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FOR RELEASE Baluchistan

... FOR RELEASE Baluchistan January 25, 2010 Correspondents our portal met with one of the leaders of the Movement for the Emancipation of Baluchistan, who is currently in Moscow. Due to the fact that all actions of this man are under the close supervision of Pakistani security services, for security reasons, we do not disclose his real name. In the future we shall call him Dr. Sanai. Dr. Sanai comes from a family beludzhiyskih aristocrats. While in Moscow, he kindly agreed to speak about the situation in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan and the possible geopolitical developments in South Asia. Translated from Russian to English -Please tell us about the situation in Balochistan. From the reports of mass media, we know that there are plans to transfer operations of the American military presence in the so-called Afghan "anti-terrorist campaign" in Baluchistan. -You are right, in Baluchistan indeed, a difficult s