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ANALYSIS: Malthus’s disciples

ANALYSIS: Malthus’s disciples —Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur\03\07\story_7-3-2010_pg3_5 There are some 23,300 nuclear weapons, made and maintained at enormous cost and enough to destroy the earth a thousand times over, in the arsenals of eight states. A-bombs neither alleviate poverty nor raise literacy rates. There should be total nuclear disarmament The inexorable worldwide slide into the quagmires of poverty, social upheavals and environmental disasters is not only being ignored but positively speeded up by the powers who, blinded by their enormous profits from arms sales, have relegated peaceful conflict resolution to a very secondary position and allowed rulers to squander and spend a country into abject poverty by relentlessly pursuing confrontation. Robert Fisk, in The Great War for Civilisation says, “In 1998 and 1999 alone, Gulf Arab military spending came to $ 92 billion. Since 1997 Emirates alone had signed contracts worth more

Meeting for Gwadar port held\03\07\story_7-3-2010_pg5_7 GWADAR: A joint meeting of Standing Committees on Ports & Shipping of Senate & National Assembly members held for the first time in Gwadar reviewed measures to make Gwadar deep seaport in Balochistan that should be fully operational at the earliest. Presided by the Chairman Senate Standing Committee, Senator Gulshan Saeed and the Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee, MNA Rana Naseer. It also discussed impediments including roads, rail link, electricity, and requisition of land in making Gwadar seaport functional. The members of parliament stressed that construction of seaport should be carried out on urgent basis, with employment opportunities provided to local people as well as ensuring facilities of housing for staff and their families. ppi

Balochistan govt imposes Section 144 Published: March 07, 2010 QUETTA-The Balochistan government has imposed Section 144 in the province on Saturday with immediate effect in order to maintain law and order situation in the province. According to the notification issued by Home and Tribal Affairs Department, following imposition of Section 144 gathering of four or more people at public places, pillion-riding and display of weapons have been banned across the province

PML-N leader shot dead in Khuzdar

Published: March 07, 2010 QUETTA - PML-N leader Sardar Aziz Umrani was among the three persons killed in two different incidents of target-killing in Khuzdar and Mastung towns on Saturday. According to reports, unidentified men, riding a motorcycle, opened indiscriminate firing on Umrani at Karkh Road in Khuzdar town. He died on the spot after receiving multiple wounds while three of his personal bodyguards were also injured. They were rushed to a local hospital where one of them succumbed to his injuries. Police say an inquiry has been ordered to unearth the motive behind the killing of the PML-N leader. According to some independent sources, Sardar Umrani was paralysed in a previous armed attack. The incidents of target-killings are continuing abated in Balochistan, as another person lost his live and his colleague was injured when unidentified attackers tar

PAKISTAN: Online petition on forced disappearances

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE AHRC-PRL-007-2010 PAKISTAN: Online petition on forced disappearances Hong Kong, March 5, 2010 The Asian Human Rights Commission today launched an on line petition and web site on the issue of enforced disappearances in Pakistan to urge the President of Pakistan to ensure the immediate recovery of all the disappeared persons from all parts of the country including from Pakistani Kashmir, the Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit and Baltistan. The petitioners are urged to sign the petition and leave comments on line. The petition will be submitted to President of Pakistan and other authorities. The forced disappearance of political opponents which are attributed to the state intelligence services continues in spite of the newly elected government's claims that they will swiftly deal with this problem. Since the Pakistan Peoples' Party (PPP) came to power one year ago, no serious or credible steps have been taken to address these disappearances. The state i

BANGKOK CONFERENCE: Some tough questions to opponents

Che Mureed For the first time in 62 years of Baluch history a Road Map has been presented.Those who wanted to see the conference fail ended up biting dust, it is still not clear who was behind the attack. A campaign of misinformation was carried out prior to the conference, it was a vatious campaign, even the venu was not spared. Despite their efforts, the conference was a success. The critics were shocked to discover that BRP, BRSO and BNP attended, they were even more shocked when they discovered that Baluch Women Panel were also trying to attend and the conference legitmacy was further endorsed by the family member of the shaheed. I was fortunate enough to share the room with the family member. I would like our reader to NOTE the names of people who wanted the conference to fail, because these people are not well wisher of Baluch Nation. From the names you get an indication as to who was really behind the attacks. Before you close the topic, consider the following question: