vote is cast. The deputy Chairman said the democratic government is holding these elections, adding elections boost and enhance the democratic process. The people of Balochistan will be satisfied with democratic system not by any dictator, he added.

FC vehicle damaged in bomb attack

Published: March 10, 2010 QUETTA-A vehicle of Frontier Corps (FC) was damaged in a remote controlled bomb attack in Khuzdar district of Balochistan, some 360 kilometers away from provincial capital on Tuesday. According to a source, unidentified people had planted an explosive device at Koshek area of Khuzdar on the National Highway, which exploded as the vehicle of Frontier Corps passed by. Resultantly, the blast damaged vehicle, however, personnel of FC remained unhurt in the attack. The sources said that the blast was carried out by a remote controlled device. After the blast personnel of security forces cordoned off the area. The sources said that the security forces had arrested some people in connection with the bomb blast and they were being interrogated. No group claimed responsibility for the attack so far.