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PAKISTAN: No clues as to whereabouts of Ehsan Arjemandi - Iran denies extradition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AHRC-STM-036-2010 March 1, 2010 A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission PAKISTAN: No clues as to whereabouts of Ehsan Arjemandi - Iran denies extradition The Asian Human Rights Commission has received conflicting information about Mr. Ehsan Arjemandi, a Norwegian citizen. The Federal Interior minister previously announced that had been extradited to Iran on September 6, 2009 where he was wanted on several charges, however, it is now believed that he is still being held in custody in Pakistan. Mr. Arjemandi, who arrived in Pakistan in August, 2009 for the first time in twenty years to see his relatives (in Balochistan province, Turbat and Mand) was on an intercity Aslam Dandahi Coach on August 7 to Karachi, when up to twenty vehicles intercepted the bus on the Zero Point Coastal Highway near the Uthal check post, about 12km from Uthal city. According to eyewitnesses, a group of armed men boarded the bus, covered his head with a black blanket and took him

Surath Khan Marri, Analytical piece

Sorat Khan Marri is a senior intellectual, his analysis about the current Baloch national struggle is worth reading, but should be read with a critical perspective. Two days ago another article was published in Daily Intekhab I jotted down few notes from that article, not the one which you posted. His analysis on that articles are suggesting that for the last 62 years “Counter-insurgency” always end up by Baloch forces themselves, who keep creating an embarrassment with short terms deals by the states. It means they keep sacrificing the long term interests of the Baloch nation. He has given two examples regarding his claim, one is about so - called development of Chamalang mines agreement with the Pakistani government. According to him, the federal government has given a particular Pakistani Army Brigadier General, the task to handle this Chamalang projects that is offering Baloch students scholarships and making development deals. According to his analysis they are related to “cou

BANGKOK CONFERENCE: Khan of Kalat speech to participants

Urdu version is on BBC My fellow Baluch brothers and sisters, I regret I could not be here today with you in person. I would like to congratulate Munir and his team for organising this event. My Dear Baluch, we are at the crossroads of history where we can either become an independent country or be amongst nations which have perished and are long forgotten. My message to you is the message of UNITY. Let us unite as Baluch on the common policy of freedom for the Baluch. Let us send a message to the world that we are one Nation. Let us draw a road map to freedom; I invite all organisations, intellectuals and Sardars to join for the common cause of the Baluch nation and get over the squabbles among ourselves and move in the interest of Baluch and Baluchistan; all the Baluch have a stake in Baluchistan it does not belong to one group or tribe, it belongs to all the Baluch. The Council has full mandate to choose its own leadership. The task of the Council is to rise against the atrocitie